Swimming with Joe

Photo courtesy of funcatpictures.com

Hey there,

Swimming into November – with Joe.  Keep pushing, one stroke at a time.  Up, up, up towards the light of all things Christmas.  This week brings the hard frost we all hold our breath for; that vapour appearing as we exhale outdoors in the night.  Snowflakes dance as the garden and all things green shrink down, down, down back into Mother Earth for the long sleep.

So, who’s Joe?  Keep reading – that’s not him above – or maybe it is.

Are you sad?  A little?  Or are you ready for the change of season and some rest.  For us gardeners, we do feel it, don’t we?  Although we miss the green, we are ready for the rest.  The abundance that our gardens produced this year!  First with the cooler, rain-plentiful Spring and Summer, and then with the glorious sunny days we experienced this Autumn.

It’s a lot of work, even with Joe (keep reading).  Harvest is in.  Greenies are in jars in all shapes and forms.  Dried for teas and their goodness drawn out in vinegars and tinctures in the fridge, oils stacked in cupboards and by the tub.

Good thing it’s done, because there isn’t much room for food in my fridge right now…can you say “what’s in that jar?”  Haha – I like to leave some of them, the ones I know for sure, without labels.  Just for fun.

“Mustard”? … Second shelf at the back behind the shrunken heads…eye roll.

I know, Hallowe’en is over and the pointy hats have been put away.  Or have they? Heheheheeeeee

I have decided to ignore the sh!t show that is my life at the moment for today.  See here.  Still no lemonade, so I’m swimming with Joe.  According to a recent reading I had, I’m in it for a while and I need to keep WRITING – so here I am.  So glad I went for that reading.  I’m pretty sure it was her version of “kittens and flowers, kittens and flowers”

The world’s on fire – 
but you still need to eat lunch

I also still need to dig up some Horseradish root to clean, grate and soak in apple cider vinegar.  The root is better after a decent frost, so I’ve held back.  (Yes, I am capable of doing that.  Who knew?)  Not a fun thing to dig out – there will be cursing.  I have broken shovels doing this, despite what Mark Cullen says…they can be broken.

Perhaps a good outlet for me at the moment.  Or perhaps a pick axe, but I digress…

There are bits of it (the Horseradish, not Mark – or Joe) that have rooted in the meadow after an old garden was dug up and the contents dumped.  Once your shovel has pierced the root and you put that shovel in the ground somewhere else, it’s kind of guaranteed that you will have more Horseradish.  That’s how she rolls.  A very good plant ally to have during Winter, sitting fermenting in the fridge (another jar!).  Just waiting to help fight off those colds and flu.  Also excellent for your gut flora.

Well, anyone who has ever taken a mouthful of it knows that it will clear your sinuses – and then some!  Giddy up!  Horseradish root is a powerful circulatory stimulant for lung and urinary infections.  Ground into a poultice, it can be used externally to stimulate blood flow for those suffering with gout or arthritis.  Right up there with hot peppers.

When I grate it, I put it in the food processor and I wear eye protection and a mask…learned that the hard way.  Kind of like pepper spray…you’ve been warned.  Unless, of course, you like whimpering in the fetal position with your nasal cavity on fire.  Then, by all means, have at it.  No judgement here.  I’m swimming with Joe.

Ugh – I finally got those reading glasses ordered.  Hopefully next time I sit down to write at the computer I won’t be winking at you.  Do these glasses make my face look…never mind.

Back into humidifier season.  Filling twice per day – how do you spell fun?  It’s either that or raisin eyes.

Kind of meandering here.  At least I talked about a plant today!  Who the @%!&* is Joe?  Almost there.

Oh, I’d just like to mention (because I can), for readers who like to comment but don’t go through the sign-up process, your comment goes to spam.  Sorry, but that’s just the way it is – and there are quite a few.  Comments are moderated (by moi) and I’ll gladly post them – as long as they’re nice. 🙂  I love to read them, but they won’t be posted unless you go through the process.  There needs to be a name of some kind attached.  As far as the spammers go – and they are there too – a curse on your house! (Pointy hat)


And now, Joe:

Joe Cocker songs have been playing in my head recently. (Yes, that Joe.)  Hmmm  Maybe it’s because the Sun is in Scorpio.  So is Jupiter – and Venus.  Or maybe I’m just dreaming about being somewhere else, a different time, perhaps.  Purging.

This is fabulous, have a listen.  Brian May on guitar, Phil Collins on drums.  I know I’m dating myself here, but OMG that voice – hello! Sing it Joe!  The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Concert.  I’m a big Beatles fan, but this cover is all that.  Fab.  🙂

November, of course, is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld and Mars, God of War – and Joe (apparently).  Enough said and moving on.  Traditionally, a dark, cold month here in Southern Ontario.  The worst month for some, but has never bothered me, as it’s a busy month with Fall things in full swing and gearing up for the busy-ness of December and all that it brings.  I like to be well-prepared so that panic doesn’t set in the closer we get to Christmas.  That’s my Virgo peeking out.  Planet alignment is quite something right now.

However, can we please give the Veterans the respect that they deserve before we fall into all things merry and bright?  Thank you.

We move into a Cancer Moon tonight.  Earth Mother, home, nurturing, expressive.  Me?  I’ll be bowling – not very well, but bowling all the same.  Then, there may be a libation and some much needed laughs.

Today’s colour is scarlet.  As in lips and nails…and here comes Joe Cocker again…this time a different song – something about a hat – oh boy…

Channel your inner diva!

Until next time,


The Goldfinches are Gold Finches


Goldfinch Male WinterHey there,

The Goldfinches are gold!  The males are sporting their lovely summer feathers.  See above on the top – that’s the summer version, on the bottom – also a male, only the winter version.  The females look like the male winter version, year round.  These guys love the nyger seed, which is thistle seed, and I feed them all year.  They look like wild canaries and they’re beautiful wild flashes darting about.

I haven’t seen the Goldfinches recently, because I’ve had a huge flock of Pine Siskins drop in, first time, and they are big nyger seed fans, like filling the feeder almost once a day, fans…they will also eat flying insects, so once it starts to warm up, hopefully this weekend, they will disperse a little and leave some for everyone else!

The Juncos are still with me.  Those are the little Arctic birds that winter here.  One day soon, in April as the temperature starts to rise, you will look around and notice they just disappear, back to the Arctic.  Sort of the opposite of “snow birds”, although they aren’t really birds…or birds of a different feather.

What’s new?  Almost done with Teeth Guy; one more follow-up visit – I’m healed enough that I can eat again; just in time as all the greenies are coming out.  This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and mild in Southern Ontario and the greenies will be popping!

Anybody notice the Coltsfoot growing along the side of the road?  A little late this year, but here now.

“What is a Weed?  A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

GarlicMustardWho do we have here?

Garlic Mustard – yum!  Now any gardener reading this is going to be thinking “you actually grow this stuff?”  The answer is yes! and no…Garlic Mustard is considered an invasive species and is growing everywhere, so I do grow it, but not on purpose. 🙂  It’s that “tamed” garden thing I have a bit of an issue with.  Sun or shade, she’s not picky.

The next time you are cursing and ripping this out, take a minute to roll a leaf between your fingers, smell it and then taste it.  Guess what?  It has a garlic flavour!  Awesome in a salad.  And once you taste it, you may want more (and not curse it as much).

Also really good lightly cooked, like spinach.  As with any “weed” the young leaves are not bitter. Although bitter is a good thing, more on that another time.

Besides tasting good, Garlic Mustard contains Vitamins A, C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and Omega 3s…not just a pretty face.  Use the roots to make a vinegar; they are best harvested before the plant bolts.




This is what Garlic Mustard looks like fully grown and flowering.  Look familiar?






Anybody watching that documentary I mentioned on The Truth About Cancer?  Absolutely fascinating.  A real wake-up call.  Not too late to join.  Visit me on Facebook for the link.

Woo woo time.

The Moon today is in the second quarter in Cancer.  Emotional, nurturing, supportive and protective. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the ultimate maternal and feminine; home and family.  Instincts increase. An interesting couple of days in this month of April, which is ruled by Mars, the ultimate opposite of maternal and feminine.  Maybe we’ll look at Mars next time.

So, Cancer is my Ascendant sign, that is the constellation that was ascending on the eastern horizon the moment of my birth.  If you’ve never had your birth chart done, it’s well worth it!

You have a Sun sign – everyone knows about their zodiac sun sign – “Heeyyy, how you doin’? What’s your sign? ” (open neck shirt, gold chain visual for ya), a Moon sign and an Ascendant (among others, but those are the main three).  Your Sun sign is your outward personality, your Moon sign is your emotions and your inside you; and your Ascendant is the way you “dawn” on other people, or the first impression you make.  The expression “dawning” on someone might have come from this source, as this is the sign that “dawns” on the horizon at your birth.  Interesting, huh?  Lovin’ the woo woo.

I’ll leave you to get your earth mother on under this Cancer Moon – enjoy the yumminess of Garlic Mustard. 🙂

Until next time,