Lots of Lemons with no Lemonade

Hey there,

Where have I been?  What’s this about lemons?  Lemons have such a sunny colour, yet the symbolism doesn’t match.  Life has not been kind of late.  How much detail to go into without bringing down the party here…and how much time do you have?  Buckle up!

With the busy-ness of all things early fall, and fall being my favourite season, I was remiss in parking myself down in front of my computer to write.  When given the choice between being inside and being outside on a glorious day, whenever possible, outside will always win, hands down!  We have had an unusually warm September/October season here in Southern Ontario.  Gardening has been fab, so that is what I did.  Good thing I did take advantage of that bliss… just sayin’.  My sky chart for the year did warn me that October was going to be “lively” and oh boy – never dismiss the woo woo. A mantra of mine.

Although, I must say, that I have missed sitting down to write.  Writing has become a form of therapy for me.  I’ve been told that I write like I speak…not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…If you are reading this and you are a “regular”, thank you for your patience.  If you are new here, well, have a look back through my posts and you’ll see that I usually am a little more consistent – and yes, I’m weird. 🙂  I’ve always been a writer; the most easy communication for me.  Not so much for pleasure though.  I wrote as part of my job those many, many years in the corporate world.  But that was “corporatese”.  New word!  Not for fun, but I did it well.

Ok then, where to start?

Warning:  Tales of woe and litany ahead.

Here we go, lemons:

Early in October, my new little stray, Niles, went missing and was subsequently found a few days later.  We have lost Niles.  So sad.  He only lived here for about three months and I was getting quite attached.  He was a wild, fun little guy and there was no keeping him indoors.  Not sure where he came from – he just “appeared” one day with Ralph.  I’ve discussed that before.  I know many of you are going to think that cats should be kept indoors.  I am of the belief that when you live in the country, as I do, it is cruel to keep a cat in if they want to be out.  Nature is nature.  We can’t control everything.  Although I do make sure my kitties are in at night – many a time I’ve stayed up, waiting, waiting for the little so and so to show their face.  Did you ever read my post about Ralph?  No?  Probably one of my better ones, or so I’ve been told!  Go ahead and have a read, I’ll wait.

So, that was Niles – a cool name for a cool guy.  A pity we didn’t get the chance to know him better.

Next, more lemons:

Winnie got very sick and within a couple of days, she passed.  Winnie was my pretty, attitude-filled, mean-girl kitty.  But she was so sweet – and a healthy girl all her life.  So when she got sick, she knew her time was coming.  While she was still strong enough, I watched her outside, visiting the places she loved, saying her good byes and telling me, there wasn’t long.  She was 19 and this had been her only home.  So, a good life and I stayed by her side while she ailed.

Winnie gave me so much.  I do miss her terribly.  The spot where her bed was by the fire is empty, but she is with me in spirit.  She now lives in the Cedars and the wind.

I am down to only one cat.  Ralph.  This is unheard of under the blue roof.  I have never only had one cat, and Ralph is quite lonely.  He has become my constant companion.  I am thinking about bringing home a rescue kitty, but one would have to be chosen carefully for Ralph.  He is Alpha, he is about 13 – although still lots of pep in his step (you know my kitties tend to have very long lives!) – and he likes to stir things up.  He’s got a mischievous streak and a glint in his eyes.  Ralph was a stray and he’s lived here about 10 years.  He loves to be outside, but it’s getting easier to get him in, as he likes his creature comforts now as the weather cools and he’s no kitten anymore…

Perhaps a kitten – I haven’t had a really young kitten here under the blue roof since Winnie was a kitten!  They are such fun – I’m such a sucker for kittens…one (or two) would certainly give Ralph a run.

Oh boy,

My gut is telling me to wait.  Even though Ralph is lonely.  I think I’m going to see what the Winter brings – or who the Winter brings.  Maybe see who finds me.  That’s usually the way things roll around here.

So I lost Niles, then Winnie.  On to the human issues that have been my October.

More lemons:

Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanksgiving was very early here in Canada – leaving lots of room in October for the proverbial poo to hit the fan.

Aren’t you glad you stopped in?

I, of course, am cooking Thanksgiving dinner, as I do the family gathering for every occasion.  Not that I’m bitter about that – kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers – although bitter goes with the topic of lemons, we won’t go there today.  That, dear readers, could be a topic all on its own.


I’ve just lost my Winnie, and seriously not feeling the fam dinner thing, but circumstances being what they are…UGH…I’m cooking a turkey.  Dinner happens, minus one.

I will not go into a lot of detail here, because it involves another family member (who isn’t a reader, so really, all bets could be off).  You know, I don’t think any of my family are readers, save my lovely Daughter.  And she won’t tell…RIGHT?!


This family member is rushed to hospital the next day for emergency surgery.  No details.  Suffice it to say, it is very serious.

Now, as if the lemons aren’t bad enough in this scenario, this family member that is in hospital lives with, and is also the sole caregiver to a 95 year old Aunt (it’s not just the cats that have long lives in this family…).  She still lives in her house. Not anywhere near the blue roof, of course.  No, this is all taking place in the City.

They call me mellow, yellow…

So, we’ve got the family member in ICU, in the City – the City being west Toronto – and we’ve got the 95 year old Aunt, not able to be on her own.


The following week is spent back and forth every day to the City – hospital and Aunt’s house, scrambling with doctors and medical people in one place and trying to put in place temporary arrangements for the Aunt, who is still very sharp in her mind, but physically, not great – and she is fighting everything suggested…


Exhausted much?  Geez, I know I’m a double Virgo – Leo cusp Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon – and a life-long caregiver in some form or another – it’s what I do – but I’m getting @%&#! tired.


Family member is still in hospital.  Aunt currently in temporary respite, but not wanting to stay.  Trying to figure out a solution, if there is one. Back and forth, back and forth.


You know, I think, that my parents are both in caregiving facilities and I run after their every need.  Manage every aspect of their lives.  I am in year 5 of all things them.  Yes, I said 5.  Still get the question, “So, do you work?” Ummm

The current crisis peeps are on “the other side” of the fam.  Much stress.


Easy to say:  Not my circus, not my monkeys…but, nope, I’m in.

I’m thinking that I must have had one helluva good time in my last life – or at least one of my past lives.  I’m thinking I’ve been around a few times.  Excuse me while I close my eyes for a moment and try to conjure that up.

Those lemons?  I’m going to need some vodka to go with that lemonade, if they ever turn to that.

Hmmm, not much mention about plants this time around.  Well, lemons grow on trees, right?  I actually consume a lot of lemon – not metaphorically speaking this time.  Lemons are awesome for balancing your ph levels.  I’ve always got some in my glass of water.  A good natural cleaner and deodorizer too – and they smell divine!

There’s a little positive for ya.  You’re welcome – thanks for stopping in!

So there you have it, you’re up-to-date on my tale of woe and litany (please).

If it looks like I’m winking at you, I’m not…I need glasses to work on the computer now and haven’t gotten around to getting them yet, because, well, SEE ABOVE.

October is almost at it’s end.  Samhain (Hallowe’en) on Tuesday – and I haven’t dug out my pointy hat yet. 🙂  October’s flower is Calendula – my favourite – and showing her sunny self in part of my garden in the photo above.  We’ve had a frost, but she is still blooming and I can see her from The Meadowview.

As I write this afternoon, the Moon is in Aquarius but she moves into Pisces in her second quarter for this evening’s show.  A little Pisces would be good right now – intuitive and gentle.

Today’s colour for Sun-day is gold!

So, what’s new with you?

Phew! I’m going to see about making some lemonade.  It’s gotta be 5 o’clock somewhere…

Until next time,


September – Fresh Start

Hey there,

I know I’m not alone in thinking that really, September is the start of the new year.  Everything is new and beginning again.  I don’t like to rush the seasons…OK, now I’m fibbing…we all know how I feel about Winter – it’s OK for a little while, but then, enough already.

It’s not officially Fall yet, but it’s in the air.  Especially this year, after the “Summer that wasn’t” here in Southern Ontario.  I love the Fall and it’s normally such a short season, but September and October – FAB!

There are many activities art related in my area in September and October…all the things I love: shows, tours, classes.  The food is amazing with the fresh harvest.  I get the urge to make things with my hands. There’s a coziness to it all and yet, I still have my gardens…it’s still too early for “Jack” to take them from me.  Ahhhh  Mums and pumpkins and all the rich colour.  The sky is a deeper hue.  The fields are dotted with gold, purple, white, rust and warm shades of brown.  Darker at night a little bit earlier, but not too early yet.  Cooler for sleeping, blue jeans, maybe a light sweater or jacket, but most days, you can still wear sandals and Pearl still wears her pretty summer wheels. YAY!  What’s not to like?

Mercury has been in retrograde and I have not been at all inspired to write.  Mercury being the planet of communication – you see where that came from.  Mercury plays a big role in my birth chart.  Not an excuse, just a statement.  Besides, I’ve been spending every spare moment outside and not in front of my computer. There will be lots of time for that later.  I’m going with the flow.

Round two of seeds have been planted in the veggie gardens.  Peas, radish, spinach and lettuce, hoping for a second crop in the cooler weather.  Swiss Chard is still going strong.  I’m harvesting tomatoes daily, made some dill pickles from my cucumbers (where I often find Niles peeking out from beneath the vines…)

← Meet His Royal Cheekiness, Niles!  Looks like he’s wet (again) from being out in the rain (or in the garden).

There are squash on the vine, green beans are yummy as are the yellow zucchini. Carrots and beets processed and round two planted.  I’ve really enjoyed my veggie gardens this year and so glad that my plan from last Fall – the apple harvest bins – have worked out really well.  They seem to be just the right size for the amount I need.  Easy on my back and easy to plant and harvest – not large enough for me to go too crazy with amounts planted – but you’d be surprised at how much I can sneak in. 🙂 A saunter out to the barn in the morning with my scissors and my basket is the routine…what will I bring in today?  Happiness.  Soon, I’ll be harvesting and drying the culinary herbs. Oregano is already in the jar.  Hello homemade pizza!  Can you smell it?



Some of my harvest!

Oy, the drying frenzy hasn’t really started yet, but it’s coming.  As is the bringing in of the plants. Very soon. My big pot of Rosemary has not had a happy Summer.  Even sitting out on the deck on the South side, where it sits every Summer, it’s been too wet.  It was actually happier inside the dry house in the Winter. I’m hoping it perks up and am thinking about bringing it in now.  I’d hate to lose it, it’s a good sized plant and one that I use often in Winter for flavouring.  On my bucket list is visiting those countries where it actually grows as a shrub…one day.

Not a wild greenie here in Canada, but Rosemary is an awesome plant.  It tastes and smells divine and is the herb of remembrance.  Even Shakespeare said so!  One of those culinary, curative and cosmetic herbs that may be used year round.  Not only tucked into bridal bouquets and wreaths for centuries, but once used as a religious herb as well.  It has been burned as incense in ceremonies as protection against evil and at funerals. Sometimes mixed with Juniper to cleanse and purify the air.  I like to use it for adding flavour to roasting meat and potatoes.  I will also make an oil with it for use in cooking and/or the bath.  A very clean scent when mixed with Lavender.

The oil from the plant leaves is antibacterial and anti-fungal.  A good “breathing” herb to relieve headaches. Used in a tea, it makes a good mouthwash.  All good reasons to bring my potted plant in sooner, rather than later!

What else am I harvesting?  The Moon’s energy.  Tonight she is full in Pisces and the Sun is firmly planted in Virgo.  So an excellent time to dream big, as Pisces is ruled by Neptune and is the sign of dreams, whereas Virgo, a very grounded, Earth sign is the one to get things done and make those dreams a reality. A powerful combo.  Win-win!  The September Full Moon is the Harvest Moon, a little earlier this year.  Watch for the orange colouring.  I will be straining some bath oils this evening and using the preserved energy in the cold months ahead.

Today’s colour is white.  Appropriate in speaking about the Rosemary in bridal bouquets and wreaths above.

What will you dream of under this Harvest Moon?  Make it big and then make it happen.

Until next time,


O Sun, wherefore art thou?

Hey there,

O Sun, wherefore art thou?  That doesn’t sound so much like complaining, does it?  Fancy. 🙂

Took a wee break and now I’m back.  Did you miss me? 🙂

Two words:  New. Phone.

Two more words:  @#!&%!! Frustrating.

Enough said

Into August we go – my birth month.  Yep, another spin around the Sun for me…not yet, but soon; I’m on the cusp, first full day of Virgo.  Right now we bask in all things Leo – can you feel the Sun’s energy? (When we are blessed with it, this year!)  Leo is of course ruled by the Sun and the Sun represents the outer you, or your ego.  The colours? Gold, yellow, amber, orange – the colours of Sun-day. Warm, summery, fun.  Many of the greenies that flower in August are yellow.  Cool fact.

So how does your garden grow?  My veggies are kind of at the in between stage right now.  The early, cooler weather crops are not doing well in the heat, although I’m still harvesting lettuces and Swiss Chard, the radish and spinach have called it quits.  I’m going to re-seed end of August for another cool weather crop in the Fall.  Something went bums up with the peas.  The vines grew, developed the pods, but they never ripened, got soft and then the vines died…hmmm still looking into that one.  It couldn’t have been lack of rain!  They aren’t chewed, so I don’t think anything got into them.  Anyone have any ideas?  Maybe I should have harvested them when they were fully formed, but yellow?  They are called green peas for a reason. >: I’ve left them on the trellis to shade the lettuce, but it doesn’t look pretty…

The hot weather veggies:  cucumbers, beans, mellon, squashes and tomato are all coming along, but not nearly ready to harvest.  Lots of tomatoes on the vines, but very green.  I’m harvesting beans and will be harvesting beets and carrots soon.  We haven’t had a lot of hot Sun, although we did get some this week.  I did call this the year of experiment, garden-wise, so I’m waiting things out.  The early crops were good and I will be harvesting garlic when things dry up a bit, next week.

Endings are new beginnings.
Edit the story and continue the book.

I just got back from visiting in the City (Toronto) for a few days.  Down to see my daughter’s new abode and to visit Mr. G (my grandkitty) 🙂  Lots of walking and it was very hot.  Such a different world from the one here at Blue Roof Living.  I always love to visit – a few days is enough to experience the fast pace, the people, the food, do a little shopping, visit a gallery or two, get caught up.  I usually go for a spin through the financial district, my old stomping grounds from what seems like a lifetime ago, and then back I go to my kitties, the greenies, the birds, the fresh air, the dark night sky and the quiet:  home.  I usually take transit down – I’m not a big fan of driving in the City.  When I get back, there’s Pearl (my VW Bug rag top), patiently waiting for me and all is as it should be again.

Always fun to visit, but I’m not sure I could live there anymore.

Breeaaathe – and into a frenzy of spot watering my gardens as soon as I get my stuff in the door.  (Um, I might have bought a few new plants and tucked them in, here and there.)

It hasn’t been a great Summer to get out on the boat – our Civic Holiday long weekend is upon us; fingers crossed for some Sun and Wind.

Nothing too new critter-wise here (other than insects) – Niles is settling in.  Niles is the latest kitty to call the blue roof home. Ralph brought him home and he’s certainly paying for that…Niles is not far out of kittenhood and is in constant play mode.  (If he would stay still long enough, I’d take his picture and let you see him!)  Ralph is entering his golden years.  Playing is ok for a while, then, enough already, time to rest. Niles will push him one step too far…and then WHACK >ouch<…poor Niles – he’ll learn the hard way. Winnie, in her platinum years, just slugs him whenever she sees him, so he steers clear of Winnie – she doesn’t have the patience for a young whipper snipper like him.  Her mode is called “cranky”.

Winter should be interesting.  If Niles wants a bed by the fire, he’d better win over Winnie first…that’s her domain!

My stone wall?  Sigh  That’s not going nearly as quickly as I had anticipated.  It’s either raining or I can’t stand to be down by the trees for the mosquitoes – they are so fierce this year.  Even with my bug stuff on, I get badly bitten. So not happy about that.  There will be a push in the Fall to get some more work done on it.

One nice thing about the plentiful insects this year (I do try to find something good) is the butterflies!  Lots of them and they are so beautiful…I’ve been studying up on the different kinds and I’ve got most of the ones you find in Southern Ontario in my meadow. YAY!

Gee, that may call for a new book! 🙂 I’ve discovered Mourning Cloaks, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and Red Admirals.  Of course, I always have lots of Monarchs, because I have lots of Milkweed in the meadow.

Look at these beauties on the Sea Holly.  Mourning Cloak on left above and Red Admiral on right.

And lots of Bees, which is always a good thing. The Meadowsweet, left above, is alive with Bees – all different kinds.  Look at that big Bumble Bee in the Hosta flower above right.

So, the flower gardens and the insects have most certainly benefited from all the rain we’ve had this year.

What have I been harvesting?  St. John’s Wort, for one.  This herb has also been called Touch and Heal, among other things. Hypericum Perforatum looks like the photo above on the left.  The photo to the right of that shows my jar of the flowers and leaves packed in oil, harvested about two weeks ago.  The jar in the middle, below them shows another harvest, flowers and leaves in oil that have been sitting for almost one month.  Can you see the colour of the oil?  Red!  Historically, the pigment from the crushed flowers was believed to signify the blood of St. John, who was beheaded.  Also the herb is usually flowering around June 24th, which is St. John’s Day.  You know me, I’m more about the woo woo, but interesting fact all the same!  I will leave the jars sitting in the Sun for two Moon cycles.  The Sun extracts the energy of the plant and harvesting by the Moon extracts her energy…it’s a twofer.

What would I use this red oil for?  I would use it topically for any kind of nerve pain.  Sciatica, Shingles, etc. It is also good for sun burn, but be careful with exposing your skin to the Sun while using it, as it can make you susceptible to burns. I’ll make a salve with the oil, incorporating it with beeswax – less messy to use that way.

Let’s turn to the night sky.  We get to experience some neat stuff this month in the sky.  The full Moon is this coming Monday, the 6th.  Mondays are ruled by the Moon.  We also experience a Lunar Eclipse on the afternoon of the Full Moon.  Two weeks later, on Monday the 21st, the New Moon, we experience a Solar Eclipse at almost the same time in the afternoon.  Very interesting.

Jupiter will be very close to the Moon in the week of the New Moon – especially mid week, in the West. Jupiter has been in the night sky since April and we’ll be losing sight of the King Planet before too much longer.  August is also an excellent time to see Saturn in the West to the left of Jupiter.  Because of the tilt of the planet right now, you can easily see Saturn’s rings with good binoculars or a telescope.  Venus still shines brightly in the East before dawn.  The Milky Way is still very easy to see overhead late evening.  A magic wash of light.

Hmmm, where are we tonight…the Moon is in Capricorn.  Very matter of fact, follow the rules kind of day.

Today’s colour is coral.

Well now, lots of goodies and photos this time around.  A little payback for being away. 🙂 For my Canadian readers, do enjoy your August long weekend, whatever you may be up to.  Our season is so fleeting, especially this year.  Enjoy safely.

Until next time,


Keep away from the veggies, my deer

Hey there,

Deer visiting again – more on that below.

Gee, it’s raining again.  A good day, while I’m at home to sit and do some writing.  My meadow is looking very green out there for this time of year and there are a few soggy birds flying by.  Niles has had his surgery, so I’m home keeping my eye on him.  He smells like the vet and that doesn’t make other kitties happy.

Lots of wildlife back there in the meadow this year so far.  Most notably, there have been deer.  Keeping an eye on them as they roam through.  Lots for them to munch on and they are most welcome to the greenies, but please keep away from my newly planted “forest” and my veggie gardens out by the barn.  So far, they have been cooperating.

Because I don’t get deer in the meadow often, and because I’ve had them visit on several occasions already this year, and because of my curious nature…what in the world of woo woo, does it mean when deer come into your life on a regular basis?

Glad you asked!

So, deer represent gentleness and innocence and the gentle luring into new adventure.  Oh boy.  This is an animal that is found on every continent, save Australia.  It is an important animal for hunting (Not that I’m pro hunting – I don’t get it when hunting is a sport.  I do get it when hunting is for food).  The deer has been represented in lore as hunting, as hunting is what brings civilization into the wilderness.  Interesting.  Did you know that both the male and female deer grow antlers?  Solid bone that grows behind the eyes until the age of five.  When the antlers fall off, it provides a form of calcium for other deer and animals to eat. Nothing tends to get wasted in nature.  The antlers represent a form of antennae that connect to higher forms of perception or that “gut” feeling and inner thoughts. Counting the points of the antlers may also bring further information in the form of numerology.  There’s already the five year thing there – five is my number and represents freedom in numerology.

It’s said that if deer enter your life, look for new perceptions and opportunities over the next five years. Cool.  The female deer, or doe, are very protective of their young in the first few days after birth and don’t allow any outside contact with anyone but the father.  Representing a strong maternal and family unit.  Their senses, because they are a hunted animal, are very acute – they are able to detect subtle shifts and changes in their environment. Perhaps deer are teaching that you may see and hear what may not be directly in front of you.  Yup. That makes sense to me, it’s been a Spring of family here under the blue roof.


Who else wandered out of my meadow?  Weird, but this guy did.

Yes, this is a snapping turtle and yes, he(?) did wander out of my meadow.  I was outside gardening, turned around and he was making his way across the lawn.  Moving quicker than I would expect.  We have neighbours about 10 acres away with a pond, so I’m guessing that’s where he came from, trespassing through the fields, making his way to the river that runs another 10 acres away, west of us here.  Poured some water on him as he looked pretty dry (it was actually a sunny day that day).  He seemed to like that and poked his head out.  I did try to coax him into a large container, thinking I would drive him down to the river, but he wasn’t having any of that. He crossed the road into the farmers field heading to the river. I hope he got there safely.  We don’t see many snapping turtles on our road anymore.  They are still there – some of them huge. When you come across one on the road, you just stop the car and wait for them to make their merry way across.  You don’t want to mess with these creatures. They look slow, but they are called “snapping” for a reason…

Want to talk about a greenie?


Do you have this little gem growing in your garden?  This is Herb Robert.  Looks like a geranium, right?  It is in that family.  Also called Cranesbill.  You might have heard of that one.  It likes the shade and can be found poking through ferns and Hostas and under the cedars.  It will also grow in the Sun, which turns the stems and leaves red.  Blooms late Spring right into the late Fall. The whole plant is medicinal. The flowers and leaves are edible or used in a tea, fresh or dried. It tastes like it smells, which is not great…faintly like parsley only stronger. It’s an anti-oxidant and contains several vitamins and minerals.  It’s an immunity booster and an astringent, so good for skin irritations and healing.  You can rub the fresh leaves on your skin as an insect repellent, but you may not like the smell, along with the mosquitoes.

Another one of those toughies that stick around, even though everyone thinks they are a nuisance.  They do spread by seed vastly.

So what’s so great about this greenie (besides the above…)?  Just the cancer-fighting properties it contains. It is an oxygen carrier and catalyst and stimulates electrical impulses in the cells.  It is also said to absorb radiation from the soil, break it down and disperse it.  Our bodies carry an electro-magnetic field at the cellular level – our “energy”.  One of the causes of cancer is a lack of oxygen to the cells.

Something as simple as a cup of tea to stimulate cells as a preventative measure to illness.  Not complicated – think about that one.

Something else to think about:

Have you heard of Nikola Tesla and his inventions?  No?  Oh boy, get comfortable, there’s lots to know here.  He’s the guy that invented the electrical coil; this is the coil that is found in radios and electronic equipment. Nikola Tesla basically invented the cell phone, amongst many other things back in the early 1900s.   His strong opponent was Thomas Edison. You’ve heard of him, right?  Thought so.  Everybody knows who Thomas Edison was, but poor Nikola Tesla, not so much.  Here’s a bit about him.  Absorb!

What does Herb Robert have to do with Nikola Tesla?  It’s all about the electro-magnetic field in our body and healing at the cellular level.  Hmmm, “cellular level”, “cellular phone” (Nikola Tesla).  The “Tesla” car is electronic, right?

Are you getting it now?

The health of our cells. PEMF or pulsed electro-magnetic field is a way of healing the body when there is an imbalance, or illness.  It is a therapy that heals at the cell level.  When the cells are unhealthy, so are we and this is how disease and pain start. Cells make up tissue and tissue makes up organs, bone, muscle, etc.  In other words, our bodies.  It can be used effectively to reduce and even eliminate pain and inflammation by pulsing our cells and energy fields with electronic energy.

Sounds very new and high tech, doesn’t it?  Not so much…do read up on Nikola Tesla.  Gaining knowledge, although it’s been around forever.  Some poo poo the whole idea, but then they were the same who poo pooed chiropractors and massage therapists too (and don’t get me started on the whole field of herbs and food as medicine).  It takes a while to open minds about the way to heal without synthetic medicines.   Used by some veterinarians as well.  Have a read.  It’s interesting stuff.  Of course combining that with the healing power of our food as medicine (real food)…now you’re talking health.  I don’t mean the band-aid approach where you fix the symptom.  This is about healing the root cause of the problem.

Herb Robert and all its radiation absorbing, breaking down and dispersing goodness got me thinking about PEMF therapy and how we can heal at the cellular level, which is the very basis of our being.  Truly amazing.  I’m going to give a shout out to Kim Sartor at Health Harmonies who made me aware of Nikola Tesla and PEMF.  What an eye opener.

Well now, the Moon is in Virgo in her first quarter tonight.  Virgo being my Sun and Moon sign (double trouble), it’s fitting that I’ve been going on (and on – sorry) about health and healing today.  Right up my alley. 🙂

Today’s colour is crimson, the colour of blood – which is how oxygen is carried through your body…see above.

I hope today’s rant hasn’t been too much and y’all come back now.  I find it all so fascinating and like to pass along the wealth. Here’s also hoping you’ve taken the spirit of the deer and Herb Robert, absorbed it all in and learned something new.

Until next time,


Summer, “worts” and all


Hey there,

So the longest day of the year has now come and gone, which means we’re almost half-way through. Summer Solstice and the turning of the year.  I had a blog post all ready, well almost ready, honest – but then this rain has been playing havoc with our Internet service up here in the boonies.  Add that to my busy schedule… My computer also needs a tune-up which did not help matters.  (Communication issues – hello Mercury).  So, today seems to be better- I’ve fired up ‘Ol Smokie here in the Meadowview and I’m just tweaking what I wrote on Wednesday.

Kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers

Cheating?  Perhaps, but ask me how pleased I was after spending three hours writing and then my Internet seizes up…not pretty.  Suffice it to say, the air was blue under the blue roof.  Kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers.


Summer officially begins, worts and all…it’s been a very wet, cool Spring here in Southern Ontario.  What’s with the “worts”?  Ew.  “Worts” is “herbs” in German; as in “Motherwort”, one of my favs.  Just me being a smarty pants. 🙂

Gardens are happy with the moisture, some plants are needing more Sun. There is later and sometimes extended bloom time. You win some, you lose some.

Me?  I’m fine with the temperature in the low 20 degree C range, but many are not so fine with it.

How do you define happy?  It’s not all about the weather, although some may think so.  I very recently lost an Aunt.  A very inspiring lady who lived her life to the fullest.  She was not a complainer, she was a doer and dedicated her life to “doing” for others.  Her profession was nurse, but she did far more than that with volunteering her time for so many charities and causes, especially after she fully retired from nursing – at least her full time job of nursing.

It gave me pause to really think about what life should be all about – and what makes me happy.  It made me think about my past, my childhood, growing up and my previous life in the corporate world.  As well as previous lives…but we won’t get into that woo woo here. 🙂 Her passing also made me think about the things that don’t make me happy.  I must say, this one gave me a couple of sleepless nights.  Pluto was at work again, conjuring up all manner of bad memories and bringing with him the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” that we all think about from time to time.  Especially when you’re comparing your life to one that has just ended.

The conclusion?  I am basically happier now, doing my own thing, than I have been in a long time.  Life constantly challenges me, but living here, under and around the blue roof, amongst nature and the plants, passing my knowledge on to those who care to learn and listen, my family, my kitties and I have a wonderful circle of friends.  Although I have a heavy burden of responsibility, being the parent to my parents, I am now in a position where I run my own show (and theirs) and I don’t have to answer to anyone.  It suits the “bossy pants” me very well.  Selfish? Perhaps, but I’ve earned it and I have in the past and continue to donate my time to others and the community.  Building some good karma there. 🙂

Thinking about my Aunt’s life again, I never realized the similarities between her and I.  Isn’t it always the way that you don’t truly learn about what a person has done until you hear their eulogy?  That’s a shame. Although she wasn’t a Virgo, as I am, I have always been a caregiver (Cancer Ascendent), like her – from a very early age, being the eldest of three children. Starting with my brother and sister and foster babies (who shared my room) in my childhood.  My Aunt was a nurse by profession and although I didn’t study in the medical profession, I have certainly studied extensively in the natural medicinal field and using food as medicine. It’s all about helping and healing. We are/were both involved with our communities in various ways and our paths did cross once as volunteers working with Special Olympics Canada.

She was just “Aunt Joan” to me.  I wish I had gotten to know that other person better.  Woulda, shoulda, coulda.  Hats off to a life well lived, Aunt Joan.

Phew!  That feels better, thanks for listening. 🙂

Too heavy?  Let’s lighten up a little then, shall we?

Did I mention there was another man in my life?  This one is of the four-legged furry variety. (Haha – gotcha)  There is a new kitty here.  His name is Niles and I will post his photo once I have one.  It’s been almost a year since my Tigger passed away.  Ralph brought Niles home with him one afternoon. Someone didn’t want Niles (how cruel some people can be).  I believe he was left on the road just like my Tigger was and Ralph dusted off the vacancy sign:

“Come with me!  I was homeless too, but now I’ve got a Mommy who feeds me when I want, always makes sure my water dish is full and my litter box is clean and gives cuddles and ear rubs.  Happy dance.  It’s cool in the Summer and warm in Winter with beds by the fire. There’s even an old girl named Winnie that you can poke once in a while to get a rise out of her, just for fun.”

Reading Ralph’s mind, that’s his schpeel.

Niles is not a barn cat nor feral and hasn’t been on his own for long.  He’s not older than around two; this is probably his second Spring.  A lovely disposition and very affectionate.  Small, refined; a handsome boy – solid charcoal grey with bright green eyes.  Remember the TV show Frasier?  Hence the name:  Niles! (Who didn’t love Niles?) Follows Ralph around like he’s Dad.  Niles made his debut at the Vet this week, and wasn’t very happy with that visit – checkups can be rather, um, “invasive”… he slunk off when I brought him back home and he showed up for dinner and hasn’t moved on since.  So, he’s decided to call the blue roof home. Ralph is delighted, Winnie, not so much (she hates boys).  You know what they say about cats – they own you, you don’t own them.  He has a very healthy appetite!  I did cover his ears when his neutering appointment for next week was discussed…stay tuned for more about Niles – he’s now part of the gang.

Back to the Solstice.  Did you do anything special to celebrate?  I had dinner with a group of women (as I did a different group on Solstice Eve, here under the blue roof – busy, social me!).  There was no naked dancing around the fire either night – but there was wine and there were giggles. 🙂

As the world turns, literally, on its axis, it orbits not in a circle, but in an elliptic around the Sun, with the Sun being closer at one end.  That’s right, Summer Solstice happens when the Earth reaches that end.  At Summer Solstice we are closest to the Sun and therefore we have the most light.  As the Earth turns around that end and starts its decent…yup, it starts to lose light and the days become shorter.  The good news is that we have a ways to wait – six months, in fact – until the Earth reaches the other end, where the Sun is furthest away and we have the least light, or the shortest day – Winter Solstice.  See how that works?

In the lore of woo woo, the Holly King and the Oak King (both trees – Holly being Winter (dark) and Oak being Summer (light) ) battle it out on the Solstice and the Holly King wins, representing the darkness slowly returning.

Let’s not think about that just yet – we’re just beginning the warm days of our Summer!

The Sun entered Cancer on the Solstice and the Moon entered Gemini before darkness fell.

The day’s colour for Solstice was topaz – a colour of the Earth, health and home.  Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet.  Messages being sent to you and how you communicate, or the messages you give.  I don’t think we’ve chatted about Mercury before…curious that the day of the week that is ruled by communication is not usually my writing day – and so it wasn’t meant to be that I actually published my writing and sent it out to you on Wednesday.  Hmmmm

Lately I’ve had deer visit the meadow.  What kind of message could that be sending me?  Hmmmm  More about that one later.

As we are are now into Friday and Friday is ruled by Venus and all things beautiful (TGIF?), our New Moon tonight moves into Cancer.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is about all things maternal, nurturing and home.  The New Moon, of course, is dark and the end of the fourth quarter.  Time for reflection on the previous month and to clear the board to get ready to start fresh under a new cycle and phase.

Today’s colour is purple.

Well, there you go now.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted – I’ve seen you checking!  Thanks for your patience.  I’ve given you a double reading whammy (we’ll call it that – certainly not that I happen to be long-winded today).  To my friend who is being married tomorrow:  You are a Cancerian being married under a Cancer Sun and a Cancer Moon, on the first day of the first quarter.  Another double whammy and an awesome fresh start for you my dear, although I know you didn’t plan it that way…sometimes things just happen because – just sayin’. Blessings, and I will see you there. 🙂

Until next time,