Lots of Lemons with no Lemonade

Hey there,

Where have I been?  What’s this about lemons?  Lemons have such a sunny colour, yet the symbolism doesn’t match.  Life has not been kind of late.  How much detail to go into without bringing down the party here…and how much time do you have?  Buckle up!

With the busy-ness of all things early fall, and fall being my favourite season, I was remiss in parking myself down in front of my computer to write.  When given the choice between being inside and being outside on a glorious day, whenever possible, outside will always win, hands down!  We have had an unusually warm September/October season here in Southern Ontario.  Gardening has been fab, so that is what I did.  Good thing I did take advantage of that bliss… just sayin’.  My sky chart for the year did warn me that October was going to be “lively” and oh boy – never dismiss the woo woo. A mantra of mine.

Although, I must say, that I have missed sitting down to write.  Writing has become a form of therapy for me.  I’ve been told that I write like I speak…not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…If you are reading this and you are a “regular”, thank you for your patience.  If you are new here, well, have a look back through my posts and you’ll see that I usually am a little more consistent – and yes, I’m weird. 🙂  I’ve always been a writer; the most easy communication for me.  Not so much for pleasure though.  I wrote as part of my job those many, many years in the corporate world.  But that was “corporatese”.  New word!  Not for fun, but I did it well.

Ok then, where to start?

Warning:  Tales of woe and litany ahead.

Here we go, lemons:

Early in October, my new little stray, Niles, went missing and was subsequently found a few days later.  We have lost Niles.  So sad.  He only lived here for about three months and I was getting quite attached.  He was a wild, fun little guy and there was no keeping him indoors.  Not sure where he came from – he just “appeared” one day with Ralph.  I’ve discussed that before.  I know many of you are going to think that cats should be kept indoors.  I am of the belief that when you live in the country, as I do, it is cruel to keep a cat in if they want to be out.  Nature is nature.  We can’t control everything.  Although I do make sure my kitties are in at night – many a time I’ve stayed up, waiting, waiting for the little so and so to show their face.  Did you ever read my post about Ralph?  No?  Probably one of my better ones, or so I’ve been told!  Go ahead and have a read, I’ll wait.

So, that was Niles – a cool name for a cool guy.  A pity we didn’t get the chance to know him better.

Next, more lemons:

Winnie got very sick and within a couple of days, she passed.  Winnie was my pretty, attitude-filled, mean-girl kitty.  But she was so sweet – and a healthy girl all her life.  So when she got sick, she knew her time was coming.  While she was still strong enough, I watched her outside, visiting the places she loved, saying her good byes and telling me, there wasn’t long.  She was 19 and this had been her only home.  So, a good life and I stayed by her side while she ailed.

Winnie gave me so much.  I do miss her terribly.  The spot where her bed was by the fire is empty, but she is with me in spirit.  She now lives in the Cedars and the wind.

I am down to only one cat.  Ralph.  This is unheard of under the blue roof.  I have never only had one cat, and Ralph is quite lonely.  He has become my constant companion.  I am thinking about bringing home a rescue kitty, but one would have to be chosen carefully for Ralph.  He is Alpha, he is about 13 – although still lots of pep in his step (you know my kitties tend to have very long lives!) – and he likes to stir things up.  He’s got a mischievous streak and a glint in his eyes.  Ralph was a stray and he’s lived here about 10 years.  He loves to be outside, but it’s getting easier to get him in, as he likes his creature comforts now as the weather cools and he’s no kitten anymore…

Perhaps a kitten – I haven’t had a really young kitten here under the blue roof since Winnie was a kitten!  They are such fun – I’m such a sucker for kittens…one (or two) would certainly give Ralph a run.

Oh boy,

My gut is telling me to wait.  Even though Ralph is lonely.  I think I’m going to see what the Winter brings – or who the Winter brings.  Maybe see who finds me.  That’s usually the way things roll around here.

So I lost Niles, then Winnie.  On to the human issues that have been my October.

More lemons:

Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanksgiving was very early here in Canada – leaving lots of room in October for the proverbial poo to hit the fan.

Aren’t you glad you stopped in?

I, of course, am cooking Thanksgiving dinner, as I do the family gathering for every occasion.  Not that I’m bitter about that – kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers – although bitter goes with the topic of lemons, we won’t go there today.  That, dear readers, could be a topic all on its own.


I’ve just lost my Winnie, and seriously not feeling the fam dinner thing, but circumstances being what they are…UGH…I’m cooking a turkey.  Dinner happens, minus one.

I will not go into a lot of detail here, because it involves another family member (who isn’t a reader, so really, all bets could be off).  You know, I don’t think any of my family are readers, save my lovely Daughter.  And she won’t tell…RIGHT?!


This family member is rushed to hospital the next day for emergency surgery.  No details.  Suffice it to say, it is very serious.

Now, as if the lemons aren’t bad enough in this scenario, this family member that is in hospital lives with, and is also the sole caregiver to a 95 year old Aunt (it’s not just the cats that have long lives in this family…).  She still lives in her house. Not anywhere near the blue roof, of course.  No, this is all taking place in the City.

They call me mellow, yellow…

So, we’ve got the family member in ICU, in the City – the City being west Toronto – and we’ve got the 95 year old Aunt, not able to be on her own.


The following week is spent back and forth every day to the City – hospital and Aunt’s house, scrambling with doctors and medical people in one place and trying to put in place temporary arrangements for the Aunt, who is still very sharp in her mind, but physically, not great – and she is fighting everything suggested…


Exhausted much?  Geez, I know I’m a double Virgo – Leo cusp Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon – and a life-long caregiver in some form or another – it’s what I do – but I’m getting @%&#! tired.


Family member is still in hospital.  Aunt currently in temporary respite, but not wanting to stay.  Trying to figure out a solution, if there is one. Back and forth, back and forth.


You know, I think, that my parents are both in caregiving facilities and I run after their every need.  Manage every aspect of their lives.  I am in year 5 of all things them.  Yes, I said 5.  Still get the question, “So, do you work?” Ummm

The current crisis peeps are on “the other side” of the fam.  Much stress.


Easy to say:  Not my circus, not my monkeys…but, nope, I’m in.

I’m thinking that I must have had one helluva good time in my last life – or at least one of my past lives.  I’m thinking I’ve been around a few times.  Excuse me while I close my eyes for a moment and try to conjure that up.

Those lemons?  I’m going to need some vodka to go with that lemonade, if they ever turn to that.

Hmmm, not much mention about plants this time around.  Well, lemons grow on trees, right?  I actually consume a lot of lemon – not metaphorically speaking this time.  Lemons are awesome for balancing your ph levels.  I’ve always got some in my glass of water.  A good natural cleaner and deodorizer too – and they smell divine!

There’s a little positive for ya.  You’re welcome – thanks for stopping in!

So there you have it, you’re up-to-date on my tale of woe and litany (please).

If it looks like I’m winking at you, I’m not…I need glasses to work on the computer now and haven’t gotten around to getting them yet, because, well, SEE ABOVE.

October is almost at it’s end.  Samhain (Hallowe’en) on Tuesday – and I haven’t dug out my pointy hat yet. 🙂  October’s flower is Calendula – my favourite – and showing her sunny self in part of my garden in the photo above.  We’ve had a frost, but she is still blooming and I can see her from The Meadowview.

As I write this afternoon, the Moon is in Aquarius but she moves into Pisces in her second quarter for this evening’s show.  A little Pisces would be good right now – intuitive and gentle.

Today’s colour for Sun-day is gold!

So, what’s new with you?

Phew! I’m going to see about making some lemonade.  It’s gotta be 5 o’clock somewhere…

Until next time,


February – Buh Bye











Hey there,

Last day of February and I’m counting down the hours…February hasn’t disappointed this year, as it’s always the absolute worst for me…if something is going to go wrong, it will happen in February.  Check and check.

Time to move on.  Let’s push into March and the promise of Spring.  It’s been another unusual Winter here in Southern Ontario – not that it’s over yet.  Record-breaking temperatures and the greenies are coming up. Although it’s wonderful to finally have some Sun, it has been really mild and March can be cruel, with her last gasps of the season.  I’m not putting away Winter just yet, but the break has been lovely for those of us who haven’t travelled to find some Sun.

I’ve been really tempted to get out a chair to sit on the patio on the few occasions I’ve been home on a sunny afternoon.  Even if it’s just to watch the tree rats jump on the feeders. 🙂  Or the birdhouses – see above.  We still have some patches of snow in the north part of the meadow, but everything is looking very bare (and brown).

Yup, that’s me, crawling around looking for greenies coming up.  I’m leaving the leaf mulch for now, but pushing it aside, I can see them.  I’m hoping the leaf mulch protects the tender shoots when, inevitably, we will get more snow (or ice).  Keeping a sharp eye on my Maple Leaf Tulip bulbs where I planted them last Fall and looking forward to their show.  So far, there is no sign of tree rat interference.  What a smart cookie I was to mark them with colourful straws. 🙂

Let’s dream a little, shall we?

That’s better…


…And we’re back

What the heck is Ralph doing out there?  Wandering through the meadow, getting covered in burrs.  Not only the animals that are starting to wander, revelling in the warmer weather and anticipating new growth, I’ve actually seen people out!  Yes, when you live in the country and you know your nearest neighbour is there, you just can’t see them, you can tell everyone is feeling it when they start to venture out along the road.

Our “road” and I use that term loosely, is in really bad shape.  More like a cow path right now.  Pearl could get lost in the pot holes and mud.  Ugh Nothing can be kept clean.  A little attention from the Township would be nice any time now…I know they’re still there, as my tax payment was promptly cashed…can you say GRADE THE ROAD.

Be right back – time to get Ralph in.  The crows are kicking up a racket and there goes the Hawk.

Ok, everybody’s in – including Mr. G.  Oh, I didn’t mention that Mr. G (my grandkitty) is staying with us for a bit, along with my Daughter.  Oh, it’s never boring here under the blue roof!


Mr. G →

We’ve discussed Mr. G, or City Kitty, before.  To say he’s a little spoiled is a bit of an understatement.  Oh boy. We are currently in “toleration” mode, which is good.  He’s been here for about and week and a half now and has stopped hiding.  Also good.  Ralph and Mr. G can now be in the same room – in toleration mode – they don’t have to like each other (and they don’t), but being in the same room and no growling, now we’re making some progress.  No fur or blood has been spilt and everyone still has two eyes, two ears, a tail, all of their whiskers and limbs.  Yay!

As far as Winnie goes – poor Winifred – in her 18 years with us, she has seen many pets come and go.  It’s hard to remember when we didn’t have Winnie – we even had dogs back then.  Well, Winnie is really not fond of anyone new coming in.  Give her a nice comfy bed by the fire or on the porch, when it’s warm out, give her a little food a couple of times a day, keep her water bowl filled and her cat box clean (and stop moving it around, already – that would be when we were under construction) – and just leave her alone.  She will come to you when she wants ear rubs.  She’s old and fragile and doesn’t hear very well anymore, but she’s basically happy when all of the above conditions have been met…

Have you ever heard the expression “Cats own you, you don’t own cats”? Ummm

She doesn’t like Ralph, but they tolerate (sort of).  Ralph likes to poke her every once in a while, just to get her irritated.  You can see him grinning.  She does not want to play. >^..^<

Anyhoo, Winnie came upstairs for a drink.  I keep a water bowl and her second bed upstairs in the Tree Tops Room – Oooo, there’s a new one.  (Ok, so Winnie is a little spoiled too, but she’s old.)  What did she see?  Mr. G drinking out of her bowl!!!! EEWWWWWWW  Well, I thought Winnie might cough up a lung right then and there – soooo much hissing – didn’t think she had it in her.  Mr. G slunk under the bed.  Visual:  Mr. G is probably three times the size of Winnie.  Do not mess with her.  She stood there looking at me with “please tell me you’re kidding – he’s not staying here?”  Sigh  I washed out her bowl to get the Mr. G spit out of it.  She turned on her heel and went back down to her bed.  She will be drinking from the downstairs bowl, thank you. Winnie was not amused.  That was the end of that.  Attitude?  Sort of…but she’s pretty!

Mr. G is currently snoring and drooling behind me.  I think he’s feeling a little better about the whole living situation. 🙂

What?  You don’t want to hear any more about my kitties?  Ohhhh, you want to talk about plants!  I spent Sunday afternoon at Richter’s again, in the greenhouse.  I was good.  I didn’t come home with any new plants (not yet), but I did buy a funky birdcage which is going to hang under the deck with plants in it, once we get to warmer weather!  Who will be the lucky greenie?  Or maybe some ivy…  Dreaming and scheming.

What to look for at this time of year?  There could be some early bulbs starting, because of the warmer weather.  Witch hazel will be ready to bloom as well.  Otherwise, the trees are starting to bud and you can see new growth.  I mentioned the Willows last post.  Maple syrup season is coming!  Very Canadian.  Too early for Coltsfoot – traditionally, we’ve got another month or so to wait.  Try to be patient, as am I.

You can look for the birds.  I actually heard a flock of Canada Geese flying over the blue roof during the night about a week ago.  First time I’ve heard them at night.  It was cool.  I saw a Grackle, an early Spring bird at the feeder.  They are as welcome as the Starlings…what a mess.  These are the birds that come back in droves and nest in the cedars.  April is very noisy with them while they nest and breed.  But they do clean up all my plant leftovers from the Fall and the Daylillies.

My new bolts and perches have come in and I’ve fixed the feeders again.  Still haven’t seen a Robin yet, although I’ve heard others have.  So looking forward to all the colourful birds to come back along with the greenies.  Waiting, waiting.

To say buh bye to February, we are under an Aries Moon in her first quarter.  Just past the New Moon, very dark out and if you’ve got a clear sky, go out and take a look.  The stars were amazing last night.  Venus, Mars and Uranus in the West; Orion high in the South; Jupiter in the East.  February is ruled by Uranus – the wild card planet.  Expect the unexpected and that is exactly what February is for me!  A little “normal” (whatever that is) would be good right about now.

Today’s colour is black.

In the words of our beloved Stuart McLean, who died this February:

“It is my belief that if enough of us write … and if we take the pains to tell the truth about something important to us … that together we will create an extraordinary archive — an archive that will be a snapshot of our country. A picture of who we are, and how we feel about things, and most importantly, what we feel is important.
– Stuart McLean of Vinyl Cafe

See you in March.

Until next time,


Day 3 of My Captivity – Neat (So Over Ice)

Hey there,

Day 3 of your what?  My captivity.  No, I haven’t been kidnapped – still eating cake (and cheese).  But being held hostage under the blue roof by ice.  I’m staying inside, without ice – that’s the neat part (get it?).

Three days ago we had freezing rain overnight and although it is melting sloooowwwllllyyyy, it is a mess, not to mention very dangerous out there.  The trees and fences and everything else have been coated in ice, and what looked really pretty at first…by DAY 3, enough already.  The temperature here remains right around the freezing mark during the day.  A little to the south, where the temperature is a degree or two warmer, it’s just wet.  So melting is very slow.  As it melts, great shards drop down, crashing to the ground, or anything else it lands on.

Skewered Squirrel, anyone?

Lots of crashing and banging going on – the blue roof is metal and as the chunks of ice slide their way down, it can sound like a freight train going through.  Frightening if you don’t expect it.  Although rain sounds magnificent!  The snow has been layered with a thick “icing”, which continues over the front walk, making a trek out to get firewood treacherous, despite throwing salt down.

The driveway?  Well, the driveway is about 100 feet long, sloping gently to the west through very tall cedar hedging and it’s fabulous in any season but ice.  I wouldn’t even know what it looks like at the moment because – you guessed it – I’m being held hostage under the blue roof – neat.

In the mornings I am told “not advisable to venture out”.  Not as a command, but in a suggestion, a knowing way…dainty and agile are not words you would use to describe me.  I will fall, twisting something (most likely my ankle, despite the “padding”).  Ice dancing would take on a whole new meaning – Kurt Browning (fun!), move over!

At some point, I’m going to have to get groceries…

I’m at that “what can I make with green beans and cake mix?”
stage of needing groceries

So I continue to gaze out the windows and listen as the descending ice takes leave.  It would be nice if I could at least take the compost out.  But it’s way over there, over the crusty, slippery snow, under the sprawling branches of the large Maple tree out the front, who is desperately trying to shed her coat of ice and it’s landing everywhere. Looking out, it’s hard to believe that in six months’ time, the same Maple will be providing wanted shade and housing the little tree frog that I spoke of here.  Such is the miracle of our seasons.  It just so happens that this isn’t one of my favourites…

The tree rats are skating.

With the ice came wind and there are bits of branches everywhere – stuck in the crusted snow looking like the arms of snowmen, melted, and reaching out for help.

Even just stepping out on the porch…yikes!  Winnie is not happy – she’s not getting the fireside time she loves.  Because it’s reasonably mild – mild for a Canadian winter – I haven’t had the fire going during the day. Ralph is being kept in, because it’s so dangerous, and he’s not loving that.  I’m painting (trim and doors in new laundry room – where there is now a toilet) – not something I adore, so everybody’s cranky.  Sigh

Must. Have. Air.  Sticking nose out the door – CRASH  – Ok, that’s enough – back to jail (not neat).

Two little sodden Downy Woodpeckers, male and female, are taking turns, being on the lookout for falling ice while they partake of the suet.  They can crack through with no problem.

The shrubs are all looking very sad – drooping under their heavy weight.  I’d like to get out and free them, but better not.

The feeders are only a third full.  This better get clearer tomorrow…doom and gloom and heavy fog.  Yuck.

Are we having fun yet?  NO!  And we’re not even into February…

So, I’m planning lots of social time and fun things to do with my friends.  We are definitely going to Canada Blooms in March.  Can’t wait.  Looking back out the window at the Woodpeckers, I can see a few colourful straws poking out from where my gardens are sleeping.  The markers I used to remind me where I planted all those Maple Leaf tulips.  Hopefully, they won’t act like beacons for the tree rats…

Ok, enough whining.  Let’s turn to something more positive.

Owls!  I saw an amazing documentary on the CBC last week.  Watch here, about Great Horned Owls and learned that the owls I hear at night, here, at Blue Roof Living, are one and the same.  Very rarely do I see owls here but I know they’re out there, and now I know what kind they are.  Occasionally, I have been coming home late at night and I’ve caught a brief glimpse of one in my headlights in the trees.  Wow!  Once, not long after I moved up here, I saw a Snowy Owl gliding across the meadow over the snow before it was completely daylight. This huge white bird – it was mesmerizing.  Double Wow!  That was what got me started on all things birds.  It was so exciting.  I haven’t seen one since – owls are very elusive.

Painting, birds and my garden plans are getting me through – what are you up to?  Maybe you’re a snow bunny and you love snow!  More power to ya – wish I felt the same. 🙂

Ok Winnie, time to light a fire and get the book out.  >^..^<  “Yay!” says Winnie.  It really does take very little to make her happy.  A fire and ear rubs, clean water in her water bowl (no Ralph lick, thank you) and some kibble. And don’t forget the clean cat box.  Puuuurrrrrr   Ok, maybe it does take a little, but Winnie is worth it. 🙂

Later I’ll have a soak in the tub with one of my floral oils…Mmmmm memories of flowers to come. Puuuurrrr

Under the Libra Moon tonight; craving lovely things and peaceful times.  Today’s colour is white, like the Snowy Owl.

I’ll leave you to whatever makes you Puuuurrrrr – feel free to share!

Until next time,


New Year – Coffee Volcano

Hey there,

So I’ll say it once:  Happy New Year! I’m sure you’re already tired of hearing it. 🙂  Is it good luck to wish everybody you meet a (you know) the first time you greet them in a new year?  I wonder…well, I just covered my (you know).

I spent New Year’s Eve with a few close friends.  A very late dinner – we were still seated at the table when 12 o’clock rolled around…we barely noticed as we chatted on!

New Year’s morning was not quite as jovial…after a late night and a late morning – there’s a chance there was too much wine involved as well – the coffee fairy arrived (I’m spoiled) and I propped myself up to contemplate the remainder of my day.  Winnie (my kitty) appeared and jumped up (unusual) wanting ear rubs.  As I raised my coffee mug to take that first sip, I stopped the ear rubs (Winnie’s, not mine) for just a second and…Winnie head butted the mug and coffee (with cinnamon and milk, thank you) went all over me, Winnie and the bed.  That’s the volcano part.



Needless to say, the first words out of my mouth on this brand new day in this brand new year (after a mumbled thanks for the coffee) were not pleasant (think blue air).  Oh dear.  Poor Winnie.



2017, here we go!

Start where you are,
use what you have
and do what you can
-Arthur Ashe


We discussed the whole New Year’s resolutions thing last year, so you know that I don’t really make any – at least not out loud.  But because of the “shortbread waddle” – please tell me I don’t have to explain that one…I did have salad instead of wings after bowling on Tuesday night (much to the booing of my bowling mates). 🙂 We’ll see how long that lasts. Ahem It’s not easy being voluptuous (or green).

I will say one thing though – and you can hold me to this one…I’m making this a year of purging.  Not necessarily people (although…) but of STUFF.  My inner Virgo is poking through.  I am actually a Virgo Sun (outer self or ego) and a Virgo Moon (inner self or emotions) a little woo woo there – double trouble – organization up the wazzoo!

This is a seven year for me in the world of woo woo and I’m definitely feeling it.  Nothing is safe!  Purge, purge, purge.  If you’ve got your stuff under or around the blue roof – you’ve been warned.  I’m feeling a major cleanse coming on. Clutter is making me crazy – could be that whole early November right through to Christmas disorganized construction mess, where there was a toilet in the dining room (in a box!) and not yet in the laundry room – right up until the afternoon before Christmas Eve – yup.  It was longer than 12 days, but here’s the general idea, in case you missed it.  Maybe that’s what pushed me over the edge.  Crazy, wild eyes here – foaming at the mouth, can’t stand it another second…tired of cleaning constantly.  You know, if you’ve lived through it – as one of my readers commented (yay!). UGH

Inhale…exhale…kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers…Things are much better now, not completely finished (although, what ever is?)  Trim and doors are almost finished and then I have to paint the trim and doors, but we’re 90% there.  It’s so much more pleasant doing laundry in that room now – as pleasant as laundry is to do!

So that’s all I’m going to say about resolutions…slow and steady wins the race.

I’m filling my calendar with stuff to do.  Mother Nature has turned on Winter full blast here in Southern Ontario.  Our Winters have been pretty easy the past few years – we might actually be in for a real one this year.  Hunker down in your snow boots Pearl – that’s not going to stop us!  Pearl is my car, a VW bug rag top, for anyone new here.  Yes, I do tend to name things.  It keeps everything organized (Hello, Virgo).

Soon, I’ll be diving into the world of seed catalogues and greenies – stay tuned.  My gardens are sleeping under the snow, waiting, waiting, waiting, just like me. The fire and my reading chair beckons – now that my reading chair is no longer covered in cough, cough, DUST.

In the meantime, I’ll be making some white pine vinegar – I didn’t get any made in the Fall as I was too busy getting everything else in, dried and made into all manner of goodies to carry me into Winter.

What’s with the white pine?  Well first, it’s a greenie, and we love those! Second, it’s a greenie that we can benefit from in all seasons. Third, it’s a greenie that is extremely high in Vitamin C; a survival food for First Nations Peoples, tea can be made from the needles.  I like to make the vinegar using apple cider vinegar.  You just fill a clean jar with the needles, top them up with the vinegar, cap tightly and let sit for six to eight weeks.  I like to use two Moon cycles.  Strain after that into a fresh clean jar and store in the fridge.  White pine is the best to use – pictured here.  This is the pine tree with the long, soft needles that grow together in, yup, fives.  Five is my woo woo number.  Number woo woo here.

I then use the vinegar to make salad dressing.  It smells and tastes divine!  Good and good for you.

Before I finish, I have to say that Bird Count Guy was happy with my count on December 30th!  It was a very cold and windy day with no Sun, but I did get many visitors, including the Pileated Woodpecker and two Red-Tailed Hawks.  The turkeys, of course, did not visit on the actual day of the count, but waited until the day after. Sigh.  I really enjoyed the day and will definitely volunteer next (this!) year.  Here’s a link  about the Christmas Bird Count if you’d like to be involved.  It’s part of the Audubon Society, who do good work.

The Moon tonight has just entered her second quarter in Aries.  Fiery, bold, energetic.  Point A to point B. Purge, purge, purge! Watch out for those feeling argumentative and impatient.  Careful on the roads.

Today’s colour is purple.

I’ll leave you now, as you get back to routine, the holidays rounding out; the kids go back to school soon – those of a “certain age” can well remember that!  Leaving you now and purging from the Meadowview – where all things Christmas wrapping are but a recent memory.

Until next time,





Hey there,

Brrrrr – So I have to say it:  Is it cold enough for ya?  Wasn’t it just last week, Wednesday, I believe, that it was 15 celsius?

Putting out extra sunflower seeds for the bunnies and I’m even feeling sorry for the tree rats in that wind.  Everyone is freezing their bums off.  ‘Tis the season for silly (warm) hats.  And socks (ew).  I hate socks.  I have a rule – May to October is no sock season.  It’s also hang out the laundry season and hello green friends season.  I just took a mini vacation. 🙂

Hawk in tree



The birds are still going about their business, this is nesting season for some.

The Red Tailed Hawk in this photo was one of a pair that stopped in, perusing the field for lunch one afternoon.








The girls are in their beds by the fire, except this one sunny day, a rarity for sure, that Winnie found a sun spot.  Doesn’t she look amused (not).  She’s not a winter person either.  She will sit there until Ralph takes the spot.  We discussed Ralph once before…and then she will go back to the fire.


When it’s this cold, you can find me in my old clawfoot tub, under the glycerin bubbles, soaking in one of my floral oils that I made when the weather was much, much warmer.  With a book (and maybe wine).  See above.  Or maybe searching for a sun spot – like Winnie.


Looking for the positive:  The night sky on these cold winter nights is absolutely amazing.  So cold and clear.  The stars are like diamonds in a little black velvet box (that will be the only Valentinesk mentioned here – I’m sure you’re tired of all the hype too).  You’re welcome. 🙂  Although the chocolate is really good at this time of year…


Getting back to the night sky – bundle up and go out, if you dare, after supper when it’s really dark, and look up!  Magic.  Last night, around 8 pm, the Moon was high in the west sky, a bright sliver in her first quarter.  Like a smile.


Orion Constellation



Rigel, the bright blue/white star at Orion’s foot was like a crystal in the southeast.  Most know how to find Orion in the sky by his belt – the three small stars.





The New Moon, when she is completely dark, and into the first quarter, where she is now, is the phase where the Sun and the Moon come together in the sky, or are “conjunct”.  In a dark New Moon, the Moon is dark because she is hidden by the brightness of the Sun as she travels the sky.  As she starts to pull away from the Sun, we can see her as a crescent, growing nightly, or waxing (don’t go there) toward the second quarter.  This phase corresponds with new beginnings and is a good time to start a project.

Tonight’s Moon is in Aries.  Here comes the woo woo:  An Aries Moon is an energizing Moon, bold and impulsive – could be argumentative (watch out!).  There will be no stepping on toes here.  Fitting that we are in the first quarter, a good place to start things; Aries is the first sign or constellation of the Zodiac.  Cue lounge lizard wearing open neck silk shirt with lots of chains: “Heeeyyyyy, what’s your sign?” (eye roll).  Betcha it’s been a while since you heard that one!  (Sorry for the visual.)

Today’s colour is white.  White is for purity and protection – the snow, the brilliant stars, the Aries Moon.

I’m busy stocking my calendar with social things this month (unless I’m in the tub – see above – then the “GO AWAY” sign is on the door).   Head down, ploughing through February.

What’s keeping you occupied these days?

Until next time,