Game On

Hey there,

Quick!  Look up in the sky…it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a TREE RAT.  They’re baaack.  Up there, in the tree tops, laughing, waiting.  Game on.

“Ooooo, here she comes, she’s got the bird seed…yay! – I wonder if she?  Yeeessssss, there are sunflower seeds too – Ooooo” – much excitement.

There is dancing in the upper branches.  Leaves are falling on me.  There is cursing at THEM.  But, yup, I continue to feed them.  Sure, I’m weird (and probably more than a little crazy) – we’ve covered that many times.  But you know, because I have mentioned it many times, this is one of the only things that gets me through Winter.  Not the tree rats!  For pities sake…the BIRDS!  Ugh  I have to endure the tree rats to get the birds, and so the cycle of the seasons continues.  I already told you I was “different”.  I prefer the term “special” 🙂  You can choose whether or not to read further.  It’s gonna be one of those today.  Game on.

Yes, they are back.  Not that they ever really left, but I didn’t see them much in the warmer months.  (I’m talking about the tree rats, or squirrels, for those who are nicer than me.  Stay with the programme here – you have to be quick.) Partially because I’m much too busy gardening – and unless they are messing with that, then I tend to ignore.  They do tend to like the bird baths, but I will accommodate that – yes, I can do that.

Kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers

Excuse me while I pick the leaves out of my hair.

But the birds are also back.  I so enjoy them.  The meadow is brown, the garden is brown, the leaves are brown, the trees are brown, but the birds, the birds are colourful.  Flashes of red Cardinals and blue Blue Jays. The black, white and red of the Woodpeckers.  The little Chickadees – always so cheerful, and the Juncos, to name but a few.  My saving grace.  Happy dance.

I was having a conversation with an acquaintance from California (JEALOUS) and this person couldn’t understand the fact that, yes, I am Canadian, and no, I don’t do Winter well.  “What do you mean, you don’t ski?”  Um, no – broken limbs are not my thing.  The thought of strapping slats to my feet and hurling myself off a a mountain in the freezing cold do not appeal to me.  You?

But I digress,

So I’ve got my new glasses, very spiffy, I must say, and they’re great for reading my phone – which I do far too often, but they’re CRAP for working on the computer.  Sigh.  Still winking here… This means contacting the stupid eye doctor again.

So much fun, I just can’t stand it!  Game on.

Great day for writing Debra, you’re in a real mood.  Bit of a spit fire today and all over the place.  Ah, yes, the Sun moved into Sagittarius.  Of course.  First, I’m going to do this, but wait, I need to do this, and then I’m going to do that, but back to this for a moment, and oh yah, wasn’t this thing going to happen?  Are you getting the Sagittarius thing?  Fun, but sometimes not focused.  You know who you are.  Game on.

The Moon?  She is moving from earthy, Capricorn – following the rules, dotting i’s and crossing t’s into the wind of Aquarius, an air sign, this evening.  Breaking those rules.

Dust in the Wind

Here you go:

I close my eyes, only for a moment
And the moment’s gone
All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind
All they are is dust in the wind
Same old song, just a drop of water
In an endless sea
All we do crumbles to the ground
Though we refuse to see
Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind
Oh, ho, ho (musical interlude)
Now, don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy
Dust in the wind
All we are is dust in the wind [x2]
Dust in the wind
Everything is dust in the wind [x2]
The wind
You’re welcome.

One of my favourite songs by Kansas.  Remember that one, women of a certain age?  Late 70’s.  I know you’re singing.  Oh, yes, I can see those smiles.  What were you doing back then when that song was playing?  Hmmm? Never mind, this is a family show.  Oops, not giving away any secrets here.  Moving on.

Oh boy, we’re not going back to Scorpio and Swimming with Joe – I’m exhausted! 🙂  Enough with the swimming.  FOCUS!  Sigh – Sagittarius.  Game on.

Thinking about how the Sun is in Sagittarius and Ophiuchus end of next week, Ophiuchus?  Read – towards the bottom.  I’ll wait.  Got it? Ok.  It suddenly dawns on me how the whole Christmas, making things merry and bright, rush happens DURING the Sagittarius Sun…ooohhhh, ok, now I get it…Dashing around, so many things to do – first, I’m going to do this, but wait, I need to do this, and then I’m going to do that, but back to this for a moment, and oh yah, wasn’t this thing going to happen? Then with the parties…Sagittarius is all about parties and fun.  Sagittarius is a fire sign.  Right?  Are you getting that?

So Sagittarius!

A better understanding.  That’s the build-up.  Then, the actual big day, December 25th, which happens to fall in Capricorn.  All about tradition and expectations and the order of doing things…we must have a turkey dinner, and there must be a tree with presents for EVERYBODY underneath with the stockings hung.  Then, of course there’s the dinner, where you have to invite certain people, obligations, and then the let-down, because, of course, your expectations of order were so very high.  Hello women.  Hello Capricorn.  Game on.

Yupper, it all makes perfect sense now…

Settle down Debra and pour yourself some more tea.  What’s in my cup?  Not wine. (Not this time)  Pine needles and rose hips, first.  Vitamin C.  Then a cup of Yarrow flowers and Elderberry flowers with Mint, because, of course, I have the annual November cold (and there’s the plant reference, just in case you were wondering about today’s rant).

Every. Single. Year.

It’s nice that it comes and goes before the full throttle of all things Christmas, but it’s still a pain because it’s a week of sort of down time, when I still have lots to do.  I know, I know, take a page from my own book of advice.  My body is telling me that I need some rest.  What with the crap show that has been ongoing for me.

But we’re not going back there today.  Nope.  Not doing it.

We are revelling in a day at home, getting things caught up on the computer and sharing this all-over-the-place day with you, dear readers.  Even though the stuffy nose and tickley cough are a real nuisance.  Coming to you liiivvve from my fuzzy head.  Not lookin’ too pretty here, so glad this is only in print. 🙂  I’ll leave the visual to your imagination.  Suffice it to say, it involves tissues, tea and woollen things.  Probably still leaves in my hair.  Yup.  Game on.

Today’s colour is crimson.  Like my nose.  Ew.

What’s with the “Game on”?  Well, it’s American Thanksgiving today!  Have a happy one my dear American readers – yes, there are American readers.  Remember, I keep track.  If you’re the Mom, making the meal, I hope you get to enjoy too.  Please, have some wine – you’ve earned it.  If you’re not the Mom making the meal, get off the couch and help!  Speaking as the Mom who always makes the meal here…

On that note, I’ll leave you for today.  Time for some more tea for me.  Next rant, my cold will be done and the visual should be better for you. 🙂

Until next time,


Lemon Balm floaters

Hey there,

I’ve got my Lemon Balm floater beside me here.  More on that later.  Ready to go?  What should we talk about?

Here we are a third of the way through July.  High Summer and gardens are peaking.  We’ve had lots of rain, so the wild greenies are pretty happy too.  Lawns and trees are lush.  Considering myself fortunate where I am here in Southern Ontario, as others on our west coast are experiencing terrible heat and fires.

My veggie gardens are going full tilt and I’ve been eating salads, waiting for the peas to ripen and the radish, lettuce, spinach and swiss chard have been reseeded.  I’ve cut the garlic scapes and they are waiting in the freezer for the basil to be ready and then I’ll make some pesto.  Once the garlic bulbs have been harvested in another couple of weeks, I’ll use that empty space to plant some cold weather veggies – broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts – those plants I can harvest up until the heavier frosts.  All the reading and scheming that I did over last Winter is paying off and I’m really happy with the bounty, so far.

Sometimes, being anal and uber organized is a good thing…just sayin’ 🙂

I’m out there harvesting the wild ones too.  Right now I’m drying yarrow (the wild one, not the garden variety).

An ancient plant used medicinally over the ages.  I use the dried flower heads and leaves in a tea to promote sweating and cool a fever.  Combined with Elderflowers, it is a very effective tea remedy for cold and flu season over Winter, or any time, for that matter.  I discussed Yarrow and Elderberry flowers here.  Don’t get too close – we don’t want to catch whatever that was again!

So I’ve already got my Elderberry flowers dried and in a jar in the pantry cupboard.  I like to keep some of my woo woo goodies in with all the dry goods and everything is in jars – just to freak everyone out. 🙂  I do label the jars…there are many jars…If there is ever anything I want to keep around without having it immediately consumed, I just have to put it in a jar without a label.  That usually does it.  Easy peasy…

Freaked out one:  “Um, what’s this?”
Me:  “Yarrow”
Freaked out one:  Silence

There used to be more questions, now it just gets put back in the cupboard.  It’s not like there are shrunken heads in there or anything…

Carry on.

Same as when I make a tea.  A cup of tea for me usually contains some kind of “floater”.  Even if I’m having black tea, something else gets poked into my cup.  No more questions asked, other than, when making tea, maybe “Do you want to put stuff in this?”  It’s easy for me to figure out which cup is mine…it’s the one with the green stuff floating in it. 🙂

My favourite greenie “floater” in a cup of black tea – or sometimes, all on its own?  Lemon Balm.  Actually, Lemon Balm is my favourite herb, period.  Melissa is from the mint family and has a lemony smell and flavour (duh).  Melissa is the Greek word for bee – so, you guessed it, bees like this plant.  That’s a good thing.  She is a mild sedative, so, very calming. Nice to drink before bed…unless drinking tea before bed makes you get up in the night – your call (pun intended).

Lemon Balm is for longevity.  Enough said.  She carries antioxidants in her oils and any plant that contains lemon is anti-viral.  She gets popped into my cold/flu tea as well.  Because she is from the mint family, you only have to plant once.  She is a very friendly and generous greenie and loves to spread her goodness.   I use a Lemon Balm Infusion in my face toner; it’s calming for your skin.  I also make a Lemon Balm vinegar for salads.

She is used holistically for depression.  I use her because I like the scent and the taste – and my skin likes her too.  I enjoy Lemon Balm from April, when I wait impatiently for those first little leaves to appear out of the Earth, to somewhere in September.  The leaves tend to wane as the Summer progresses, but still useable.  She doesn’t dry that well because you lose the volatile oil in her leaves.  This year I’m going to try to freeze the leaves.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  You can, of course, combine Lemon Balm with any number of other herbs in your tea.  Experiment!  Yum.  She originated from Europe many years ago, but has escaped many a garden (I did tell you that she was from the mint family, right?).  If you don’t let the plant produce seeds, you have a little control.  Many nurseries sell this plant with the herbs.  I always like an excuse to visit Richter’s Herbs (it doesn’t take much).

I’ve got lots of Monarch Butterflies dancing through the meadow and the Milkweed is just starting to bloom. Lots of Dragonflies and other Butterflies this year too.  The Swallowtails loved the Lilacs.  Magic.

The young birds are leaving the many nests I have around me.  I like to sit on the porch with my binoculars and watch a young Robin hop around under the trees.  This year I’m watching a mother Savanna Sparrow and her young one.  They will sit on a fence post together and Mom will pop down into the meadow or the garden and bring back a snack to feed her charge.  They land in the nyger seed feeder together and she was teaching the little one how to groom and take a bath in the bird bath.  I could watch them for hours. 🙂 Nature is so wondrous.

Speaking of wondrous, I have my garden club meeting tonight.  Yay!  The speaker is going to be speaking about mushrooms.  Double yay!  There is also a flower, vegetable and design show tonight and I’m thinking of entering some stuff.  One of the categories in the design show is “Past Present and Future – your interpretation”.  That sounds neat to me.  I have a number of old fashioned herbs here, some of which many wouldn’t have heard of…hmmmm…I like to keep ’em guessing. 🙂

Just past last night’s Full Moon, the Blessing Moon in Capricorn, tonight the Moon sits in Aquarius in her third quarter.  Ooo perfect for the past, present and future category and leaning more on the future and all things new. Breaking the rules. I will have to repress my smarty pants side from the judges…there is an imp trying to get out, under this Moon.

Today’s colour is ivory.  Off white.  Off colour?

Back to my favourite greenie, Lemon Balm’s astral projection is Success and she is ruled by the Sun.  I’ll take both of those with my tea, thank you.  Enjoy our fleeting Summer.  I’m going to go out and pick some greenies for my display entry. Maybe I’ll tuck a stem of Lemon Balm in there and see how that goes!

Until next time,


A week of Pluto


Hey there,

How about a little woo woo?  First off, I must say that I’m glad to be here.  A frustrating week with my website – at one point all my blog entries had disappeared!  Soooo not good.  I’m sure it had something to do with Pluto going direct in my chart.  That’s him above – the supposed non-planet, according to science guys. Seriously not buying that.  It’s been a week with lots of dreams and visions; some of them not pleasant – that would be Pluto, messing with my head.  The Lord of the Underworld.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

GRRRRR Lots of work here too and I do so enjoy my weekly chat with you!

Still crazy busy, but having lots of fun too. 🙂  This week I was bowling – yup, that’s what I said.  Doesn’t Pluto kind of look like a bowling ball?  Girls night and we had fun – something I don’t do very often (the bowling, not the girls night – that, I do often), but it will be a regular thing over the winter months this year, me thinks.  So much so, that I’ve ordered shoes! Yay! Just what I needed, another pair of shoes. 🙂  Uh huh. How special – there’s nothing like sliding your feet into those icky rentals at the bowling alley…ew.  Now I’m committed.  (Or perhaps should be).  FORE!  Wait, that’s a different sport…I also must add, it’s best not to bowl overhand – just sayin’.  I’m not much of a sports person (just in case you haven’t figured that out), but I do know who Wayne Gretzsky is, and he says:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Exactly, Wayne.  Carpe diem, people.

So, the last day of September (can you believe it?) and Fall is definitely happening here in Southern Ontario. The changing leaves are late this year because of the heat we experienced during Summer.  They are just starting to get lovely.  Sunny days and cool nights.  Perfect.  Tonight we are under the Black Moon.  What the heck is that, you ask?  A Black Moon is the second New Moon within a calendar month.  The first New Moon of the month was on September 1st – kind of cool that the second one is today, September 30th, the last day of the month.  Hmmm.  The New Moon is completely dark, at the end of her fourth quarter and 90 degrees past the full phase (the second quarter).  She doesn’t rise until midnight.  A time to draw back and recognize what has been accomplished over the past month, clear the board and start again.

Still lots of greenies hanging in there in the meadow.  Lots of yellows and golds and purple and white. Really beautiful with the back drop of red from the sumac and the reds, golds and oranges of the changing trees.

Some of that yellow and gold is coming from the milkweed that is dying back – we spoke about milkweed here.


The Staghorn Sumac that grows wild here makes a wonderful beverage.  The red cones that are covered in fuzzy berries; pick them when they’re red and infuse them in water.  Full of Vitamin C. These are the same berries that are dried and powdered for the spice.  Yum.  Make sure you know that you are picking the right sumac – there is a sumac that produces white berries that are poisonous.

If you don’t know, don’t pick it and certainly don’t consume it!


More of the gold comes from Golden Rod, the most popular variety here is, you guessed it, Canada Golden Rod.  Now, you’re not accusing our friend Golden Rod for your allergies, are you?  It’s not Golden Rod – the one that’s everywhere in the Fall – that’s not the culprit!  Really!  Golden Rod doesn’t spread her pollen willy, nilly, all by herself; it’s not floating in the air and that’s not what’s making you sneeze.  Isn’t she lovely?  No cursing – I promise, it isn’t her that’s making you miserable. Golden Rod is only pollenated by bees and insects. Bees are our friends.  Golden Rod is our friend.  I make a Golden Rod Vinegar to use on my salads in Winter.  A good way to get lots of minerals in your diet. You can also dry the flowers and the leaves to use them in a tea to help in cold and flu season.  The taste is quite pleasant.



So, if it’s not the lovely Golden Rod that making me sneeze, what is it? you may ask.

Well, it’s this guy, right here. Ragweed.  Even the name sounds a little evil. You can almost hear Jerry Seinfeld say it:  “HELLO Ragweed“. 🙂

Yup, this is the guy to blame your misery on.

“The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind” – Bob Dylan


Winnie is quite happily ensconced in her bed these chilly nights.  She is still feeling lonely without Tigger and is now my lap companion when I sit in the livingroom.  Something that was a rarity before (Winnie in my lap, not me sitting in the livingroom – although, I have been busy lately).  I haven’t yet caved and brought home a kitten…although I’ve been tempted. 🙂  Just to keep Winnie company, of course. (Sure…Crazy Cat Lady, coming to you live…)   We have started the wood stove at night again, just to take the chill off.  She is almost smiling.  Ralph is having to come in earlier at night as the darkness falls – not as tough to get him in when it’s cooler.  He likes his comforts too.  We are just a two kitty family at the moment.  We haven’t been a two kitty family since…ever.  It’s a bit weird – not in a bad way.

Coziness abounds under the blue roof as the season changes.  The colour red, blankets and yummy smells coming from the kitchen.  Jars everywhere…saving every morsel from the bounty.  Love it all.

As we say goodbye to September, under this Black Moon in Libra – that explains the craving for comfort and beauty – today’s colour is purple.  We won’t go on about purple again.  (Hello, Donny Osmond).  See how Pluto has purple – nicely tied in, don’t you think?  I’ll leave you to your weekend – enjoy.  Do get out and see the colour and I’ll see you in October.

Until next time,


The Garden Goddess


Garden Goddess

Hey there,

The Garden Goddess – a little piece of art I love that hangs on the wall in the back garden.  If I were a cartoon…

My name is Debra, and I am a plantaholic…sigh.

There seriously needs to be an intervention here.  Greenies are on sale and the garden centre is becoming my second home.  I have two new gardens this year at Blue Roof Living – the “tame” ones, and there is happy dancing over which new greenies to plant and which of my well-established friends to borrow from and replant into a new home.

Oh, the possibilities are frightening.  This is bliss for me.  Spending time amongst the plants.

First, I sit a distance from the new garden bed and just look at the big picture.  This could take a while – better get some tea (or wine). What plants would do well there?  Where is the light at what time of day? How much hot sun is there?  What do you see around the bed – the house, a fence, trees, birds, Mrs. Beasley?  What colour are they?

Then the scheming – what would I like to create there?  Different colours, different shapes, to blend or not to blend…Hmmm – it takes me a while.  I do this alone, of course.  I am the Garden Goddess here – way too much of a Bossy Pants to let anyone make a suggestion. 🙂  Not that there is any interest elsewhere anyways…a certain someone here would rather pave my meadow.  NOT ON MY WATCH.

“If you need someone else to make you happy,
You’ll both end up miserable”

Still not nearly enough rain here in Southern Ontario, so I’m watering.  Not something that I usually do, but when 10 year old gardens start to show signs of distress, water it is!

As we have now entered July, after a lovely long weekend – this is traditionally the driest part of the summer.  YIKES.

There are so many things to do outside – festivals, music and of course getting out on the water.  We all try to cram as much in as we can, don’t we?

Garlic scapes


After the “bear incident”, I am very aware when I go out to look at my garlic.  I have not watered my garlic garden, but have still been blessed with scapes, before the harvest.  I planted about three dozen cloves last autumn, and look what that gave me!  Yum.  They have been chopped up and stored in the freezer to add to stock, soups, stews and stir fry during the cold weather months.

Good and good for you!

The actual garlic bulbs will be ready to harvest around the end of this month.


Something else that’s good to harvest right now is red clover.  Not to be confused with white clover, that you find in your lawn, or sweet clover that grows tall and waves to you from the roadside.  Red clover is being used in studies as an anti-cancer tonic for its ability to repair DNA.  Yup.  Good for your memory, for your blood and also good for fertility.  Pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after, while lactating.  There is a reason why a farmer plants a field of red clover to feed livestock. Fertility and milk flow.  Uh huh.  You can also eat the flower in your salad – a member of the legume family and a better option than soy which contains estrogen. High in calcium and magnesium.



Isn’t this a lovely plant?

So beneficial and all yours for the picking, courtesy of Mother Nature.  My meadow grows lots of red clover.





So the animal for July is the woodpecker or flicker.  There are plenty of those here, all year.  I feed them suet in the winter, but bears like suet too…so they are on their own during the warm months.  Lots of insects for protein for them right now.  I get several species here – they are a very interesting bird.

Ready for some woo woo?

The woodpecker represents the power of rhythm and discrimination.  Makes sense.  Lots of myth and lore in the native culture.  The most notable characteristic would be the drumming. The drumming is connected to the heartbeat of the Earth.  Most woodpeckers (the males) have a little or a lot of red on their head.  This reflects a stimulation of the mental activities.  Their sharp beaks and long barbed tongues are used to extract insects out of wood cavities.  The sharp beak and barbed tongue can be likened to the art of discrimination. When the woodpecker shows up, drumming, maybe that’s a cue to drum some new changes or rhythms into your life.  Follow your own rhythms and see where that takes you!  That’s what I’ve learned from woodpecker.

July is governed by the Moon.  Today, we are in the first quarter, barely a sliver in the night sky, in Leo. Bold and expressive, like the woodpecker.  Making an entrance.  Look at me!  Pay attention to me!

The month is governed by the Moon, but Wednesday is governed by Mercury, the messenger.

Today’s colour is Topaz.

Well, that’s enough writing for me – time to go back to being The Garden Goddess.  I’m sure there’s room for just one more greenie somewhere….

Until next time,


Delightful, Dastardly Dandelion

dandelion field

Hey there,

Repeat after me:  “Dandelion is my friend”.  One more time, “Dandelion is my friend”.  Now, before you get all “she’s crazy, I hate dandelions”, hear me out.  Do not leave this page!  Yes, I am crazy – I’m crazy about Dandelions. 🙂  The bane of of the manicured lawn, the most cursed garden “weed”, the spawn of Satan, you say?

What are we going to do with them?  Here we go…

Every part of this plant is beneficial:  the roots, the stems, the leaves and the flowers.  Dandelion (Taraxacum) is your liver’s BFF.  Your liver is your body’s best ally.  Every drop of blood in your body gets filtered through your liver.  Your liver regenerates itself every six to eight weeks. EVERY. CELL.  Dandelion is also beneficial to your kidneys, your pancreas, your spleen – the middle organs in your body.  Starting to get a little more interested?  MmmmHmmmm


The flowers make Dandelion wine (you’ve probably heard that).  How could anything with the word “wine” in it be bad? 🙂  Now there are lots of recipes online to make Dandelion wine.  Me?  I would take some white wine of your choice, dump the contents into a sauce pan, add about two cups of Dandelion petals (if you add the whole flower, it might be too bitter, so pull the petals out of the green base – unless you like bitter).  You can add some citrus peel – orange and/or lemon is good, then simmer gently for about half an hour or so.  Let it cool, strain, squishing out all the goodness from the petals, and then re-bottle or keep it in clean mason jars.  Keep refrigerated.  Enjoy a small glass prior to your dinner.  Most excellent for your whole digestive system.  Call it your Spring tonic.

Wasn’t that easy?  You can also make a vinegar from our friend Dandelion.  Excellent as a salad dressing.

What else can I use it for? Well,

The juice from the stems will eliminate warts and fungus.  Apply directly (think summer feet).  As with any natural medicine, you have to be a little more patient than with the “instant” stuff made of (ew) synthetics you buy at the drug store.

The leaves, of course, you can put in your salad.  You can also cook them with butter and garlic.  Add them to stir fry and soup.  Mmmmm  The older they are, the more bitter they are.  But bitter is good.  Bitter gets your gut juices moving, breaking down nutrients, eliminating the bad stuff.  Make sure you use an oil as a dressing on your salad.  The oil “cooks” the plant cells, effectively opening up all the goodies stored in the cells.  If you start by adding a few leaves to your salad at first, you build your taste for them.  Baby steps.

The roots can be made into a tincture or you can use both the roots and the leaves in a tea.  The roots have different energy at different times of the year, but to get started – just dig them up and use them, whenever!



Dandelion or dent de lion (the tooth of the lion) has a bite!  See how the woo woo works?

Why, besides being my liver’s BFF would I go to the trouble (as if going outside and picking them is really any trouble…)?  Well,

Dandelion aids in water retention by extracting excess fluid from cells (read:  PMS, Menopause).  This would mean that it is also good for your heart and high blood pressure.  The plant contains iron, protein, copper, calcium, Vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, potassium and more.

Have you noticed how the bees buzz around Dandelion?  I say if the bees eat them, so should you!

Do I really need to keep cheering you on here?  Bossy Pants me, here…


The planetary association with Dandelion, a masculine herb, is Jupiter.  Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune.  Besides, it’s fun blowing the fluffy seeds off the stem after it flowers – spreading Dandelion love everywhere!  Everybody knows what a Dandelion is!

How can you say that a field full of Dandelions is not a beautiful thing?  See above.

A word of caution:  You should never pick and eat anything out of a lawn that has been treated with chemicals.  Be sure it is chemical-free for at least five years before eating anything growing there.  Here in Ontario, there is a law against spraying pesticides, however, you know there are some that will still use them.  Some of them are actually labelled “green”.  Um, OK.   The good news?  You don’t have to go very far to find an empty lot or field that is wild and wonderful and pesticide free. 🙂

“If you don’t know the history – you’re doomed to repeat it”

OK, climbing down from my soapbox now, but I hope you’re feeling the Dandelion love…

Goodness, was that a lot to take in or what?  Can you tell I’m back overlooking my meadow and not being city girl anymore?  Although I did enjoy my time in the city (Toronto) with my daughter, I do love my meadow.

Where is our Moon?  We are almost to full (tomorrow night) under a Scorpio Moon.  Intense, hypnotic, confident (see soapbox rant above).  The May full Moon is called the Flower Moon (hello, Dandelion).  We are also starting our first long weekend of the coming summer season and weather guy is promising glorious sunshine here in Southern Ontario. Yay.

Today’s colour?  Pink, as the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Gemini.

I will leave you to thoughts of Dandelion and all that he provides (lesson over).  Go outside, pick a leaf and eat it – your liver will thank you for it.

Until next time,