I took Debra’s face care products class on April 23 with my “Zoomerangz” friends. I had finished my day moisturizer and was looking forward to the class. I was excited to learn to make my own healthy products. Having had a mastectomy, the doctors wanted me to take tamoxifen. I wanted to go the natural way: Diet changes and avoiding as many cancer causing agents as possible.
I loved the peaceful setting and the recipes are so easy. The next morning in no time I made the Cleanser, Toner, Day cream & Night cream. I am looking forward to the body care products class.
I am also inspired to learn more about the plants around us as well.



Debra, thank you so much for an afternoon of knowledge.  Everyone was most eager to hear about the potions and we were all kind of filled with awe at the simplicity of what is in our own backyards.  Your presentation was very easy to understand and you were so patient when the ladies got off topic.  Thank you again, we all enjoyed it.



Your skin is in beautiful condition.  It’s very well hydrated and soft – you must be using oils…

-Province Apothecary Spa, Toronto

Yes, I do use oils, some of which I make myself and that is what I teach!



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