Greetings from the Meadowview

Hey there,

Greetings from the Meadowview!  Ooooo, does it sound like I’m staying in some swanky B&B in Europe?

“The hills are aliiiiivvve.
with the sound of muuuuzzzziiic…”

Uh, nope…still here, under the blue roof, but the “Meadowview” is what I’ve named my office/spare room/storage central/gift wrapping palooza space (formerly known as my daughter’s room).

“If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the Meadowview”…better yet, don’t look for me, I’m busy. 🙂

Has a nice ring to it:  The Meadowview – quite proud of myself (sniff)

Not rocket science:  When I sit at my computer, the view I have is of my meadow.  What a great place to be! As I sit here this afternoon, the snow is coming down like crazy and hasn’t stopped since this morning when I got up.

Guess what that means?  For anyone who read my post last week and the week before (and I know you did!), you know that there is construction going on here under the blue roof.  Yup, still going on, although we are making progress – not that I still don’t have a toilet and sink in a box in my dining room, because I do – but we’re getting there.  It will be done for Christmas.

Getting back to what that means…the snow, although very pretty, is backing up the construction people. This is not good – we are working on a tight deadline (Read:  CHRISTMAS).  I have everything lined up very carefully (says my Virgo self).  The @!#%&!! snow is messing everything up.  I HAVE TO PAINT THIS WEEKEND and I can’t paint if there is no drywall and the drywall takes two days to dry…sigh.

OK, so it goes on tomorrow (promise) and that way I can paint on Sunday.

Good thing it’s just the weekend before Christmas and I have nothing else to do [insert sarcasm].

Good thing this whole idea started back at the end of July…WHOSE STUPID IDEA WAS THIS, ANYWAY???

Oh yeah, never mind…

It will be done for Christmas. It will be done for Christmas. It. Will. Be. Done. For. Christmas.

Group projects help me understand
why Batman works alone

I know, first world problem, right?  So what if I have to string lights on the toilet?  Or…see image above.

It. Will. Be. Done. For. Christmas. (gritting teeth – STOP THAT! says teeth guy)

The little red tree rat is giggling as he sits on the squirrel proof feeder, gorging himself. Grrrrr… I know, because I was just outside to shovel the walk and bring in more firewood.  I passed him and he didn’t even flinch.  The Meadowview does not offer a view of my feeders.  Just as well, or my teeth would be stubs. Certainly didn’t take him long to crack the code. Sigh

For anyone reading who doesn’t get this kind of snow, or maybe no snow at all…this is what we’re dealing with here.

The photo to the left shows Pearl (my VW bug rag top) hunkered down in the driveway.  So not smiling.  She looked a little like an igloo before she was cleared off.

Haaaappy thoughts.

When the birds can get to the feeders, there are many!  Here’s a snap of the front feeders in the snow.  All those blobs are birds! 🙂  I’ve entered our local Christmas bird count this year on December 30th.  I’ll let you know how I do.  I usually have several species of visitors at any given time:  Chickadees, sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, gold finches, house finches, juncos, nuthatches (red and white breasted), crows, hawks, woodpeckers – three or four types. All from the Meadowview. 🙂

I’ve had a Pileated Woodpecker visit the front trees the past few mornings.  Very cool.  They are about the size of a crow (the Woody Woodpecker kind).

I bet they won’t get too many turkeys in the backyard count.

On that note…


Of course, it’s always interesting when the “girls” decide to drop in.

These photos are from yesterday.  There are about 15 turkeys under and around the feeder!  You can tell how big they are compared to the feeder above them.  They are eating up the Motherwort that grows there and is still green, along with, of course, all the bird seed that the little *&@#!  spills all over the ground. <Breathe >

That’s Mrs. Beasley to the right.  Certainly keeps the tree rats in check…they are up in the branches – not very happy.  (Sorry for the blue in the photos – it’s shade – taken from inside the house. Kinda looks like the girls are walking on water!).


This little lady was making her way up to the front door. Ding dong, Avon calling! 🙂

In the woo woo world (yes, I’m going to remind you what that is, I have some new readers!) – you know I’m going to go there…turkeys bring luck and good fortune! (Unless, of course, they’re of the Butterball type…oh dear).

Woo hoo!




Ralph decided perhaps it wasn’t the best time to go outside.  BIG BIRDY!  Never a dull moment for Ralph, as you well know.  He’s still not over that bear encounter

Anyhoo, the snow does look pretty! Especially at night now as we still bask in the waning Moon that was full two nights ago.  I always make a point of going around to the windows on all sides of the house to glimpse outside before going to bed.  I have to peek through the plants…but that’s OK.  Especially around the full Moon time – I can see the bunnies under the trees. 🙂

Tonight the Moon is in her third phase in Cancer – the earth mother sign.  We women know all about that at this time of year, don’t we?  How much can one person get done, in the name of serving others, in one single day??  Give, give, give…that’s the motto!

Today’s colour?  Crimson – like Santa’s suit.

Leaving you now liiiiivvvvve, from the Meadowview!  Keep going – there’s only ten days left…

Until next time,


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