Animal Totems are all around

Hey there,

Animal Totems are all around – and watching.  Stay tuned.

Sitting here in the Meadowview, wrapped up in a blanket and gazing out over the still, frozen meadow.  The blue roof, which is metal, lets out a “bang” as it contracts, like a living, breathing thing.  Baby, it’s cold outside – and has been for weeks.  Winter is certainly doing its thing this year, so far, as it has only officially been Winter for less than one month.

Already the complaining.  I know, I know.  Your skin is dry, your hair is dry, some have already had the cold or flu that goes hand-in-hand with this, our most least-loved season.  Elderberry and Yarrow tea, Mint honey, Ginger and Lemon – we’ve talked about these before…

Anybody out there embrace this stuff?  Good for you!  Me?  Not so much.  Yes, I am Canadian and no, I don’t do Winter well.  Apart from the aprés sports stuff…I’m pretty good at that. 🙂  Wine, anyone?

I find myself being watched by my Animal Totem, the Red-tailed Hawks, that join me every Winter, on the coldest of days, perched in the Maple tree out by the barn.  I can see them (there are two) out of the kitchen window.  Silent and still, scanning the meadow landscape for their next meal.  They will literally sit there for hours.  So very majestic and gorgeous creatures.

Just keeping a steady eye on all things me – “careful”, they say, “she’s getting close to losing it in this bitter cold.  Someone needs to get outside for a walk”.  Soon.  All is well.  Please remain indoors for now.  Make a cup of tea.  Get out your seed catalogues.  Breathe.

The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home
are of more importance to the soul
than their simplicity might suggest
-Thomas Moore

I’ve also been joined by a couple of crows, in the same tree, but not at the same time, as the Hawks. Crows are very interesting birds.  Some find them rather ominous, but those of us that wear the pointy hats know that crows are something special.  Uh huh.  I’ll let you look that one up.

Should I back up a bit?  Anyone not know what an Animal Totem is?  Ooo, buckle up, we’re about to enter the land of all things woo woo.

So Animal Totems, or Nature Totems are basically symbols of energy.  Now everything holds energy, but this is the kind of energy we manifest and align with our everyday life.  The Totem becomes a symbol of the invisible, the characteristics and activities reveal something of our own powers and abilities.  You can also look at different parts of the animal and what that represents.  For instance, a bird with a sharp beak could symbolize someone who speaks their mind or has a sharp wit.  Perhaps too sharp and that person should think about what they say before saying it.  Or maybe they constantly bicker and pick at things.  See where that’s going?

The Totem can be animal, bird, reptile, insect.  It can be something as simple as an ant.  Think about ants for a moment.  What do they represent?  Discipline comes to my mind.  Patience, industrious, also.  Most people just find them annoying – not disagreeing with you there, but have you ever taken the time to actually watch them?  They are fascinating.  They work together, they have a purpose and goal, they march along the same path and if you disturb what they are working on, they just find another way to accomplish what they set out to do.

Now, do you think that maybe that could send a message to someone?  I do.  Perhaps that someone is having a hard time focussing, or their life has been turned upside down in one form or another.  Or they need to learn to work with others and get along.  All of a sudden, they find ants in a place they have never been before.  Maybe in their house (horrors), but those guys are sending a message…”The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah…”

When you start really paying attention to nature and what’s going on around you.  Looking at the little things, that’s when you tune in.  That’s when you hear your message.  Listen – it’s there for a reason.  That’s a large part of my woo woo.  Make sense?  Of course, you’re going to have to go outside – and probably put down your phone, to see it.  A walk in the woods can really make you see.  Just sayin’

What speaks to you?  Is there a particular animal that you are specifically drawn to?  Do you see a particular creature constantly when you are outside in nature.  Do you dream about a particular creature?  Does something call to you?  Listen.  The other thing to mention here, is that you may not always have the same Totem – depends on the message that needs to be heard.  But you might.

If all this fascinates you, and you’re interested in reading up a bit on it, or maybe figuring out what your Totem might be, I would recommend this book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.  Happy reading.

Even though I’m a crazy cat lady, it always seems to be the birds that speak to me.

What else in the bird world?  Well yesterday, where we set a record here in Southern Ontario for the coldest day in 60 years, a flock of Starlings decided it was a great time to come back from wherever they had been.  Somewhere warmer, no doubt. (I don’t get it either…)  Yup.  They do appear to be early.  I don’t usually see them until end of January/early February.  They can withstand Winter, obviously, but yikes!

I couldn’t fill the feeders fast enough – including the dish of cat food left out for this guy…

I currently have a stray cat that I am trying to get into the house under the blue roof.  It has been at least six weeks that this kitty has been coming by for food, regularly, morning and night.  I can’t get close enough to see if it is male or female, but it doesn’t appear to be a scrawny barn cat, it looks healthy.  It will not let me get close to it.  I feed it on the porch.  It will let me watch it through the window, but as soon as I try to open the door to get close, off it goes.  Now, it is starting to only go far enough that I can’t reach it, so there is starting to be an element of trust.  It knows that I am going to feed it.  But this kitty is out in -30 degree C weather.  It’s driving me crazy that it won’t come in.  I don’t know where it goes when not being fed.  I’m sure it’s in a barn somewhere close by, but still…I have tried setting out the food and water inside the door, with the door open, until the house freezes.  Just last night, it came in long enough to eat the food and then out it went again.  Sigh  I usually am pretty good with cats and turning them around to help them.  This one has me puzzled, but I will persevere. Maybe this, too, is a message for me.  I am listening.

A friend and reader, gifted me with a little glass black and white cat which now sits here with me on my desk as I write.  Thank you again, very appropriate!  You’re right, fits right in with my pointy hat!

I haven’t named this stray kitty yet, which is unusual, because I usually do – I name everything.  Maybe that’s another message. Hmmm  I’ve been receiving a lot of messages lately.  The night sky is telling me there are some big things coming up.  It has been an adventurous couple of years for me – still evolving, still working through, but feeling like it’s not over yet.  Good or bad.  Maybe it’s good this time.  My birth chart reading for this year tells me that once again, this is not a year where I’m just going to coast…UGH.

In the interest of plants, because I am, although there isn’t much growing here these days, there are still the evergreens that can be harvested fresh.  Pine and Spruce needles for tea, for example.  A huge dose of Vitamin C there.  What better time of year to increase your Vitamin C levels?  And what does Mother Nature provide to harvest?  Getting that?

Please keep in mind the Moon phase that you are harvesting though.  Interesting fact:  Around the Full Moon, the sap rises in trees, just as the tides in the ocean get higher and moods change.  You don’t want to harvest around this time as you could damage the tree.  When you respect nature, nature respects you and will give you the help you seek.  Very simple and logical, isn’t it?  That’s what I love about woo woo.

Speaking of the Moon, where are we tonight?  The waning Moon is in Virgo: earthy, practical, fixing and cleaning up the universe, one item at a time.  Making lists, asking questions, making things happen (this all sounds extremely familiar to me somehow…).  I’m pretty sure ants are Virgos – understood?  The Sun is still in Capricorn, another earth sign, so it’s all business today.  January is ruled by Saturn – the planet of maturity.

Today’s colour for getting things done:  blue – how conservative!

I’ll leave you to get things done under your own roof – blue or otherwise.

Until next time,


Costmary, the Garden Story

Hey there,

What the heck is Costmary?  Please be seated, I will be there in a moment.

So we’re back into Summer, here in Southern Ontario. In a big way! Holy smokes.  It’s like early August here this week – hot and humid.  My hair is so not happy.  Good thing I planted those cool weather seeds in my veggie gardens at the end of August >sigh< – they are struggling with the heat.  It was a good thing I didn’t bring in all my potted plants.  The Rosemary is picking up a bit in the hot sun.

Before this “faux” Summer, our nights were dropping to just above freezing…Apparently, Mother Nature is having a tough time making up her mind.  It’s like she’s going into her closet in the morning and wailing “I have nothing to wear” and BAM! She put on her “big pants” and…mixed bag. Everyone here is a little confused.

Nice to see all the city people up here in the country this past weekend for the Uxbridge Studio Tour wearing their fine Fall apparel…complete with sweaters and boots. 🙂  They did look a little warm…Me?  I rejoice still in my sandals, even though I do love the Fall.

I am starting to gather the greenies to dry for Winter use.  My garlic has dried and is still waiting in the barn for me to brush it off and trim the tops to store.  I won’t have quite enough for the entire year until next harvest is ready, but I have a fair amount.  I do use a lot of it.  So good for you!  YUM – I put it in everything.  I also like to roast some and store it in oil in the fridge.  That’s nice to use in cooking.

I’m drying sage, thyme, tarragon to use for cooking.  I bring in my Rosemary and use that fresh all Winter. The basil was used to make pesto with the garlic scapes.  I like to put a scoop of that in rice when it’s cooking.  Gives a nice flavour.  Also great on pizza or cheese and crackers. Mmmmmm

I’ve been making vinegars for salad dressing and oils for cooking and bathing.  There are many things you can use in oils.  Also a good way to use up stems at the end of the season.  Many carry good flavour.  I’m freezing parsley and Lemon Balm in ice cube trays.

Then there are the tea herbs: Lemon Verbena, the Scented Geraniums, of which I have quite a few varieties, Anise Hyssop, Mints, Lavender, Herb Robert and this year I’m going to dry some Costmary.  There it is.

← Ever heard of Costmary?

A lovely old-fashioned plant.  Does not grow wild here, or at least, is not native, but one small plant grows very large in just one season.  Very tough and hardy. It’s the leaves that you use – it is just now producing very small yellow button-type flowers, but they are fairly insignificant.  The scent of the leaves smells like Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum – you remember that, right?

Costmary is also called by other names:  Alecost, because it used to be used to flavour beer, Sweet Mary, which was used as a symbolic name for motherhood and used in a tea to ease the pain of childbirth, and my favourite, Bible Leaf, because…ready? It was used as a bookmark in bibles and was sniffed to keep one awake during particularly long sermons…not going there.  But very amusing, don’t you think?  To this day, many an old family bible will sport a dried leaf hidden within it’s pages.  Love it.  Whatever it’s name, it has a delicate lovely scent and taste in tea.

Story time:

You’ll recall that my Garden Club holds a plant auction every May.  In case you forgot, or you’re new (welcome!), read.  Anyhoo, the plants in the plant auction, for the most part, come from the kind donation of the members.  One of my donations this year was a chunk of Costmary, potted and labeled with a small explanation on the label about the Bible Leaf name.  I thought that was fun.  Some people just scrawl across the pot in purple crayon, or worse, don’t label at all…  Surprise!  You’re the proud owner of Goutweed…YIKES!

Back to the story:

The Auctioneer did not know what it was, and there – you know there’s always one – was the landscaper guy in the audience, who apparently knows everything about everything plant (ho hum – yaaaawwwwnnnn), piped up and said:

Oh yah, that’s a real old one – no one grows that anymore…

Ummm, ok, I thought it would be neat to have some of those plants that no one does grow anymore.  You know, unique much?  Mr. cookie cutter gardener…

No, I didn’t pull out my pointy hat. </:  I sat on my hands and bit my tongue…and waited.  Then the bidding started – others thought it might be neat to have it in their gardens too.  So my donation did, in fact, bring a little money to the auction.  In the words of Steve Martin:

“Well, excuuuuuuse me!”

Mr. Know Everything just fell short of calling me a weirdo.  Not directly, because he didn’t know who brought it in.  Maybe I am a weirdo – but he doesn’t get to call me that.  You don’t get to call me that until you actually know me.  And then, ok, yes, I’m weird.  Maybe I’ll invite him over to see some of the other stuff I grow – and make him some tea…Bwahahahahaaaa

Ahem – back to our regular programming.

That’s my plant story for today.  Hope you liked it. 🙂  One more thing:

If a woman says
First of all” during an argument,
She has prepared research, data and charts and will destroy you.

or maybe that’s just me….

The night sky!  Where are we tonight?  Ah, the Moon is in Virgo – and so is Venus!  Very feminine.  Feeling quite at home at the moment.  There you go – there’s where the take it personally, properly labelled, plant story came from…haha.  It’s all about work and detail.  She is in her fourth quarter – the New Moon is tomorrow night. Time to draw back and think about the last Moon cycle as she starts anew.

Today’s colour is white.

I’ll leave you now to tend your own garden – I’m guessing most of you have one or that you have some interest in plants…or maybe you just like to read me blathering on!  Perhaps a sniff of Costmary is in order.

Until next time,



Keep away from the veggies, my deer

Hey there,

Deer visiting again – more on that below.

Gee, it’s raining again.  A good day, while I’m at home to sit and do some writing.  My meadow is looking very green out there for this time of year and there are a few soggy birds flying by.  Niles has had his surgery, so I’m home keeping my eye on him.  He smells like the vet and that doesn’t make other kitties happy.

Lots of wildlife back there in the meadow this year so far.  Most notably, there have been deer.  Keeping an eye on them as they roam through.  Lots for them to munch on and they are most welcome to the greenies, but please keep away from my newly planted “forest” and my veggie gardens out by the barn.  So far, they have been cooperating.

Because I don’t get deer in the meadow often, and because I’ve had them visit on several occasions already this year, and because of my curious nature…what in the world of woo woo, does it mean when deer come into your life on a regular basis?

Glad you asked!

So, deer represent gentleness and innocence and the gentle luring into new adventure.  Oh boy.  This is an animal that is found on every continent, save Australia.  It is an important animal for hunting (Not that I’m pro hunting – I don’t get it when hunting is a sport.  I do get it when hunting is for food).  The deer has been represented in lore as hunting, as hunting is what brings civilization into the wilderness.  Interesting.  Did you know that both the male and female deer grow antlers?  Solid bone that grows behind the eyes until the age of five.  When the antlers fall off, it provides a form of calcium for other deer and animals to eat. Nothing tends to get wasted in nature.  The antlers represent a form of antennae that connect to higher forms of perception or that “gut” feeling and inner thoughts. Counting the points of the antlers may also bring further information in the form of numerology.  There’s already the five year thing there – five is my number and represents freedom in numerology.

It’s said that if deer enter your life, look for new perceptions and opportunities over the next five years. Cool.  The female deer, or doe, are very protective of their young in the first few days after birth and don’t allow any outside contact with anyone but the father.  Representing a strong maternal and family unit.  Their senses, because they are a hunted animal, are very acute – they are able to detect subtle shifts and changes in their environment. Perhaps deer are teaching that you may see and hear what may not be directly in front of you.  Yup. That makes sense to me, it’s been a Spring of family here under the blue roof.


Who else wandered out of my meadow?  Weird, but this guy did.

Yes, this is a snapping turtle and yes, he(?) did wander out of my meadow.  I was outside gardening, turned around and he was making his way across the lawn.  Moving quicker than I would expect.  We have neighbours about 10 acres away with a pond, so I’m guessing that’s where he came from, trespassing through the fields, making his way to the river that runs another 10 acres away, west of us here.  Poured some water on him as he looked pretty dry (it was actually a sunny day that day).  He seemed to like that and poked his head out.  I did try to coax him into a large container, thinking I would drive him down to the river, but he wasn’t having any of that. He crossed the road into the farmers field heading to the river. I hope he got there safely.  We don’t see many snapping turtles on our road anymore.  They are still there – some of them huge. When you come across one on the road, you just stop the car and wait for them to make their merry way across.  You don’t want to mess with these creatures. They look slow, but they are called “snapping” for a reason…

Want to talk about a greenie?


Do you have this little gem growing in your garden?  This is Herb Robert.  Looks like a geranium, right?  It is in that family.  Also called Cranesbill.  You might have heard of that one.  It likes the shade and can be found poking through ferns and Hostas and under the cedars.  It will also grow in the Sun, which turns the stems and leaves red.  Blooms late Spring right into the late Fall. The whole plant is medicinal. The flowers and leaves are edible or used in a tea, fresh or dried. It tastes like it smells, which is not great…faintly like parsley only stronger. It’s an anti-oxidant and contains several vitamins and minerals.  It’s an immunity booster and an astringent, so good for skin irritations and healing.  You can rub the fresh leaves on your skin as an insect repellent, but you may not like the smell, along with the mosquitoes.

Another one of those toughies that stick around, even though everyone thinks they are a nuisance.  They do spread by seed vastly.

So what’s so great about this greenie (besides the above…)?  Just the cancer-fighting properties it contains. It is an oxygen carrier and catalyst and stimulates electrical impulses in the cells.  It is also said to absorb radiation from the soil, break it down and disperse it.  Our bodies carry an electro-magnetic field at the cellular level – our “energy”.  One of the causes of cancer is a lack of oxygen to the cells.

Something as simple as a cup of tea to stimulate cells as a preventative measure to illness.  Not complicated – think about that one.

Something else to think about:

Have you heard of Nikola Tesla and his inventions?  No?  Oh boy, get comfortable, there’s lots to know here.  He’s the guy that invented the electrical coil; this is the coil that is found in radios and electronic equipment. Nikola Tesla basically invented the cell phone, amongst many other things back in the early 1900s.   His strong opponent was Thomas Edison. You’ve heard of him, right?  Thought so.  Everybody knows who Thomas Edison was, but poor Nikola Tesla, not so much.  Here’s a bit about him.  Absorb!

What does Herb Robert have to do with Nikola Tesla?  It’s all about the electro-magnetic field in our body and healing at the cellular level.  Hmmm, “cellular level”, “cellular phone” (Nikola Tesla).  The “Tesla” car is electronic, right?

Are you getting it now?

The health of our cells. PEMF or pulsed electro-magnetic field is a way of healing the body when there is an imbalance, or illness.  It is a therapy that heals at the cell level.  When the cells are unhealthy, so are we and this is how disease and pain start. Cells make up tissue and tissue makes up organs, bone, muscle, etc.  In other words, our bodies.  It can be used effectively to reduce and even eliminate pain and inflammation by pulsing our cells and energy fields with electronic energy.

Sounds very new and high tech, doesn’t it?  Not so much…do read up on Nikola Tesla.  Gaining knowledge, although it’s been around forever.  Some poo poo the whole idea, but then they were the same who poo pooed chiropractors and massage therapists too (and don’t get me started on the whole field of herbs and food as medicine).  It takes a while to open minds about the way to heal without synthetic medicines.   Used by some veterinarians as well.  Have a read.  It’s interesting stuff.  Of course combining that with the healing power of our food as medicine (real food)…now you’re talking health.  I don’t mean the band-aid approach where you fix the symptom.  This is about healing the root cause of the problem.

Herb Robert and all its radiation absorbing, breaking down and dispersing goodness got me thinking about PEMF therapy and how we can heal at the cellular level, which is the very basis of our being.  Truly amazing.  I’m going to give a shout out to Kim Sartor at Health Harmonies who made me aware of Nikola Tesla and PEMF.  What an eye opener.

Well now, the Moon is in Virgo in her first quarter tonight.  Virgo being my Sun and Moon sign (double trouble), it’s fitting that I’ve been going on (and on – sorry) about health and healing today.  Right up my alley. 🙂

Today’s colour is crimson, the colour of blood – which is how oxygen is carried through your body…see above.

I hope today’s rant hasn’t been too much and y’all come back now.  I find it all so fascinating and like to pass along the wealth. Here’s also hoping you’ve taken the spirit of the deer and Herb Robert, absorbed it all in and learned something new.

Until next time,


Living in a Petrie Dish

Hey there,

Coming to you this week in a fuzzy haze from deep within a house of cooties.  Yup.  Everyone is under the weather – it’s like a petrie dish in here.  So far, kitties ok.

I hate it when I’m not feeling well.  As I’m sure you do.  It’s almost like I feel offended that some errant, stray cootie dare invade my space.

You know the feeling; everything is humming along and then you wake up one morning with, what?  That little niggling, that tiny warning bell.  Something isn’t quite right.  Bit of a dry throat?  Headache? Sore ears? All the signs.  Everyone, everywhere you go is sick… Oh no. No. No. No. No. No.  Not today.  May not be flu – may just be something else icky on the loose and…


you’re down for the count.  “How could this possibly happen today, when I’ve got X, Y and Z to do and take care of?”  You ask.  Well, that may be exactly why this happened to you at this particular time…it may be your body telling you it’s high time you stop. and. get. some. rest.  I know, I know.  Easy for me to say?  Not so much!

So, here I am.  That’s exactly what happened, here in the petrie dish I call home.

When I get sick?  It goes like this:

DAY ONE:  I crawl into bed with a glass of water on my bedside table, the window cracked for air, lots of warmth covering me (and usually Ralph) – and I sleep and I sweat it out.

Attention everyone: Just. Go. Away.
(Except for Ralph – he’s keeping me warm)

Anyone new here?  Really?  Thanks – read on!  Ralph is my kitty.

Back to our regular programming:

Every time I wake up, I drink some water, to stay hydrated.  Everyone else magically gets along without me. Hmmmm

By the end of that first day, I emerge – it’s not pretty, and it’s certainly not the butterfly breaking out of the cocoon (however, if you’d like to go with that visual, you just go right ahead) – but I am starting to feel a little better.  Drink water.  Brush teeth.  Wash face and freshen up.  Change clothes.  Wrap myself in something and go outside for a few deep breaths – doesn’t matter what the weather.  OK, back into the petrie dish.

My hairstyle is called:  I tried.

Almost human again…everyone still steering clear, because I’m cranky (and they think I’m weird, which I am).

Then I start with teas.  Ginger is very good if your stomach is upset – not the powdered stuff that has been sitting in a spice jar in your cupboard for who knows how long, but an actual chunk of the root, steeped in hot water.  It’s not hard to find in the grocery store.

You know how the home remedy for upset stomach is to drink flat Ginger Ale?  Ummm, that flavour, that makes the Ginger Ale taste like ginger?  Way down, somewhere under the chemicals in the soda, it started with actual ginger!  Yup.  Save yourself the sugar and the chemicals, buy some ginger root and use it in tea!  If it’s not sweet enough, add some honey.  Also most excellent for your digestion after a meal.  I don’t understand how people can say they buy ginger for some recipe that calls for fresh, and then they don’t know what to do with it and it goes to waste.  Wow!  Chop off a chunk and dunk it in your tea.  Doesn’t matter what kind of tea, black tea, green tea, whatever.  Just make a tea.  It tastes divine and is good for your gut. Do not waste it – it’s gold (literally)!

Yarrow and Elderberry Flower tea are very good for colds and flu.  I keep it dried for Winter use.

Yarrow is anti-everything.  Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic.  Gets rid of infection, tones the liver, helps break a fever.

Caution:  Never use Yarrow if you are pregnant.  It may stimulate the uterus.  It may also stimulate allergy symptoms, so must be used with caution!

Yarrow may be confused with Queen Ann’s Lace, for anyone not familiar.  The photo at right shows common Yarrow.  This is the plant that is used. Not all the pretty garden varieties.  It grows in fields and roadsides in Summer and blooms before Queen Anne’s Lace.

They are very different plants – never pick and use anything that you are not completely sure of!

Elder is great with fever and inflammation (which is what you have if you have any kind of infection).  It also works well for coughs and congestion.

Elder, shown on the left, is a shrub/tree that grows along the roadside and is the same greenie that produces Elderberries.  Full of nutrients, an old-fashioned plant, still used for making wine.

What else?  Honey.  I make mint honey for sore throats – and it tastes yummy.  You can put that in your tea as well.


DAY TWO:  There isn’t a day two.

Usually I’m allowed one day to be sick, because – you know.  So this method is my go-to. 🙂  It won’t be completely gone after a day, but I’m at least functioning.  It’s most important to get some rest – and to try not to spread it willy nilly to everyone else…unless of course you got it from them first >: and then all bets are off. Try to ease back gently into life, if at all possible.  Your body will thank you for it and your recovery will be quicker.

Do I take over-the-counter meds?  Sometimes, if I’m desperate and feeling really bad and can’t do the hole-up-for-a-day ritual.  Or I can’t sleep at night because of a cough, or my head is pounding really hard.  I will take something.  But the problem with that is, because I don’t take any pharmacy medications on a regular basis, when I do take something…yowsa!  I’m out.  If I take something to help me sleep?  I’m out for a good 10 hours.

I prefer to try the woo woo way first.  It’s a little more gentle.  Valerian root is very good for helping you sleep, but I don’t always have it on hand.  I planted some last year.  Valerian root can make you hallucinate (don’t ask how I know that…) – just sayin’


I’m my own experimental petrie dish. 🙂

My, my, I have gone on.  I am looking out the window at the Moon in the East.  It’s still light out.  She’s in her second quarter, almost full, and she just left Leo, moving into Virgo.  Literally, while I was writing.  Hmmm Leo certainly explains the bossy pants above, doesn’t it?  The Virgo part?  It’s all about being of assistance.  I hope I was able to assist you if you feel under the weather yourself.  Feel better soon, if you are.

Today’s colour is rose.  As in the rosy haze I find myself in. 🙂

Leaving you now from my little petrie dish under the blue roof.  Stay well.

Until next time,


Memories of 2015

Happy New Year

Hey there,

Memories of 2015…sounds like a sauce from a well-known supermarket chain doesn’t it?  I hope your Christmas holidays have been wonderful (with or without sauce) and that you received some kind of gift that is special to you – and gifts do not have to be monetary.  Some alone time can be a special gift, or some time with your loved ones or friends.

I received some lovely things, including books – always my favourite.  One book I received was the picture book “Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton.  Really well done.  My daughter and I travelled to NYC three years ago for an extra long weekend – my first trip – and we had a great time.  What a place!  So much to see and do.  On the subject of plants (because that’s what I’m all about), we did the Highline walk, which is a path created in a park setting, raised above the City along an old railway track.  It stretches from Hell’s Kitchen to the Meat Packing District and goes a couple of kms south along the west side of Manhattan.  Although we were there in the late Fall, you could see all the plants and shrubs along the way – really awesome and amazing views.  I will definitely go back to see it in full bloom.  Green friends will grow anywhere.  Anyway, the book really captures the people and if you’ve been to NYC (or haven’t) you should have a look if you get the chance.  The photo captions are inspiring and sometimes very humorous.

Back to memories of 2015.  Most take this time, at the very end of our calendar year, to reflect on what happened, good and bad, and maybe make some plans for the year to come.  Quite a year of accomplishments for me, personally – although that is not a surprise, as it was a “5” year and 5 years always mean something big will happen for me.  Five is my woo woo number (more on that another time). 🙂  My year was good and bad.  It started out being very difficult dealing with ongoing ageing parent issues.  I had to make the decision to admit my Dad into long term care.  Probably the most difficult day I’ve ever had was leaving him there.  The good news is that I definitely did the right thing as he is now in the best place and receiving the proper care needed.  My Mom has adjusted well, now in Assisted Living in a separate facility, and also receiving the proper care.  So, something went right there, although it continues to be difficult going back and forth between the two in different locations.

On the positive side, I was able to spend some time outside this year in the garden, in the meadow, on our boat on weekends.  Then there was the creation of my new business, teaching some classes, learning some lessons myself!  Becoming more tech savvy; learning all about website creation and then creating 🙂  I love to learn new things.

I’ve done lots of thinking to figure “it” out, spending time in my favourite chair on the porch watching the birds, taking time for 10 minutes of yoga stretches each morning, doing a little meditation.  I’m more calm and less stressed – stillness.  I’m at peace with some stuff that I haven’t been at peace with for many years.  More of a “what the hell” attitude.  Haven’t changed that much – I’m still a bossy pants (I like to think of it as taking charge).  That also comes with being “of a certain age”.  Those are definitely good things and lots more to come.  I’m grateful for the (blue) roof over my head.

“I will do my best and forget the rest”

The moon in Virgo at New Year’s will be in the 3rd quarter, which means a good time for the culmination of plans, with maturity and completion.  Virgo moons are all about attention to detail, organization and cleanliness.  It can also be a very discriminating time – so lighten up!  Also a good moon for either breaking an old habit or forming a new one.  The colour for the day is rose – pinks are for love and friendship.  Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

So, whether you choose to spend your New Year’s in quiet contemplation, with a loved one, a small group of friends and family, or whether you decide to “party like it’s 1999” (oh, Prince), take some time to reflect and then push forward into 2016 in all your fabulousness!  Only good things to come.

Until next time,