How do you spell fun?

Snoopy happy dance

Hey there,

How do you spell fun?  I spell it P-L-A-N-T  A-U-C-T-I-O-N!!! Yesss – my first one.  Seriously, someone needs to put up a warning.  DANGER – CRAZY PLANT WOMAN ON THE PREMISES.  Although the good news is, there were more of “my kind” there. 🙂  That’s kind of where the danger part comes in…

My local Garden Club, of which I am a new member, holds this every year.  Yay!  Two hours of afraid-to-leave-your-seat-to-pee-in-case-you-miss-something-good, fun.  A room full of established, cheap, greenies, all waiting to be adopted and taken home.  A local auctioneer with a great sense of humour to boot.  What an evening.  Ooooo – a mere $25 and a car full of new greenies later – happy dance ala Snoopy, all the way home.  Good thing I don’t own a truck.  Pearl, my bug, wouldn’t cut it for this event (even with the top down – hers not mine).  Just sayin’.  There was no wine involved, honest.

…So that’s what I’ve been up to.  Now comes the planting.  Did I mention I’ve also joined the North American Native Plant Society – yup, I’m “movin’ on up” – I’ve got the big girl gardening trowel now.

Inside green friends are really tapping their feet to get outside.  It’s still too cold at night, though.  So we wait.

The birds are coming back in droves!  I’ve put up a second nyger seed feeder by Mrs. Beasley.  Sorry, Mrs. Beasley – just when you thought you had the summer off.  The good news?  Tree rats don’t like nyger seed. Why the second feeder?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I’ve not only got two pair of Rose Breasted Grosbeaks for the summer, but, I’ve also got an Indigo Bunting.  So beautiful.

Rose breasted gross beak

indigo bunting

Aren’t they lovely?  This is my summer entertainment.  Cheep (get it?) and cheerful. 🙂

Who else is back?  The little House Wrens – my daughter will be so pleased to hear this.  Her room (now my office, remember?) is overlooking the meadow where the Wrens chatter up a storm, busily flitting from bird house to bird house (I have many), building “fake” nests in several houses to thwart the enemy.  They start, pretty early in the morning, especially on weekends. 🙂  It’s really comical to watch them.  There’s a cool site to click and hear them.  The Farmer’s Almanac.

house wren

Here’s what our little friends look like.

Let’s see…

Bird house 1




Should I build here?








Bird house 2




This one has a sturdy roof and a nice view…








Bird house 3





We’ve got a winner, there’s no place like home! Right above the poppies.  I’ll post a pic when the poppies bloom – lovely!  Right where I can keep an eye on them from my computer.  Uh huh, cheep (get it?) and cheerful.







And then there’s all the wild greenies coming out…let’s talk about Chickweed.  Called this because – you guessed it- chickens like to eat it.  Me too.



Filled with Vitamins A, B and C.  A very good chance your great, great Grandmother used this little gem in an ointment to relieve itching.  Good for skin rashes, scrapes, burns and also used to “draw out” splinters.  Chickweed is there for the entire growing season, abundant now and grows in gardens (one of those “weeds”) and between sidewalk cracks everywhere.



Horse tail




Who’s this?  Horsetail.  This is a very ancient plant, said to be growing many ages ago.  Looks kind of prehistoric. This plant has been found in fossils!  Looks like asparagus when it first appears.  Full of silica and great for your hair and nails. Harvest very young.  When they are mature, they look like bottle brushes.





There are so many coming up right now.  Hard to spot in the meadow still, but they’re coming!  As are the weed walks!

Who are we under tonight?  Oh dear, that didn’t sound very good – I MEANT THE MOON!  Ahhh, it must be Leo!  Yup.  Bold, fiery and lovin’ the big entrance.  Are you feeling the need for some appreciation?  Needing to express yourself?  That would be Leo.  How cheeky of me.  We are also under the “half moon” tonight entering the second quarter.

Feeling lucky? (Leo)  We’re also having a Friday the 13th today.  Oooo, are you suspicious? The fear of Friday the 13th is also called friggatriskaidekaphobia.  Uh huh.  It comes from Frigg, the Norse goddess of wisdom after whom Friday is named, and the Greek words triskaideka, meaning 13, and phobia, meaning fear.  They happen three times a year – good things can come in threes, but so can bad.   Let me say that the number 13 is a woo woo number.  Here I am, almost to the end of the post and you thought I wasn’t going to mention woo woo – fooled ya!  The number 13 is a feminine number, as noted by the “goddess” above – it is associated with the “Divine Feminine” and the 13 moons.  Of course, all females are divine, aren’t they?  🙂 (Yes, dear).

Speaking of the Divine Feminine, I’m going to be a city girl for a couple of days – visiting with my daughter to do some “girl stuff” and of course to visit with Mr. G.

I’ll leave you to ponder the Divine Feminine in all her mystery.  Divine?  I would say so.

Until next time,



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