Return to the Light

Hey there,

Return to the light – sounds a bit like a soap opera, doesn’t it?

Remember me?  It’s been a while, I know – and I hope you’re still there.  I return to the light.  The light being you!  ‘Tis the season and all that.  Not that I’m any busier than all of you, but I am soooo busy these days!  It’s been a rather monumental month for me.  Some new discoveries and beginnings.  Some going within in those dark nights and with that, some decisions and endings too.  How dramatic! Yup, things are clickin’ along, just like my birth chart reading for this year said – as usual, loving the woo woo of it all.  I can safely say that I, too, am slowly returning to the light and am much happier for it.

My take on decisions:

Just be decisive.  Take your time, but make a decision.
Right or wrong.
The road of life is paved with flat tree rats who
couldn’t make a decision, correct?

Oh, I’m sorry, was that too in your face?  Well, the flat tree rat thought the same way…(Tree rats are my term for squirrels for any new readers who may have a better attitude than I do.)

Tonight, I sit here writing.  I’ve missed it, I haven’t been writing much this month.  The longest night of the year, Winter Solstice.  I won’t go into the meaning and symbolism of it all here, because – look at that! – I did that last year.  Read.  Although we have experienced Winter conditions here in Southern Ontario over the past few weeks, today it officially becomes the season of Winter.  The wheel of the year turns towards the other half, towards the light, and our days, by minor degrees, become lighter.  That’s the good part.  The bad?  Well, let’s just say that although Winter here is supposed to be our shortest season, we’ll revisit that around the end of January, or <gasp> in early February – that vile month that seems to go on forever…then we’ll see how many of you are still singing “Let it Snow”, shall we?  Oh my, what short memories you have!  At least the light is returning then.  Haaapppy thoughts.

Tonight, I enjoy the darkness, the quiet and the solitude of sitting here and just letting it flow.  I’m in the Meadowview, it’s very dark out.  Would love to light a candle, but Ralph is winding his way around everything on my desk, so, probably not a good idea.  (Really keeping my eye on typos here as he steps on the keyboard.)  It just wouldn’t be Christmas under the blue roof unless I set something on fire, just sayin’. I do like my candles…  You might notice that I’m peppering my text here with more links to previous posts than I usually do.  That’s because I have some new readers.  Yes, I do!  Welcome!  I have been talking about my life here in the country and the plants that surround me for two years now.  Some of my readers have been with me right from the start – bless you – some I’ve picked up along the way.  If you are new, I hope you enjoy going back into some of my posts.  Now going into year three.  My posts are longer than they were in the beginning (not sure if that’s good or not?), but they aren’t as frequent.

Change of frequency…don’t touch that dial…

It’s difficult to not let the commercialism and craziness of December get to you.  Especially if you’re the Mom, right?  All those TV commercials and the pressure to make everything perfect.  And if you’re hosting the “big day”…there is so much stress and so many things to do.  I know all about that.  And then there’s the family members who say “What’s the big deal?  It’s just dinner. It’s just us.”  Of course, they’re saying that from the couch…And if you do take a small step back and maybe don’t do something or bake something that you normally would, because you simply ran out of time and/or energy, you get the “Where’s the…?”.  Right?  You see, I have been there.  Uh huh.

Warning:  Weirdness about to show…

What I like to do on Christmas morning, before the fam start descending on me here, is I go outside with all my bird feeding stuff, yes, there are tools, yes, I am weird.  And I just take a few moments doing something I like to do.  I fill the feeders and watch my little feathered friends.  Tell myself that one day I will miss the whole Christmaspalooza ordeal (maybe – or not), and I just breathe.  I take a little walk around and poke the gardens to see who has been hiding – lots of mice and tiny critters.  I look at the various tracks in the snow.  I just take a little time.  Anybody with me under the blue roof on Christmas morning just knows – I will eventually be back. 🙂  Just back off and give me a little space before the craziness sets in.

And that’s how I get through it!  Try it – go out in your jammies if you really want some reaction. 🙂

Mom’s really lost it this time…

Just tell them you’ve gone out to collect some more branches or something to decorate the table – WHATEVER – just go.  Of course, if you’re carrying a glass of wine, they may question that…

Or, I know, go sit in your car and scream your head off.  Don’t forget to roll up the windows.  Ok, maybe not such a good idea for those living in a subdivision.  Never mind.

My point here is, and yes, there is one…take some time for yourself.  Let Uncle George get his own @^!*# beer.  You have earned a little time to yourself.

Falalalalaaaaa Lalalalaaaaa

Trust me, after you do this for a couple of years in a row, they won’t even blink!  Or, maybe someone else will do the big day next year.  There’s some return to the light for you.  Or maybe you spend Christmas on an island…

Nice visual, huh?  You’re welcome.

What about the plants, you ask.  Anybody new would think this is supposed to be about plants.  I know, sometimes, I go sideways.  Depends on my mood.

Let’s see…what’s my favourite plant at this time of year…well, if I was on an island, we would be thinking tropical, but I digress… it might be grapevine – see where I’m going with this.  You can take that out to the car too, just don’t actually take the car out.  Screaming and wine – sounds like another soap opera.

Aaannnd breathe.

In all seriousness, a good plant ally during all the holiday stress is my personal favourite, Melissa, or Lemon Balm. She makes such a lovely relaxing tea.  Take a cup to your bath and sink in.  You can put her right in your bath water too.  Relax.  Much better.  Cinnamon is another big holiday favourite, although not a local.  I put cinnamon in everything; awesome in your morning coffee – very good for helping to regulate blood sugar, and with all the sweets and temptations out there right now…except for chocolate of course.  Everybody knows that chocolate is a food group.

So the night sky, we’ve just entered the Sun sign of Capricorn.  Out of the fun, light-hearted craziness of Sagg – we discussed last time, and into grounded, earthy, “get’er done”, there are rules, Capricorn.  Maybe that’s the last few days before Christmas, serious business, got to finish up everything before the holidays meaning.  Capricorn will do that to ya.  The Moon?  Tonight’s return to the light Moon is in Aquarius in her first quarter.  The solstice makes us return to the light, making new plans and open ourselves to new possibilities, as does this new waxing Moon. Although, Aquarius is about breaking those rules…

Today’s colour was crimson.

So a little all over the place this evening, not the introvert that I usually am! 🙂 Squeezing out the last of the Sagg Sun before getting down to business and all things, well, you know.

I hope your “you know” goes smoothly.  Please do take some time to reflect on the important stuff.  Not just the commercial.  What has life taught you this year?  What will your return to the light look like?

I’ll leave you with that thought.  In case we don’t chat before the New Year, thanks for coming along for the ride.

Until next time,


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