O Sun, wherefore art thou?

Hey there,

O Sun, wherefore art thou?  That doesn’t sound so much like complaining, does it?  Fancy. 🙂

Took a wee break and now I’m back.  Did you miss me? 🙂

Two words:  New. Phone.

Two more words:  @#!&%!! Frustrating.

Enough said

Into August we go – my birth month.  Yep, another spin around the Sun for me…not yet, but soon; I’m on the cusp, first full day of Virgo.  Right now we bask in all things Leo – can you feel the Sun’s energy? (When we are blessed with it, this year!)  Leo is of course ruled by the Sun and the Sun represents the outer you, or your ego.  The colours? Gold, yellow, amber, orange – the colours of Sun-day. Warm, summery, fun.  Many of the greenies that flower in August are yellow.  Cool fact.

So how does your garden grow?  My veggies are kind of at the in between stage right now.  The early, cooler weather crops are not doing well in the heat, although I’m still harvesting lettuces and Swiss Chard, the radish and spinach have called it quits.  I’m going to re-seed end of August for another cool weather crop in the Fall.  Something went bums up with the peas.  The vines grew, developed the pods, but they never ripened, got soft and then the vines died…hmmm still looking into that one.  It couldn’t have been lack of rain!  They aren’t chewed, so I don’t think anything got into them.  Anyone have any ideas?  Maybe I should have harvested them when they were fully formed, but yellow?  They are called green peas for a reason. >: I’ve left them on the trellis to shade the lettuce, but it doesn’t look pretty…

The hot weather veggies:  cucumbers, beans, mellon, squashes and tomato are all coming along, but not nearly ready to harvest.  Lots of tomatoes on the vines, but very green.  I’m harvesting beans and will be harvesting beets and carrots soon.  We haven’t had a lot of hot Sun, although we did get some this week.  I did call this the year of experiment, garden-wise, so I’m waiting things out.  The early crops were good and I will be harvesting garlic when things dry up a bit, next week.

Endings are new beginnings.
Edit the story and continue the book.

I just got back from visiting in the City (Toronto) for a few days.  Down to see my daughter’s new abode and to visit Mr. G (my grandkitty) 🙂  Lots of walking and it was very hot.  Such a different world from the one here at Blue Roof Living.  I always love to visit – a few days is enough to experience the fast pace, the people, the food, do a little shopping, visit a gallery or two, get caught up.  I usually go for a spin through the financial district, my old stomping grounds from what seems like a lifetime ago, and then back I go to my kitties, the greenies, the birds, the fresh air, the dark night sky and the quiet:  home.  I usually take transit down – I’m not a big fan of driving in the City.  When I get back, there’s Pearl (my VW Bug rag top), patiently waiting for me and all is as it should be again.

Always fun to visit, but I’m not sure I could live there anymore.

Breeaaathe – and into a frenzy of spot watering my gardens as soon as I get my stuff in the door.  (Um, I might have bought a few new plants and tucked them in, here and there.)

It hasn’t been a great Summer to get out on the boat – our Civic Holiday long weekend is upon us; fingers crossed for some Sun and Wind.

Nothing too new critter-wise here (other than insects) – Niles is settling in.  Niles is the latest kitty to call the blue roof home. Ralph brought him home and he’s certainly paying for that…Niles is not far out of kittenhood and is in constant play mode.  (If he would stay still long enough, I’d take his picture and let you see him!)  Ralph is entering his golden years.  Playing is ok for a while, then, enough already, time to rest. Niles will push him one step too far…and then WHACK >ouch<…poor Niles – he’ll learn the hard way. Winnie, in her platinum years, just slugs him whenever she sees him, so he steers clear of Winnie – she doesn’t have the patience for a young whipper snipper like him.  Her mode is called “cranky”.

Winter should be interesting.  If Niles wants a bed by the fire, he’d better win over Winnie first…that’s her domain!

My stone wall?  Sigh  That’s not going nearly as quickly as I had anticipated.  It’s either raining or I can’t stand to be down by the trees for the mosquitoes – they are so fierce this year.  Even with my bug stuff on, I get badly bitten. So not happy about that.  There will be a push in the Fall to get some more work done on it.

One nice thing about the plentiful insects this year (I do try to find something good) is the butterflies!  Lots of them and they are so beautiful…I’ve been studying up on the different kinds and I’ve got most of the ones you find in Southern Ontario in my meadow. YAY!

Gee, that may call for a new book! 🙂 I’ve discovered Mourning Cloaks, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and Red Admirals.  Of course, I always have lots of Monarchs, because I have lots of Milkweed in the meadow.

Look at these beauties on the Sea Holly.  Mourning Cloak on left above and Red Admiral on right.

And lots of Bees, which is always a good thing. The Meadowsweet, left above, is alive with Bees – all different kinds.  Look at that big Bumble Bee in the Hosta flower above right.

So, the flower gardens and the insects have most certainly benefited from all the rain we’ve had this year.

What have I been harvesting?  St. John’s Wort, for one.  This herb has also been called Touch and Heal, among other things. Hypericum Perforatum looks like the photo above on the left.  The photo to the right of that shows my jar of the flowers and leaves packed in oil, harvested about two weeks ago.  The jar in the middle, below them shows another harvest, flowers and leaves in oil that have been sitting for almost one month.  Can you see the colour of the oil?  Red!  Historically, the pigment from the crushed flowers was believed to signify the blood of St. John, who was beheaded.  Also the herb is usually flowering around June 24th, which is St. John’s Day.  You know me, I’m more about the woo woo, but interesting fact all the same!  I will leave the jars sitting in the Sun for two Moon cycles.  The Sun extracts the energy of the plant and harvesting by the Moon extracts her energy…it’s a twofer.

What would I use this red oil for?  I would use it topically for any kind of nerve pain.  Sciatica, Shingles, etc. It is also good for sun burn, but be careful with exposing your skin to the Sun while using it, as it can make you susceptible to burns. I’ll make a salve with the oil, incorporating it with beeswax – less messy to use that way.

Let’s turn to the night sky.  We get to experience some neat stuff this month in the sky.  The full Moon is this coming Monday, the 6th.  Mondays are ruled by the Moon.  We also experience a Lunar Eclipse on the afternoon of the Full Moon.  Two weeks later, on Monday the 21st, the New Moon, we experience a Solar Eclipse at almost the same time in the afternoon.  Very interesting.

Jupiter will be very close to the Moon in the week of the New Moon – especially mid week, in the West. Jupiter has been in the night sky since April and we’ll be losing sight of the King Planet before too much longer.  August is also an excellent time to see Saturn in the West to the left of Jupiter.  Because of the tilt of the planet right now, you can easily see Saturn’s rings with good binoculars or a telescope.  Venus still shines brightly in the East before dawn.  The Milky Way is still very easy to see overhead late evening.  A magic wash of light.

Hmmm, where are we tonight…the Moon is in Capricorn.  Very matter of fact, follow the rules kind of day.

Today’s colour is coral.

Well now, lots of goodies and photos this time around.  A little payback for being away. 🙂 For my Canadian readers, do enjoy your August long weekend, whatever you may be up to.  Our season is so fleeting, especially this year.  Enjoy safely.

Until next time,


Might as well bake


Hey there,

Might as well bake.  Too cold to garden.  Is it safe to call it?  Even though it’s officially Spring, we’ve had a rather cold start with – yup – snow.  While it’s almost entirely gone again and the temperature has risen a little today, I’m hesitant.  Still wearing socks.  Might as well bake.  See bread above.

Still too early to garden.  Still waiting.  No sign of my garlic yet and that mound of soil in the driveway from last Fall…you remember my quest…is still very frozen.  It better start thawing soon, as there are veggie seeds to plant starting next month!  Might as well bake.

See muffins and cookies below.  At least everyone else here is happy – someone(s) has definitely been sampling…can you say obsessive?

My local garden club has started to meet again.  Our first meeting of this year was actually on the night of our latest snow storm – somewhat disheartening – but the keeners were out.  What better way to give the ol’ nostril salute to the weather than by hunkering down inside and talking about plants!  Or there’s always baking… Chin up – the plant auction is coming in May!

Ok, enough already with the baking – except maybe pizza for supper tonight. 🙂  Aren’t I a little Suzy Homemaker these days!  The mood struck – don’t ask me about dusting though.

The Juncos are still hanging around out there.  Those are the Arctic birds that will leave some time in April to go back to the Arctic – hardy little things.

I’ve been crawling around outside looking for signs of life (in boots and earmuffs).  Some of the insects are starting, but there isn’t much poking up out of the soil just yet.  The Milkweed Beetles are starting to wander – I have lots of them because, well, I have lots of Milkweed in the meadow.  Both are beneficial for the birds and Milkweed is what the Monarch Butterfly feeds on.  I look forward to seeing the butterflies again.  And the Milkweed.  In fact, <ANYTHING GREEN>!!!!  (Sorry)

Sigh I hauled a couple of big pots out of the barn in which I planted some of the tulip bulbs – a little experiment, I haven’t tried doing that before.  Gave them a good watering and the temperature promptly plummeted to -15 C at night…brought the pots in for a couple of days.  Not sure how that’s going to affect them.  No sign of life yet.  Sigh

Oh well,

If you never make mistakes, you never make anything

Anybody else got any bulbs coming up yet?  I haven’t noticed any on my travels.  Not even early Crocus. Spending Sundays at Richter’s and pawing at the windows like a cat wanting out.  None of that seems to be hurrying things along at all…and so I bake…

The New Moon is coming up on Monday, maybe that will start things moving.  Have you noticed Jupiter in the East in the evening?  Jupiter rules March, along with Neptune.

There’s something nice to think about.  Let’s talk about Jupiter:

Jupiter is the King Planet; called that because Jupiter is considered the King of many Roman Gods and because it is more than 300 times the size of Earth.  The largest planet in our Solar System and surrounded by many Moons, Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun; Earth being the third, which means that Jupiter is a superior planet:  Earth orbits between the Sun and Jupiter, along with Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto (yes, Pluto – don’t get me started).  The two inferior planets are Mercury and Venus, as they orbit between the Sun and Earth.  Jupiter is also the fourth brightest object in the sky, after the Sun, the Moon and Venus.

The good news?  Jupiter will be looking down on us from the night sky for the next while, but on the night of April 7th, Earth will pass between Jupiter and the Sun and it will be the brightest for the year as it will be directly opposite the Sun.  You may even be able to see some of his Moons with binoculars.  Very cool. Fingers crossed for a clear evening that night.  Have a look!

Time for some woo woo.

So Jupiter is the planet of luck and good fortune.  That little bit of the gambler in us?  That’s Jupiter.  Jupiter calls on us to take a chance, to bet on ourselves and reach out to new opportunities.  Depending on where Jupiter might be in your birth chart – have you had your birth chart done? – it sometimes gives us that little boost needed to kickstart something.  Listen to that little voice inside you!  It doesn’t always mean something monetary.  It could be an energy thing or the self-confidence boost you may be looking for to try something new.

One of the herbs or greenies linked with Jupiter and prosperity?  Alfalfa.  Alfalfa loosely translated means the father of herbs.  A member of the pea family, it is highly nutritious containing lots of vitamins and minerals. There’s a good reason why farmers plant it between crop years to amend the soil.  Crops like corn deplete the soil.  Growing Alfalfa returns the nutrients.  Think about what eating it can do for you! Talk about prosperity!  You’ve heard of eating Alfalfa sprouts before, right?  The bees love those purple flowers.  Alfalfa will be our greenie for this week. 🙂

The mother of herbs?  In my book that would be Nettles.  We’ll talk about her next time!

Where are we tonight?  The Moon is in her fourth quarter in Aquarius.  Just say no to the rules.  Fogetaboutit – break out of your rut and try something new…Hmmm all that talk about Jupiter this time around.  Surprise yourself.  Take a chance.

Today’s colour is coral.  There’s a nice Spring colour.

I’m going to take myself out for some air.  Bulbs or no bulbs.  Step awaaaayyyy from the baking…

Until next time,


Are you there Jupiter? It’s me, Debra

Hey there,

That’s Jupiter above and I’m calling on Jupiter to bring me a better week next time – more below.

I’m here, I’m here!  It’s been a bit of a week.  Moved my Dad, yet again and have suffered the loss of a good friend (and reader).

It must be February.

February, for me, is just something to be endured – even though it’s chocolate month.  Maybe that’s what gets me through.  That and the birds, of course, and thinking of all the good things to come.  Feeling like I may just lose it if I see one more commercial for a sun destination…just sayin’.

My creative juices are flowing.  I’m feeling like crafting and making things with my hands.  I love all kinds of art, but right now fibre art is speaking to me – and colour!  I’ve signed up for a class this weekend to help take care of that.  Maybe I’ll post a photo – we’ll see how we do. 🙂

The colour craving?  Could be all the white (snow) and grey and brown we have been looking at for months now.  Not that those colours aren’t beautiful, but we haven’t had much Sun.  Mr. Cardinal drew my attention; he is gorgeous, brilliant red against the snow.  I heard him calling the other morning, the first bird song I’ve heard in the morning in a long while.  It’s not my attention he’s seeking –  it’s mating season for him. Time to pull out all the stops with his handsome plumage and beautiful song.  Piercing in the quiet morning, when the light finally appears.  “How you doin’?”  Maybe I have a new fellow, seeking the attention of the little Miss that joined me last year.  Lights, camera – action!  Oooo, maybe I’ll have some babies to look out for.  I know they nest in the cedars, but there is so much cedar here, I’m not sure where they live.

Speaking of plants…

Are your house plants starting to wake up?  I gave all my greenies a good hair cut a couple of weeks ago and a good watering.  They are starting to sprout.  YAY!  Even though we haven’t had much Sun, they are coming awake and looking towards the windows, as am I.

I participated in a garden webinar this week with Margaret Roach of AWayToGarden.  I’ve been following Margaret for years and have all of her books! (Kind of a creeper.)  It was lovely to step into her world and her awesome garden for a couple of hours.  All the beautiful colour – bliss!  Margaret gardens in the Hudson Valley in upper state New York and is in the same zone as I am here at Blue Roof Living.  She has a very interesting story and I love the way she writes.  Check out her site.  We share many of the same interests – and a thirst for knowledge about nature and plants in all forms.  It’s like comfort food for me. 🙂  I am feeling inspired to plant some new things.  She was speaking about the year round garden – I have that here, but I’m considering planting some new shrubs and I covet her pond…oh boy.

Where are we tonight?  Ah, of course, it’s the Full Moon – and in Leo, no less.  There’s the showy, creative colour craving above!  As the Moon rises full in the East, the bright star near it is Regulus, the heart of the Lion.  We are also having a slight lunar eclipse – where the Earth’s shadow passes in front of the Moon.  It’s a Prenumbral Eclipse though, so it won’t darken the Moon like maybe you’re expecting.  It’s a little complicated, and without getting all techie – ’cause I’m not really a techie kinda gal, but the shadow of Earth consists of two parts:  the umbra, which is the centre of the “cone” of light – the Earth is round, right? – and the prenumbra, which is the part of the shadow on the outside of the “cone”.  Tonight the shadow comes from the prenumbra part, which is a lighter part of the shadow.  So you might not even see any difference in the brightness of the Moon.

Right now, looking out my window, it is just dark and it is still snowing…the sky is very overcast and there is not much to see.  Sigh.

Today’s colour is purple – kind of royal for Leo and spacey for Jupiter.

The best time to see Jupiter is coming up too.  April this year, as the Earth is passing between the Sun and Jupiter around this time, so Jupiter is close to the Earth.  Jupiter is a much larger planet and is further away from the Sun, so it passes around the Sun in a slower motion and not as often.  Starting in April, Jupiter will be out in the night sky all night long.  Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune and going for it.  Will see how that all plays out…

So I’m wrapping it up here.  My chili supper on the stove is calling me.  Smells divine!  Looking forward to a better week ahead and we’ll talk soon.  Hope your week goes well too.

Until next time,



Pearl is ticked

Hey there,

I’m back and trying to feel inspired.  Pearl is ticked – more on that later.  Winter drags on here in Southern Ontario.  We’ve gone from freezing rain back to snow and today it’s cold out there.  The January thaw is over…

Since my last post, at least I can get outside!  We’re receiving some much needed sun today though and I see a brave small plane touring the clear blue sky.  Someone else looking for inspiration, perhaps.  Or maybe it’s just a creeper.

Looking out the window from the Meadowview, I ponder the changing seasons.  The absolute miracle of it. There sit my apple bin gardens, four of them lined up, tinges of red paint still clinging to their sides.  Very cheery. They look like a chain of red wagons or a train, chugging through the snow towards what?  Towards the growing season.  The first in line contains my garlic, deep in sleep under it’s blanket of white snow.  The snow in the meadow is clean and white, marked only by the many criss-crossing animal tracks.  Those brave survivors who travel under the Moon, looking for their next meal.

There has been a lone coyote out there at night.  I see the tracks; dog-like, not overly large, but deep and perfectly formed.  Lots of rabbit tracks, tree rats (of course), mice, birds and something else, I’m thinking it might be a possum.  It’s also cool to see the bird wing prints where someone has gracefully landed.  Lots of scratching for seed.

Speaking of which…What’s up with Pearl?  Oh dear – I made the colossal error of leaving a bag of bird seed overnight in poor Pearl.  Ugh  A mouse got into her, chewed through the bag and now I don’t know if I’m toting around that mouse or if he’s moved on.  Really, the last thing I want to find is a mouse scattering under foot while I’m out and about. Wouldn’t be the first time that it happened.  My previous VW Bug had a hatch back and I used to keep bird seed in the back, until the mice discovered it.  Lesson learned – or not. One overnight, because my hands were full taking things in from the car.  “I’ll get it tomorrow” – big mistake. Grrrr

Sorry Pearl.  Pearl, by the way, for anyone new here, is my WV Bug rag top.  I tend to name things – I’m weird that way.  Pearl and I have lots of fun in the warm weather months, top down (hers, not mine), tunes cranked, flying over the hills to wherever we need to be. 🙂  Pearl recently went in to have some work done; cosmetic (under warranty – YAY!), kind of like a boob job for cars.  She looks awesome, perky, like brand new even, though she’s 10 years old this year.  On top of the boob job, she was cleaned inside and out.  What a treat for both of us!  Now she’s got bird seed in the back seat.  Vacuuming is not easy when it’s -20 degrees C.  Sigh – sorry Pearl.  She always wears a smile.  But right now, she’s huddled under snow and that smile is forced.  Pearl is a Summer girl.

Bad decisions make the best stories

Back to the seasons – looking at the snow-covered meadow and thinking what a different picture I’ll be looking at in three months. Three short months.  Shades of green and bird song – the Earth coming back to life.  Who was it that said that our Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere is actually the shortest season of the four…LIARS! Next week we’ll mark Imbolic – the half-way mark between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.  Bring it on.

I try to look at Winter as the chance for Mother Earth to get some much-deserved rest after her three season display.  Especially in a year like our last one where we didn’t get much precipitation.  She works hard.

Ok, Ok, that makes it easier.  She deserves her rest, like all of us.  I will continue to anticipate and look at seed catalogues. 🙂 Making my lists and checking them twice – all the possibilities.  Oooooo and dreaming about that plant auction in May.  Can’t wait.

In the meantime?  There are still some greenies under the snow!  They are not as nutritious at this time of year, unless they are roots.  The roots are where the energy is stored while they sleep.  But if you dig the snow aside, like the animals do, you can still find life – garlic mustard leaves and clovers.  Wild garlic – an excellent antibiotic, can still be found in the forest; those tiny bulbs pack a powerful punch.  Trees are also a form of food in Winter.  Birch will sport the nutritious Chaga mushroom, together with catkins and even the bark on some trees may be dried and made into flour.  Not saying you’re going to do that, but just saying, it’s possible. We discussed White Pine earlier.  Ever find a chewed pine cone?  Yup, the seeds that make the cone shape are all edible and the tree rats love them.  Wild raspberry canes can also be used in tea.  Like the leaves and fruit in Summer, the branches contain a variety of vitamins and minerals and provide antioxidants.

So there you go, a little hope as we (literally) plough through!  The Owls are starting to nest at this time of year, the Cardinals are starting to turn a brighter shade of red…it’s coming, but not yet.  We must have patience, like the Crows that are gliding past my window. Caw, caw, caw – I look out, they aren’t in warning mode, which could mean a Red-tailed Hawk is in the vicinity.  Nope.  Nada.

But there’s always the night sky.  Orion the Hunter is very visible at this time of year, high in the South around bed time, never tired of standing on guard in the darkness.  Jupiter is rising in the east around the same time.  That bright white star near Jupiter is Spica – part of the sign Virgo.  If you follow the three stars in Orion’s belt downward, they point to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky right now.  Sirius is part of the constellation Canis Major, the Great Dog.  Venus is still in the western sky in early evening – very bright -all worth the peek outside on a cold night.  A few of the many things to look for.

Our Moon tonight is in her first quarter – the New Moon was a few days past – picking up a bit of light in the sign of Pisces.  She’s a waxing sliver.  Now is a good time to start new projects – maybe take up learning about the night sky!  I have started the purge…my one “outside” resolution.  My new laundry room is lookin’ great.  Much of the old paint and stuff that was in there before – buh bye.  Check!  It was all worth it…

Today’s colour?  White – like the snow-covered meadow.  Monday’s are ruled by the Moon.

That’s it for now.  The Sun today has helped to lift my spirits.  Hope it helps you too!  I’m coming Pearl, vacuum in hand – I’ve learned my lesson.  MOUSE, BE GONE!

Until next time,


Happy Dance


Hey there,

Happy dance – the birds were singing this morning, very excited about Spring, as am I, and I’m sure you! The cardinals – you remember the crazy guy bashing himself against my car window (“are you talkin’ ta me?”) are really putting on a show – two males, outdoing each other, vying for the attention of the females. Kinda like high school of the bird world.  Not sure they’ve realized that there are also two females…just sayin’ (eye roll).  And isn’t she gorgeous?  See how bright orange their beaks are at this time of year.

I love to wake to the sound of the birds.  The weather guy says that we are looking at above normal temperatures from now on going right into Spring.  As much as that makes me happy, you have to wonder at the confusion that must cause in the world of nature.  Still – I’m looking for that first robin!  I have to say it again – stupid rodent.  Although I have to also say, I thought we were in for another doozy of a winter, looking at how heavily laden with seeds and fruit the trees were last Fall.  Did you notice?  The apple trees alone were so full.  In times past, that would indicate that you should stock up the larder as times were about to get harsh.  My inside green friends are waking up and reaching towards the light.  I bought some beautifully scented geraniums to lift the spirit.  That, along with my lavender, keeps me until I can get outside to smell the herbs again.  My senses are waking up with my green friends.  Happy Dance.  I’m a little weird that way.

So, March is looking like mud month here at Blue Roof Living instead of the usual April.  Yes, we live on an unpaved road.  You can hear the splash of the cars coming – good thing there aren’t too many.  I’m sure all the mud has nothing to do with that.  🙂  Hard to keep Pearl clean at any time of year here.  Oh, Pearl is my car – a bug.  It’s either mud or dust (or cardinal poo – the bird (ew) ) – one of the drawbacks of living on a back road.  You learn to live with it – the alternative is a busy paved road.  Pearl is also a rag top.  Can’t wait to open her up!  There have been years where I’ve been driving around with the top down (Pearl’s, not mine) and snow tires on.  🙂  Pearl’s got heated seats and an excellent heater!  Woo hoo.

If anyone is wondering – Mr. G is with us as we speak.  He and Ralph are not BFFs (read:  screaming, hissing, growling, fur flying), so unfortunately, Mr. G has been separated from the gang.  The girls could care less.  He’s OK and is used to being on his own.  I spend lots of time with him – he likes tummy rubs.  A couple more days and he’ll be back to being City Kitty.  That didn’t work out as well as we had planned…

“She can kill with a smile
She can wound with her eyes…”

– sing it Billy!  Ah, that one holds some memories…I’m thinking 1978 or thereabouts, and no, I’m not going to share. 😉

Happy International Women’s Day!  Tonight we have the New Moon, very dark when the Sun and the Moon come together – the Sun is blocking the brightness of the Moon.  Time for new beginnings under Pisces. Time for sleep and meditation – escape from the harshness of reality (yes, please).  A time of letting down your guard – be careful!  Today’s colour is white, for purity and protection.  The stones for March are aquamarine, jade and bloodstone – also stones for protection.  March is the birth month of my daughter, a Pisces.

I’m sitting here waiting for Jupiter to show his bright face.  (Come out, come out, wherever you are!)  The king planet – the planet of good fortune.  He sits in front of Leo these nights and ascends on the eastern horizon just after nightfall.  Looks like a bright star.  The ruling planet, along with Neptune, of March.

“…She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
And she only reveals what she wants you to see
She hides like a child but she’s always a woman to me…”

It’s the Pisces Moon – hmmmmmm – Happy Dance.

Until next time,


City Kitty’s Sleepover


black cat with claws

Hey there,

Did you think I’d forgotten about you?  Never!  I’ve been busy putting together another website for a new business venture – more about that later.

Regarding City Kitty, my daughter’s cat.  A relatively new addition to her city apartment.  City Kitty was adopted from a shelter, but was definitely a house cat.  Yes, I have a grandkitty. 🙂  My daughter loves cats too (apple/tree).  My daughter also loves to travel.  Grandkitty – OK, that’s enough of that – we’ll call him Mr. G.  Mr. G will be spending some time under the blue roof while his Mommy gets some sun (so jealous).

I knew that was going to happen – and I’m fine with having Mr. G join us for a week.  I had met Mr. G before on a few occasions and he’s a nice kitty. However, I thought it would probably be a good idea to see how Winnie and Ralph were going to deal with Mr. G, first.  Tigger loves all furries; cats, dogs, doesn’t matter.  You’ve read about my kitties before.  Winnie, with all her mean girl attitude, is a big chicken and usually heads under the bed when someone new comes to call.  Probably would be an issue if Mr. G headed for the same bed.  Not a happy picture.  Ralph, the big tom, on the other hand, doesn’t hide from anything and can be quite aggressive.  Mr. G, as I’m sure you figured out by the “Mr.”, is also a tom and a younger one – he’s only three.  But he’s HUGE.  He’s really big – bigger than Ralph.  Not good.  I wasn’t sure how the two toms were going to get along.

So, Mr. G came for a two night sleepover on the Family Day long weekend (how appropriate).  My daughter told him he was going to the cottage.  Nice.  He spent the first night and half the first day under some furniture in the dining room, growling at anything/body that came near him.  The girls just growled back and then went back to their beds ignoring him.  Frankly, said Winnie, it’s just too %$#@* cold to leave my bed and this fire and I really don’t care.  It really was a cold weekend.  I wouldn’t call Winnie “the hostess with the mostess”.  OK – no trouble there!

Ralph, on the other hand, wasn’t crazy about the growling.  Just who did this grandkitty think he is, coming into Ralph’s kingdom growling?  So Ralph chose not to ignore Mr. G.  Ralph decided he would keep him company and just stare at him non stop (and eat his food).  Sigh.

Mr. G was cornered a couple of times – the good news is, he chose to leave his (sort of) hiding spot to use the cat box.  Yay!  The bad news – Ralph decided to put a trail on him, just to make sure he didn’t do anything out of line.

The second night came and Mr. G decided he would explore.  Ralph or no Ralph.  He made it upstairs into my daughter’s room – where all my stuff is now 🙂  He could smell my daughter’s belongings.  Poor City Kitty.  That’s where the battle began.  To shorten the story, I awoke (several times) to what sounded like an axe murder in my daughter’s room.  As I waded through clouds of fur (none of it Ralph’s), looking for the trail of blood, I found them facing off.  No blood, just lots of screaming, growling and hissing.  (Sort of like the high school bathroom or gym change room – you remember).

The following night my daughter came back and stayed in her old room with Mr. G.  Happy Mr. G.  And happy me. 🙂  It started to get a little better after that – just when it was time for him to go back to his own domain.

Should be a fun week when he visits again – I’ll let you know how it goes … clean up in Aisle 3 …

So, the new business venture?  My husband and I are starting a steam cleaning business for cleaning and sanitizing wheelchairs and walkers – check out iSteam – website created by moi.  We are looking to go into retirement and assisted living residences to set up clinics.  So if you have any contacts – let me know!

Before I leave you, I have to say that it’s 8:30 pm and I’m sitting under the full Moon and it’s glorious!  This Moon is in Leo/Virgo – it transfers to Virgo overnight.  The Moon was actually at its fullest this afternoon, when we couldn’t see it.  The Leo Moon is all about drama and attention and appreciation.  It’s about having fun and expressing yourself.  We are moving into the third quarter where the Sun and Moon are opposite each other or in “opposition”.  The Moon is reflecting the Sun’s light.  It corresponds with the culmination of plans coming to a peak (hello woo woo, new business plans).  Tonight you can also see Jupiter beneath and to the left of the Moon.  Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and claiming opportunities.  See how that woo woo thing works?

Make sure you get a chance to bask a little under this Moon – and find something to be fortunate about.

Until next time,