The Woo Woo of Solstice and Yule


Hey there,

Happy Solstice and Yule!  The shortest day and longest night of the year.  Yup, it’s officially Winter.  Brrrr Those of us who celebrate Christmas are too busy to notice – we’ve already been getting a good dose of Winter so far this season, here in Canada.  The good news?  After today, the days begin to get longer, meaning we return to the Sun and the light.

Let’s talk about the woo woo of it all.  Just because that’s my thing and I can. 🙂

So the Winter Solstice, or Yule, is actually the beginning of the New Year – the solar year.  We are at a turning point; the Earth’s counter clockwise orbit around the Sun towards the light in the Northern Hemisphere. The Solstice actually happened here in the wee hours of this morning, before sunrise.

Today, we get the southern most sunrise and the southern most sunset of the year.  Starting tomorrow, the Sun will gradually creep northward, little by little, towards the Summer Solstice, where the opposite occurs.  Or, on the opposite side of the world, in the Southern Hemisphere, today they get Summer Solstice and the longest day/shortest night of the year.  As the Earth is actually tilted on its axis, it doesn’t travel in an actual circle around the Sun, it travels in an eliptic, which explains why north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle, they get those endless days of darkness/sunlight.  Are you with me still? 🙂

The whole Christmas thing?  We know in the Christian faith what that’s all about, but in the land of woo woo…

Yule is the celebration of the Sun God.  The holiday lights that everyone strings up?  They symbolize light and life.  We see ornaments shaped like fruits and suns and stars…also symbolizing light and life.  The fruit and nuts set out in bowls and on the buffet table – that would be the celebration of fertility and the coming bounty of the growing year.  See how that works?

The pine trees and bows that we use to decorate?  Pine, being the most ancient of Yule decorations, represents life everlasting.  Pine in a wreath – the wreath being a circle – represents the symbol of eternity. We hang them on our front entrance doors, right?  The entrance to our homes – life everlasting and eternity.

Adding lights to your Yule tree – that represents divinity.  Red candles and bows and ribbons wound through garlands represent the life force.

The traditional colours, red, white and green:

Red:  represents the life force (blood)
White:  represents the Winter season (snow)
Green:  represents eternal life (greenies that come back to life, season after season – pine stays green all year)

As the Sun sets, we turn on our lights and light our candles and fires in the fireplace, welcoming back the return of the Sun. YAY!

I will be decorating my Yule tree tonight (yup, it is always a real tree) – a little late this year, because, well, you know…but entirely appropriate, given the info above, wouldn’t you say?

So, dear readers, everything is falling into place.  Yes, there will be a toilet in the laundry room so I can have my Mom (who uses a wheelchair) for Christmas this year.  There are now facilities for her use on the main floor…YAY!  A big thank you to all those trades people who have paraded back and forth, in and under the blue roof to get this thing done for me (and my Mom).  All the pretty finishing details are not quite there, but the room is functional – and I have laundry facilities again -HUGE BONUS. 🙂

It didn’t look promising for a while, but despite the worry and the teeth grinding, we’re going to be there.  By Friday evening, I will have my dining room back.  There is much vacuuming to be done…

Look at me going all kittens and flowers in the middle of the chaos that is my life at the moment (it’s not Friday yet)…

I hope you get a little rest and spend some quality time with friends and family – those who matter most, over this coming weekend.  Celebrate whatever and however you do.  Know that the Sun is returning, but for now, cozy up!

Where is the Moon tonight, for our Solstice and Yule?  She’s just entered the fourth quarter in lovely Libra.  The Sun enters Capricorn today.  The colour is white.  Fitting for the beginning of Winter.

Just so you know, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the Moon will remain in her fourth quarter, decreasing in light (unlike the Sun!) and rising at midnight.  Darkness for those lights and candles.  A good time for drawing back and reflection, which fits at this time of year. She will be in the sign of Scorpio, a feminine water sign – all dressed up and hypnotizing.  An intense and emotional sign, so watch out for those family “issues” around your table!

The colours of the day?

Christmas Eve:  Brown
Christmas Day:  Amber

Not so festive, but maybe some needed grounding under our Scorpio Moon.

In the meantime, this will be my last post before Christmas – you may hear from me next week!  Check back, won’t you?

Green blessings and my hope for a safe, calm and peaceful holiday to you under your roof from me under the blue roof.

Until next time,


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