It’s all very Earth

Hey there,

It’s all very earth.  Anyone else feeling all this Capricorn energy we’ve got surrounding us?

We’ve got six planets in Capricorn today, including the New Moon.  Very earth.  That’s right, we’ve got the Sun (your ego), Moon (your feelings/emotions), Saturn (maturity), Venus (love/beauty), Mercury (communication) and Pluto (subconscious).  What does that mean?

Well Capricorn is an earth sign (you’ve probably already got that), so that means practical, grounded (hello, the very earth), a worker.  This is the sign that follows the rules and makes sure there are lists with checkmarks and the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.  No nonsense, get ‘er done.  So take the meaning of Capricorn, and apply it to the other planets above, combined with what they signify.  This is a day of working to get things finished and off the list.  Down. To. Earth.  No lollygagging!  As my Nanny (my Grandmother) would have said.  Just do it.

Fine, so here I am.  No unfinished business.  Heaven forbid (pun intended) that I mess with the night sky.

Plus it’s Tuesday, and Tuesday is ruled by Mars – God of War.  Sit thee down and write.  Got it.  Check.

Sitting here in the Meadowview, looking out over the meadow.  Firmly grounded – because I am an earth sign too…  Snow is falling (STILL) and my Animal Totem just flew by.  Message received, already.  Woo woo is on full speed and spidey senses tingling.

I feel like I’m on the brink of something new.  Don’t know what it is yet, but something, hmmm.  Not sure if I should be afraid or not.  Seriously, what else could happen.  The New Moon, when she is dark – the first phase.  The Sun and Moon are conjunct, or together in the sky – so no reflection.  See how that works?  Time to start something new as she waxes and moves away from the Sun to start her new cycle.  New cycle of what though…perhaps I should be afraid.

Life certainly hasn’t been boring these last few years for me – maybe something great is coming.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime:

Most folks are as happy as they
make up their minds to be
-Abraham Lincoln


Me of the kittens and flowers way of thinking.  Be brave, soldier on.

Lots and lots of thinking and not getting things done.  Hmmm I am in need of the Capricorn influence.  I am so earth, I wouldn’t think I could get any more…  Feeling somewhat trapped – that could be the weather.  You know how I love a good January…almost as much as February – we still have that to look forward to.  Immerse yourself in books (with tea – or wine) – and chocolate – whatever gets you through.  Looking back through photos of the summer garden, that’s always a good temporary fix too – just look at that earth!  Last night’s dinner contained “weeds” from the freezer. 🙂  Lamb’s Quarters and Amaranth – lots of minerals…from the earth.  There’s a theme here – got that?

We are having a “real” winter here in Southern Ontario this year.  None of this couple of days of cold and then back to the melt like we’ve had for the past few.  Nope.  Full on.  Even the milder days weren’t that mild.  Reality bites.  So does that cold.  Tongue stuck on the flagpole kind of cold.

Pearl, my VW Bug rag top, sits shivering in the driveway in her ugly winter boots.  Such a fashionista and hates the winter look – covered in snow and no shiny hubcaps.  But she’s a trooper.  Starts up even in -30 C weather.  Never lets me down.  Shake your head if you will all you farmers up here in your big trucks…she’s the bomb in the snow.  Still plays the tunes – even with the top up (hers, not mine).

Why does the Sun always choose the end of the day to come out?  Like this last hurrah before it sets (see above).  Look at me!  I’m so bright and handsome – I can make or break your day…sorry, just an observation.  He does create some pretty shadows, but it would be nice to enjoy during the day, when I’m out shovelling…just sayin’.

Got my cranky on.  The snow plow took out the mailbox again and left it, headless, post chopped in half, lying for dead in the driveway. GRRRRRR Call to the Township – Fix. It. Please.  Township guy comes out with Scotch Tape.  Well, that should do it – until the next time anyway…NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

Ok, meandering here, I know.  Let’s talk about something else.


Any early signs of Spring in your neck of the woods?  I’ll take anything.

Well, here, the Starlings are coming back.  Even though they are a nuisance; still a sign of Spring.  The Goldfinches are starting to get their gold colour back – and that is awesome.  I so miss the birdsong in the morning – and having coffee out on the deck under the big maple, watching the birds to start my day.  Sigh Right now I’ll take the screech of the Blue Jays, lots of them here and the Cardinals – so pretty, flitting around in the snow.

Today’s colour:  maroon – like red wine, or an earth red on this very earth day.  Red wine is never a bad thing – it’s medicinal, you know. 🙂

Hunker down, read your books (maybe with that wine), muddle through – my Winter mantra.  I haven’t had to use snow shoes to fill my feeders as yet this Winter, so that’s good.  The annual face plant in the snow.  Always fun – much cursing.  Of course the tree rats do a pretty good job of beating a path to the feeders for me…

I can still get back to the barn to look mournfully at my empty apple bin gardens.  Nothing to see there.  But I know that the garlic is tucked in, sleeping, waiting – just like me – for the Sun to return to warm the earth and start the growing cycle all over again.

Breathe and enjoy the rest.

Until next time,


Yup, I’m going there – Solar Eclipse Day

Photo courtesy of Nasa

Hey there,

Well you know I’m going to be here today.  If you didn’t, are ya new?  🙂  Any of my regular readers know that a large part of my beliefs, or woo woo is the night sky.  Today, we are going to experience a solar eclipse.  In fact, the solar eclipse is happening right now elsewhere, but here in Southern Ontario we will see it starting around 1:10 p.m. this afternoon.  Get your pinhole cameras ready!

What, exactly is a solar eclipse?  Well, plain and simple, without the sky nerd text…a solar eclipse happens when the Moon (which circles the Earth) passes between the Earth and the Sun and sends a shadow across the Sun, virtually blocking it out.  We get to see it because it’s happening during our daylight hours. Depending on where you live on the Earth you will see a full to partial darkening of the Sun by today’s New Moon.  Here where I live under the blue roof,  it is expected that we will have about a 70% shadow over the Sun.

The good news? The Sun is actually shining today! Yay!  I know, it is Summer, however anyone reading from anywhere else in the world…our Summer here this year has been rather cool with not as much Sun as we expect. Ok, no whining about the weather – I’m not, because I melt in the heat, especially when we have day after day of it.

This whole solar eclipse thing – on the level that we will experience it here today, is kind of a once in a lifetime thing.  That’s what the big deal is about.  Actually getting to watch as the Moon passes across the Sun should give most people, even those who don’t really pay much attention to this stuff, a feeling or realization of how the Earth, the Moon and the Sun “work” and that we are, in fact, just a speck in a much larger universe.  We all know the Moon is there.  But today?  Today we actually get to see the Moon, or the Moon’s shadow roll past.  It will get people thinking – and talking – and that’s such a good thing!  Especially with all the negative things that have been happening lately.  Something else to think about.

It’s very cool.

For a sky watcher like myself?  I’m “over the Moon” – pun intended. 🙂

It’s very eerie and still and quiet outside this morning.  Almost like nature knows that something big is occurring.

It’s a big week for me too.  Not just because it’s my birthday week – the 23rd is the big day – but because there’s a lot going on in the sky for my birth chart right now. It’s not a milestone birthday for me, but planet-wise, there is lots of movement in different areas of my life.  (Rats.  Just remembered I have to get my license renewed, driver’s, that is…)

The biggie?  Today, August 21st, the solar eclipse day, is the peak date for my Progressed Sun to be square my Ascendent.  That is a biggie.  First, progressed means the progression of a planet, in this case the Sun, through the years of your life and how it affects you in different areas.  The Sun progression is very slow and usually in an average long life span of a human, the Sun will only travel through about a quarter of your birth chart. Many go through their entire life without the Sun ever really zeroing in on any particular area. It’s there, but it stays in the background.  When it “lands” or touches or relates with another planet or house, changes are in the air.  My Ascendent is Cancer, or the Earth Mother sign.  The Ascendent is in your first house; your style, the first impression you make.  A square usually means some tension, or difficulty. Depending on which house – there are twelve, representing various areas of your life – the Sun is in, that tells you where to expect the changes.

Without giving away my secrets – and I am secretive and can keep a secret – there are definitely big changes happening for me right now with regard to what is important, my interests and how I project myself in the world.  Yup, my Earth Mother is definitely coming through more and more as I progress.

I had dinner with a friend a couple of weeks ago.  She is someone who I’ve been acquainted with for about 20 years.  We know each other, but we don’t know each other on a really personal level.  I probably know a lot more about her than she does about me.  She is chatty and I…keep things close.  We enjoy each other’s company and the conversation is always lively.  She soooo doesn’t get what I’ve gone through with leaving the corporate world and now being a caregiver for my parents.  We saw each other much more often when I was the “corporate” me.  That’s ok.  I still very much enjoy our dinners and getting caught up.  I did the corporate world for 34 years.  I remember.  We lead much different lives, but that’s what makes the conversation interesting!

I always get the questions:  “So, are you going back to work?” and “Aren’t you bored?”.

Ummmm, first of all, define “work”.  And bored?  I don’t have time to be bored.  Haha – this is just the tip of the iceberg in all things Earth Mother and the changes and the morphing that I have been going through.

What have I been up to?

Gardening, for one.  Not just my flowers and herbs, but I’m growing veggies now, which is some work and now that there is harvesting, something has to be done with the food – that’s work.  I also volunteer some time gardening at a community garden through my garden club.  I’m part of a garden club and love all things plants. (But you already know that!)  I make my own medicine, vinegars, tinctures and oils using plants.  I teach classes sometimes.  I’m part of a book club and I read.  A lot.  I organize a social meet-up group – and we are busy, I’m in the process of organizing a social art group and getting that set up. I deal with all of my parents’ needs.  I write.  You’re thinking, “not very much lately”, but I have been writing, I just haven’t been writing here.  Not expanding on that one just yet.  I’m out on the boat, weather permitting and have a social life at the boat club.  I love to cook and I love to make things by hand.  I go to classes and workshops, of many varieties.  I am constantly researching things and learning.  I love all things art and nature.  There’s my Ascendent.  I’ve always loved all things art and nature and to learn, but now I’m giving myself the time and space to live in it and do my own thing.  And then there’s the thinking…lots and lots of thinking.  Also of course, I own a house, and they don’t run themselves. 🙂  Lots of “I’s” there, huh? Permission given to be a little selfish during this progression…besides, the Sun and the Moon are in Leo…

Nope, I’m not bored.  I’ve created a whole different world for myself in the past five years.  Five is my number, I’ve written about that before here.  So the Sun, progressing or shining his spotlight on my Ascendent at this time makes perfect sense.  This world, this so-not-corporate world, is the one I feel most at home in.  Still a bossy pants – some things never change…

“Am I going back to “work”?”  “Not the corporate world work”, I thought, “How about never?  Is never good for you?”  I’ve found my happy place.  I’m reinventing myself and in change mode and it feels pretty good.

Think the whole woo woo, sky and planet thing is a bunch of bunk?  I challenge you to have your birth chart prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing.  I guarantee, you will be amazed at what you find out about yourself. 🙂  Contact me if you’d like a recommendation.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams”
-Henry David Thoreau

Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for some plant talk today.  Instead, a little sage wisdom and advice. (See what I did there?) 🙂  The pouring out of feelings; the emptying of the soul.  We’ll talk about sage another time – hint – sage is feminine, all about the woo woo and yes, you can smoke it! 🙂

Today’s colour is ivory.

Enjoy the wonder of today’s solar eclipse in Leo!  Yes, Leo is ruled by the Sun on this “Moon-day”.  Mo(o)nday is ruled by the Moon, also in Leo today, doubly powerful, full speed ahead with all things ego.

Until next time,