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Hey there,

OK, I can hear the foot tapping from my regular readers…I know, I missed a week and I promised to be here once a week, but nobody’s perfect…and I’m hoping that the brief weekend of craziness I had back here, where I posted a couple of times will make up for it. 🙂  I am very close to my one year blog anniversary – and I blew it, with only weeks to go.  Oh well, nobody’s perfect – I did say I was going to be easier on myself!

You’ll have to excuse the construction dust on my keyboard here…a good reason why I am remiss.  We are having some “tweaks” done under the blue roof.  Always exhausting, but the results are so worth it.  It’s only a month until Christmas, plenty of time…(<head shake>).  You get the photo above now, right?

In my defense,
I was left unsupervised

It’s like running with scissors. OY!

Ralph is not sure what’s going on, but he likes the excitement of different people coming and going, making a lot of noise and dust – and he loves to help…although his food dishes have been moved from their regular spot, and he’s not so sure about that – aaannnd he thinks it’s super fun to track the dust upstairs, where the construction isn’t.  Winnie, on the other hand, would rather not have a parade of people coming and going – it interrupts her beauty sleep.  She has to relocate behind the chair in the living room – how very inconvenient. HURMP

Pearl (my VW bug rag top) has her snow boots on now, although the weather is still up and down, we’ve had some snow.  She doesn’t look as pretty, but she’s nice and stable on the roads.  She has that “voluptuous shape” and is bottom heavy – kind of like someone else I know particularly well (DO NOT GO THERE) … My little bug is pretty good in the snow – many shake their head when they see me coming in her, but I’ve been driving a bug for many years in the country… winter roads? Whatever!  Don’t be shaking your head at me – get out of the way! OK, nobody’s perfect.

My bird feeders are up and my feathered friends are grateful.  Moved them out a bit on the branches in the usual trees…every year we do our best to thwart the tree rats…it usually takes them a while to figure out the “squirrel proof” feeders – then the cursing begins (stay tuned).  Too cold for them to bathe in the bird baths, so they might as well use their energy trying to crack the code of emptying the feeders…not as exciting as the Da Vinci Code, but keeps them and me occupied during the winter months!  So loved that book – will have to give it another read, although never as good the second time around.

So, are you an Ophiuchus (pronounced ow-few-cus)?  Huh?  Never heard of that one?


Well, Ophiuchus is the 13th sign of the Zodiac, or pathway of animals.  The Zodiac is the narrow band of stars through which the Sun, Moon and planets travel continuously.  Without getting too techie on you, because I’m not really a techie kinda guy…it has to do with the Sun’s yearly pathway and December’s Winter Solstice.




Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, covers those born approximately between November 29th and December 17th.  It is an actual constellation and not a sign of the Zodiac.  So the Sun is actually in the Zodiac sign Sagittarius, but from approximately November 29th to December 17th, it’s in the constellation Ophiuchus.

Here’s the symbol →



Here’s some woo woo:

In sky geek lore, the Serpent Bearer is said to have been the first doctor, represented by a man carrying a serpent or snake. A snake’s venom can either kill or cure.  A mixture of venom, blood and certain herbs (there it is – greenies!) was said to bring the dead back to life, making the people of the day consider the ramifications of the “death of death”.


This earned the doctor an eternal place in the heavens and why we see the staff with a serpent wound around it as a medicinal symbol.  Cool, huh?

Then there’s that number 13 thing (being feminine) and doctors of the day were only men…but we won’t go there, either. Mumble, mumble.

← Here’s the medical symbol we are familiar with. Hmmmm – getting that?


The animal for November is the snake.  Just sayin’. We have moved out of the sign Scorpio and into Sagittarius (and soon Ophiuchus!).

Coming up to the New Moon, in the very darkest days and nights of the year, tonight the Moon is also in Sagittarius in her fourth quarter.  The Sun and the Moon – are you feelin’ it all you Sagg people out there? Have some fun!

Today’s colour is grey.  Kind of matches the mood for some in the cold, dark of this month, as discussed here.  We’re almost into December, the month of full-on crazy…but hopefully of giving and good cheer too. Gearing up for all those parties!  I’ll leave you with those warm thoughts and happy birthday coming up to all those Ophiuchus people out there. 🙂

Until next time,


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