It’s Pluto’s Fault

Hey there,

Breaking news – Pluto has gone direct.  Have you had enough?  Keep reading my friend.

Breathing a sigh of relief as the cool Fall weather descends upon us.  I know, I know, many love the hot Sun and all things Summer – but I’m an Autumn gal.  For the past two weeks here in Southern Ontario we have experienced extreme heat for this time of year.  I was melllltinggggg.  No energy and cranky – I don’t sleep well.  I can’t stand it when my moisturizer slides off my skin.  And my hair…well, don’t get me started.

Would you like some cheese with that whine?  Enough said.

Okey doke – here comes some woo woo.  Anyone new here?  First, read up on woo woo at the link, then, come on back and…buckle up!

We’ve got Pluto going full speed ahead, direct, today after six months of him being in retrograde.


Pluto – and I dare the science nerds to say that Pluto is not a planet here – is God of the Underworld.

Scary?  You bet.

It represents not only death, but rebirth, meaning that when the world is under his influence, experiences die and are re-born again, over and over.  Could be bad stuff, could be good stuff.  It’s a rollercoaster.

Pluto takes a very long time to travel around the Sun – like almost 250 years.  Uh huh.  Remember when you took the Solar System in Science when you were in school?  Remember making the paper mache and the styrofoam planets that you had to drag to school for your project.  I know, if you’re of “a certain age”, you definitely know what I’m talking about here. 🙂  This was before the science nerds decided that Pluto wasn’t a “real” planet.  Seriously?  After hauling all that through the rain to school?  Anyhoo, Pluto was the wee little planet that was last, the farthest from the Sun.  Ok, even if you’re not into Astrology or Astronomy, you know that.

So back to Pluto taking almost 250 years to make his sorry self completely once around the Sun – this means that he remains in each sign of the Zodiac for many years at a time.  Make sense?

Think of it this way:  The Earth takes one year to travel around the Sun.  Right?  One year has 12 months and each month, approximately, represents one of the 12 Zodiac signs.  That’s where the Zodiac Sun signs come from.  They are the Constellations, or the Pathway of Animals, that stay on the elliptical that the planets travel around the Sun on.  So when a planet is “in” a sign?  That means that the planet (or Moon) is traveling in front of that particular Constellation.  Ah ha moment.  That’s a very simple description – without going all sky nerd, because I’m really all about the simple.

If you study the night sky, as I love to do, you get a feeling of how the Earth and planets travel.  For example, the Moon (which travels around the Earth, once per month) moves from East to West.  As she goes through her phases and inches across the sky each night in front of each Zodiac sign (approximately 2.5 days per month in each sign) it seems like the Zodiac signs are traveling across the sky at different times of the year. The Zodiac signs don’t move – we do!  It’s pretty cool.

Stay with me here.  Because Pluto takes so long to make a complete circuit, he sits in each sign for years.   Got it?

Now, each Zodiac sign represents different temperaments, emotions and energies.  Like when I say the Moon is in a certain sign, things feel or go a certain way.


Currently, Pluto is in Capricorn. Capricorn is the backbone of hard work and let’s get it done properly.  No nonsense, follow the rules.  Dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

He entered Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until around 2023.  Yup.  He doesn’t stay in each sign for the same amount of time.  It gets complicated with retrogrades and so forth and we won’t get into that.

Now, let’s think here…2008…does anyone remember what kind of a year that was for the financial world? Hmmmm?  The ups and the downs since then and the way the world has seemed to be on a course to who knows where? Death and re-birth.  Over and over.  Bingo.

Any good news?  Well, Capricorn is a grounded Earth sign.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Probably the best of the signs to handle Pluto.  So, that’s good.

How does Pluto affect people?  Well the death and re-birth – that can mean lots of things – feelings, emotions, being “stuck” in places, careers, relationships – can’t take it anymore stuff.  If you’ve been feeling that way especially in the past six months or so, Pluto was in retrograde, or seeming to go backwards…so not only was Pluto being Pluto, he was doing it backwards.  Yup. Changes, drumming up the past, bad memories – sh!t happens kind of stuff.  People changing directions, careers, places they live, doing things for themselves – living off the grid, homeschooling, not following the “rules” (Pluto) and maybe being judged for it by society (Capricorn).  Power struggles and control.  We won’t get into what’s going on with our good friends south of the border.

Pluto will take you down as low as you can go, snuff out that light at the end of the tunnel, and just when you think it can’t get worse – BAM! – re-birth.

Lightbulbs are going off – I can feel it.  And heads are nodding.

Now that Pluto is going forward again, things should get a little better – we’re still dealing with Pluto, but it could be taking back control of something that has gone astray in your life – and that could be the Capricorn influence of hard work.  The death and re-birth.  Or it could mean that something (or someone – yikes!) gets tossed, because you’ve just had enough.  There is struggle.  There has been struggle since 2008, hasn’t there?  We are over half-way through in Capricorn – the quiet builder.

Plants that correspond with Pluto?  Black Cohosh, Black Alder, Dragon’s Blood…are you getting it?  We could also think about bulbs that grow, die back and grow again.

Aren’t you glad you tuned in today?  Aren’t I the Good News Fairy?  I hope that I’ve maybe made you think about some influences that could answer questions.  Again with the head nodding.  I find it always helps to know why things might be happening.  You might not be able to stop it, but an understanding makes it easier.  That’s my thought.  Be Prepared.  Always the good Girl Guide that I am.

The Moon tonight is in Sagittarius – fun! She’s just entered the second quarter, so showing the half-Moon.

Today’s colour is turquoise.

Lots to ponder – I’ll leave you to it.

Until next time,


Summer, “worts” and all


Hey there,

So the longest day of the year has now come and gone, which means we’re almost half-way through. Summer Solstice and the turning of the year.  I had a blog post all ready, well almost ready, honest – but then this rain has been playing havoc with our Internet service up here in the boonies.  Add that to my busy schedule… My computer also needs a tune-up which did not help matters.  (Communication issues – hello Mercury).  So, today seems to be better- I’ve fired up ‘Ol Smokie here in the Meadowview and I’m just tweaking what I wrote on Wednesday.

Kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers

Cheating?  Perhaps, but ask me how pleased I was after spending three hours writing and then my Internet seizes up…not pretty.  Suffice it to say, the air was blue under the blue roof.  Kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers.


Summer officially begins, worts and all…it’s been a very wet, cool Spring here in Southern Ontario.  What’s with the “worts”?  Ew.  “Worts” is “herbs” in German; as in “Motherwort”, one of my favs.  Just me being a smarty pants. 🙂

Gardens are happy with the moisture, some plants are needing more Sun. There is later and sometimes extended bloom time. You win some, you lose some.

Me?  I’m fine with the temperature in the low 20 degree C range, but many are not so fine with it.

How do you define happy?  It’s not all about the weather, although some may think so.  I very recently lost an Aunt.  A very inspiring lady who lived her life to the fullest.  She was not a complainer, she was a doer and dedicated her life to “doing” for others.  Her profession was nurse, but she did far more than that with volunteering her time for so many charities and causes, especially after she fully retired from nursing – at least her full time job of nursing.

It gave me pause to really think about what life should be all about – and what makes me happy.  It made me think about my past, my childhood, growing up and my previous life in the corporate world.  As well as previous lives…but we won’t get into that woo woo here. 🙂 Her passing also made me think about the things that don’t make me happy.  I must say, this one gave me a couple of sleepless nights.  Pluto was at work again, conjuring up all manner of bad memories and bringing with him the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” that we all think about from time to time.  Especially when you’re comparing your life to one that has just ended.

The conclusion?  I am basically happier now, doing my own thing, than I have been in a long time.  Life constantly challenges me, but living here, under and around the blue roof, amongst nature and the plants, passing my knowledge on to those who care to learn and listen, my family, my kitties and I have a wonderful circle of friends.  Although I have a heavy burden of responsibility, being the parent to my parents, I am now in a position where I run my own show (and theirs) and I don’t have to answer to anyone.  It suits the “bossy pants” me very well.  Selfish? Perhaps, but I’ve earned it and I have in the past and continue to donate my time to others and the community.  Building some good karma there. 🙂

Thinking about my Aunt’s life again, I never realized the similarities between her and I.  Isn’t it always the way that you don’t truly learn about what a person has done until you hear their eulogy?  That’s a shame. Although she wasn’t a Virgo, as I am, I have always been a caregiver (Cancer Ascendent), like her – from a very early age, being the eldest of three children. Starting with my brother and sister and foster babies (who shared my room) in my childhood.  My Aunt was a nurse by profession and although I didn’t study in the medical profession, I have certainly studied extensively in the natural medicinal field and using food as medicine. It’s all about helping and healing. We are/were both involved with our communities in various ways and our paths did cross once as volunteers working with Special Olympics Canada.

She was just “Aunt Joan” to me.  I wish I had gotten to know that other person better.  Woulda, shoulda, coulda.  Hats off to a life well lived, Aunt Joan.

Phew!  That feels better, thanks for listening. 🙂

Too heavy?  Let’s lighten up a little then, shall we?

Did I mention there was another man in my life?  This one is of the four-legged furry variety. (Haha – gotcha)  There is a new kitty here.  His name is Niles and I will post his photo once I have one.  It’s been almost a year since my Tigger passed away.  Ralph brought Niles home with him one afternoon. Someone didn’t want Niles (how cruel some people can be).  I believe he was left on the road just like my Tigger was and Ralph dusted off the vacancy sign:

“Come with me!  I was homeless too, but now I’ve got a Mommy who feeds me when I want, always makes sure my water dish is full and my litter box is clean and gives cuddles and ear rubs.  Happy dance.  It’s cool in the Summer and warm in Winter with beds by the fire. There’s even an old girl named Winnie that you can poke once in a while to get a rise out of her, just for fun.”

Reading Ralph’s mind, that’s his schpeel.

Niles is not a barn cat nor feral and hasn’t been on his own for long.  He’s not older than around two; this is probably his second Spring.  A lovely disposition and very affectionate.  Small, refined; a handsome boy – solid charcoal grey with bright green eyes.  Remember the TV show Frasier?  Hence the name:  Niles! (Who didn’t love Niles?) Follows Ralph around like he’s Dad.  Niles made his debut at the Vet this week, and wasn’t very happy with that visit – checkups can be rather, um, “invasive”… he slunk off when I brought him back home and he showed up for dinner and hasn’t moved on since.  So, he’s decided to call the blue roof home. Ralph is delighted, Winnie, not so much (she hates boys).  You know what they say about cats – they own you, you don’t own them.  He has a very healthy appetite!  I did cover his ears when his neutering appointment for next week was discussed…stay tuned for more about Niles – he’s now part of the gang.

Back to the Solstice.  Did you do anything special to celebrate?  I had dinner with a group of women (as I did a different group on Solstice Eve, here under the blue roof – busy, social me!).  There was no naked dancing around the fire either night – but there was wine and there were giggles. 🙂

As the world turns, literally, on its axis, it orbits not in a circle, but in an elliptic around the Sun, with the Sun being closer at one end.  That’s right, Summer Solstice happens when the Earth reaches that end.  At Summer Solstice we are closest to the Sun and therefore we have the most light.  As the Earth turns around that end and starts its decent…yup, it starts to lose light and the days become shorter.  The good news is that we have a ways to wait – six months, in fact – until the Earth reaches the other end, where the Sun is furthest away and we have the least light, or the shortest day – Winter Solstice.  See how that works?

In the lore of woo woo, the Holly King and the Oak King (both trees – Holly being Winter (dark) and Oak being Summer (light) ) battle it out on the Solstice and the Holly King wins, representing the darkness slowly returning.

Let’s not think about that just yet – we’re just beginning the warm days of our Summer!

The Sun entered Cancer on the Solstice and the Moon entered Gemini before darkness fell.

The day’s colour for Solstice was topaz – a colour of the Earth, health and home.  Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet.  Messages being sent to you and how you communicate, or the messages you give.  I don’t think we’ve chatted about Mercury before…curious that the day of the week that is ruled by communication is not usually my writing day – and so it wasn’t meant to be that I actually published my writing and sent it out to you on Wednesday.  Hmmmm

Lately I’ve had deer visit the meadow.  What kind of message could that be sending me?  Hmmmm  More about that one later.

As we are are now into Friday and Friday is ruled by Venus and all things beautiful (TGIF?), our New Moon tonight moves into Cancer.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is about all things maternal, nurturing and home.  The New Moon, of course, is dark and the end of the fourth quarter.  Time for reflection on the previous month and to clear the board to get ready to start fresh under a new cycle and phase.

Today’s colour is purple.

Well, there you go now.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted – I’ve seen you checking!  Thanks for your patience.  I’ve given you a double reading whammy (we’ll call it that – certainly not that I happen to be long-winded today).  To my friend who is being married tomorrow:  You are a Cancerian being married under a Cancer Sun and a Cancer Moon, on the first day of the first quarter.  Another double whammy and an awesome fresh start for you my dear, although I know you didn’t plan it that way…sometimes things just happen because – just sayin’. Blessings, and I will see you there. 🙂

Until next time,


A week of Pluto


Hey there,

How about a little woo woo?  First off, I must say that I’m glad to be here.  A frustrating week with my website – at one point all my blog entries had disappeared!  Soooo not good.  I’m sure it had something to do with Pluto going direct in my chart.  That’s him above – the supposed non-planet, according to science guys. Seriously not buying that.  It’s been a week with lots of dreams and visions; some of them not pleasant – that would be Pluto, messing with my head.  The Lord of the Underworld.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

GRRRRR Lots of work here too and I do so enjoy my weekly chat with you!

Still crazy busy, but having lots of fun too. 🙂  This week I was bowling – yup, that’s what I said.  Doesn’t Pluto kind of look like a bowling ball?  Girls night and we had fun – something I don’t do very often (the bowling, not the girls night – that, I do often), but it will be a regular thing over the winter months this year, me thinks.  So much so, that I’ve ordered shoes! Yay! Just what I needed, another pair of shoes. 🙂  Uh huh. How special – there’s nothing like sliding your feet into those icky rentals at the bowling alley…ew.  Now I’m committed.  (Or perhaps should be).  FORE!  Wait, that’s a different sport…I also must add, it’s best not to bowl overhand – just sayin’.  I’m not much of a sports person (just in case you haven’t figured that out), but I do know who Wayne Gretzsky is, and he says:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Exactly, Wayne.  Carpe diem, people.

So, the last day of September (can you believe it?) and Fall is definitely happening here in Southern Ontario. The changing leaves are late this year because of the heat we experienced during Summer.  They are just starting to get lovely.  Sunny days and cool nights.  Perfect.  Tonight we are under the Black Moon.  What the heck is that, you ask?  A Black Moon is the second New Moon within a calendar month.  The first New Moon of the month was on September 1st – kind of cool that the second one is today, September 30th, the last day of the month.  Hmmm.  The New Moon is completely dark, at the end of her fourth quarter and 90 degrees past the full phase (the second quarter).  She doesn’t rise until midnight.  A time to draw back and recognize what has been accomplished over the past month, clear the board and start again.

Still lots of greenies hanging in there in the meadow.  Lots of yellows and golds and purple and white. Really beautiful with the back drop of red from the sumac and the reds, golds and oranges of the changing trees.

Some of that yellow and gold is coming from the milkweed that is dying back – we spoke about milkweed here.


The Staghorn Sumac that grows wild here makes a wonderful beverage.  The red cones that are covered in fuzzy berries; pick them when they’re red and infuse them in water.  Full of Vitamin C. These are the same berries that are dried and powdered for the spice.  Yum.  Make sure you know that you are picking the right sumac – there is a sumac that produces white berries that are poisonous.

If you don’t know, don’t pick it and certainly don’t consume it!


More of the gold comes from Golden Rod, the most popular variety here is, you guessed it, Canada Golden Rod.  Now, you’re not accusing our friend Golden Rod for your allergies, are you?  It’s not Golden Rod – the one that’s everywhere in the Fall – that’s not the culprit!  Really!  Golden Rod doesn’t spread her pollen willy, nilly, all by herself; it’s not floating in the air and that’s not what’s making you sneeze.  Isn’t she lovely?  No cursing – I promise, it isn’t her that’s making you miserable. Golden Rod is only pollenated by bees and insects. Bees are our friends.  Golden Rod is our friend.  I make a Golden Rod Vinegar to use on my salads in Winter.  A good way to get lots of minerals in your diet. You can also dry the flowers and the leaves to use them in a tea to help in cold and flu season.  The taste is quite pleasant.



So, if it’s not the lovely Golden Rod that making me sneeze, what is it? you may ask.

Well, it’s this guy, right here. Ragweed.  Even the name sounds a little evil. You can almost hear Jerry Seinfeld say it:  “HELLO Ragweed“. 🙂

Yup, this is the guy to blame your misery on.

“The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind” – Bob Dylan


Winnie is quite happily ensconced in her bed these chilly nights.  She is still feeling lonely without Tigger and is now my lap companion when I sit in the livingroom.  Something that was a rarity before (Winnie in my lap, not me sitting in the livingroom – although, I have been busy lately).  I haven’t yet caved and brought home a kitten…although I’ve been tempted. 🙂  Just to keep Winnie company, of course. (Sure…Crazy Cat Lady, coming to you live…)   We have started the wood stove at night again, just to take the chill off.  She is almost smiling.  Ralph is having to come in earlier at night as the darkness falls – not as tough to get him in when it’s cooler.  He likes his comforts too.  We are just a two kitty family at the moment.  We haven’t been a two kitty family since…ever.  It’s a bit weird – not in a bad way.

Coziness abounds under the blue roof as the season changes.  The colour red, blankets and yummy smells coming from the kitchen.  Jars everywhere…saving every morsel from the bounty.  Love it all.

As we say goodbye to September, under this Black Moon in Libra – that explains the craving for comfort and beauty – today’s colour is purple.  We won’t go on about purple again.  (Hello, Donny Osmond).  See how Pluto has purple – nicely tied in, don’t you think?  I’ll leave you to your weekend – enjoy.  Do get out and see the colour and I’ll see you in October.

Until next time,


50 Shades of Yay!


Hey there,

50 shades of yay?  50 shades of fabulous greenies popping out everywhere!  OK, not quite what you were thinking when you read 50 shades of … People!  This is a family show here (head shake). 🙂

How great was last weekend in Southern Ontario?  Aaahhhh – sunshine and fresh air and plants – and sore muscles after working them in the first serious gardening bout of the season.  So worth it though, it’s a good hurt – kind of goes with the 50 shades thing, but not really…

Those happy little pansies you see above are sitting in pots on my porch.  It’s SPRING – inhale.  Even Mrs. Beasley is smiling.  Bird feeders removed, she can take the summer off from guarding the tree rats and just enjoy the birds visiting the water that’s there instead.  No more squirrel poo for a couple of seasons. >:0  I have my own vantage point from the porch – that’s where my reading chair is in the summer.  It’s nice just to sit there and watch and listen and just be.  Stillness is a good thing.

Who’s back?

I saw a Great Blue Heron as I was driving by a pond, the Eastern Kingbirds are back in the meadow – they usually build their nests out under the raised deck by the barn.  I think I saw a Meadow Lark swoop by, but didn’t get a good look.  Haven’t heard them yet.  Haven’t heard the peepers yet, either.  There’s a small river that runs not far from us here and in the Spring, you can hear the peepers sing at night with all the windows open, under the blue roof.

What am I eating? (besides chocolate)




Yellow Dock.  Yum.  So tender when it first appears and as it matures, the leaves become leathery.  If you keep eating the small leaves, it has to keep producing new ones.  You might not recognize it in the Spring, but worth the hunt if you don’t remember where you saw it last year.  It’s more recognizable in the Fall.








yellow dock



This is the plant that has the thick, straight stem that stands about a foot tall with all the little seeds.  The colour in the late Fall is like rusted iron.

Guess what this plant is full of?  Yup, iron!  See how the woo woo works in the plant world? 








I’m getting ready to teach my Feed Your Face – Naturally! class tomorrow.  Want to see the set up?

IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0883

See what you’re missing? 🙂 50 shades of yay

Happy Earth Day, by the way.  I almost forgot.  Everyday is Earth Day for me!  Be careful with those candles.  I confess to being a bit of a pyro myself…it just wouldn’t be Christmas under the blue roof unless I set something on fire…[aside] it’s not a good idea to set candles near your Christmas cards.  Just sayin’.

“She knows when you’ve been creeping
She knows when you’re awake
She knows when you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake…”

I know you’ve been checking my Facebook page to see when my new blog is up!  Haha – caught you – you are reading!  I knew it. 🙂 50 shades of yay!

It must be the full Moon.  The Wind Moon.  We are in Scorpio – Ooooo, feminine and doesn’t mess around (no 50 shades of – you get it).  Scorpio is partly ruled by Mars (the god of war) and partly ruled by Pluto (the lord of the Underworld). (And yes, I’m sorry, but Pluto still counts.  Stupid science.)  All dressed up in her little black dress, lookin’ good.  Intense and emotional.  Could be joy, could be jealously, could be 50 shades of…OK, that’s enough. Emotional to the point of obsession?  Maybe.  A good night to play detective (not saying it).

Today’s colour?  Coral; strength, vitality, vigilance and willpower.  Beauty from within.

Looks like I’m just sneaking in here under the Wind Moon.  A late post tonight.  I’ll leave you to your own 50 shades of yay – only you can define that.

Until next time,